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Amrit Manthan 15th July 2012 Written Update *Maha Episode* by Twinkle_bella

Episode starts from tej and nimrit running. he is making her fit and also training her how to shoot. she is finding it hard to dhoot but tej helps her and she finally hits the target. she is also training by punching the bag. she gets tired easily and tej says its important you take this training as you need strength physically. if you had this strength earliar when amrit was killing you , you would have faought for yourself. but nimrit is too tired, just then tej plays amrit and aghams video and she gets angry and starts punching hard.
tej then brings nimrit some books for her to read. these books are ways to defeat your enemy by helping you to understand thema dnthese will eliminate your fear.

next nimrit is running on her own and is about to faint and other hand ripun is standing infront of nimrits sharan. nimrit faints and everyone rushes to her and so does ripun. ripun puts water on her face and says what happened to her and the guy says she has been excercising for 3 days, looks like for something big. ripun says it must be for something good and wishes her luck. nimrit mutters maa in her uncosncious state and ripun gets emotional. ripun leaves to get doctor and tej comes and finds nimrit he calls her nimrit first and then changes it to natasha. she gets u and he helps her up. tej makes sure she is ok. tej says you ran faster than me which means youa re ready for the next training.

ripun comes back with the doctor and she says she has gone with her trainer. doctor asks who was she. ripun says she called me mama and i felt she was my daughter. tej shows nimrit clothes and says you have to look better than her and break her attitude about her looks. you have to show her real place. nimrit has a determined face on as if to say she is ready.
At aghams place beeji comes to amrit and says to her i want our palace. amrit says dont worry i have set everything, beeji says im glad you agreed to marry agham and now i want my palace back as i cant live in somone eles house. amrit says agham has changed and is not the same idiot that loved nimrit. mahi comes in like a fool and is happy to see beeji. he says i am so happy as i am going to be raja now as i am giving the highest bid for the palace.

there nimrit is tallking to papa and says he should come soon. tej says oberoi says we have to bid for the palace higher than mahi. nimrit doesnt like this as she cant take so much money from oberoi for her fight. tej explains oberoi treats her like a daughter and if you do as well then you will bid the highest. tej says we are going to get the best saree for you as you have to look the best tommrow. nimrit agrees and gets flashbacks of amrit killing her scene and saying i hate you.

Nimrej is at the saree shop and ask for the best desginer saree limited eidtion. tej says you carry one as women take long shopping and nimrit leaves to look at sarees and tej has a victory look. amrit and agham come to the same place. amrit has come to get the best saree to for the occassion. press come and click pictures. amrit kisses agham and agham holds the glasses in his hand so tight that they break and he cuts his hand. he touches his face and blood goes on his face. amrit gets upset seeing the cut and he says when my beautiful wife is kissing me i dont know what is going on. agham goes with the shop guy to sort his cut out and amrit goes to select sarees.

nimrit is looking at a white saree and likes it she ask this to be packed and goes on the other counter to see some more sarees. amrit is also there lookimg at sarees and agham comes, nimrit sees him and the cut and runsto his hand and starts to panic. agham is confused and is looking at her, the shop assistant says ishq is deewana his wife kissed him and he didnt realise how he hurt himself. nimrit leaves and is upset and agham thinks what a nice girl got upset seeing other people in pain. amrit selects the same saree as nimrit and says i wnat this. the shop keepy says thatlady has bought the saree and amrit says so what i want the saree tell her to select something else. the guy says to nimrit someone else wants that saree and nimrit aks who , he points at amrit who is adoring the saree and gets shocked. she remebers amrits betrayal. she turns and is shocked. tej sees amrit and looks for nimrit and sees her. nimrit is doesnt know what to do. tej rings her and she says i cant do this.

he says what cant you do, she says i cant face her and tells him the situation. tej says the game starts from now and dont leave this chance. tej says its not a matter of a saree its about her realising who she really is. you have to be a fighter and not a loser. he says you have to get this saree and you have to face your fear. he says if you cant fight for a saree how will you fight for a human. he says put the blue tooth on and listen to me. she does this. she gives her strength and she heads towards. amrit says i dont have time to waste and i want the saree and i will pay for all the sarees she wants to buy. nimrit says one minute. amrit turns in a shock.

tej is listening to all this. nimrit appraches them and says what kind of shop keeper are you, i chose the saree first and pack it. tej teels her to give a look to amrit and then get packet and leave. she does this and agham is infront of her and tej says get out of there fast. she is about to leave when amrit calls her and gets worried. tej says turn arounf and face her. amrit says i want this saree you pick something else. tej says to nimrit sanswer her quick.nimrit says i chose this first and amrit says yes but i like this and i make sure i get what i want. its a habbit. so now tell me what can i do in return for this saree. nimrit says change your habbit. band habbits should be changed as soon as possible. she says habing your authority on something else is wrong and she looks at agham. so change this habbit will be good for you. tej encourages her and says fantastic, im proud of you. nimrit leaves and agham and amrit are shocked,.

mahi is saying to mummyji i am going to be king now and is overly happy that he will win the bid. mummji doesnt seem to be happy about this. mahi sees tej going past and says i will be a king today and come and see me, tej says sure i will come to see what you will be. amrit says papa everyone is jealous and dont talk to people on the way as you are going to be big. she gives tej a victory look. tej leaves. amrit asks where is agham. agham says i will buy your mahal back for you today, i wont let this mahal go for you. i am buying it with my own money. he kisses her picture and puts in his wardrobe. amrit comes and he saysi was getting these papers. he compliments amrit and says i already know , but wishes she had that saree i would look the best. nimrit is praying to god to give her strength and says dont let me lose in this jung.
agham and family arrive at the mahal and evryone clicks pictures,amrit sees bubbly who is upset. they all sit down , just then amrit gets a call abd leaves. is beeji who says to her as soon as auction is over i will shift into the palace as i have packed my clothes. amrit says this palace will be ours again and its matter of respect, i rememebr maa gave me bad luck before leaving the mahal. she turns and bubbly is there who runs off crying. amrit makes a ugly face and leaves.

bubbly goes to rani sahiba room and ripun is there , she has come to see the house for the last time and says dont tell amrit and agham i am here.i dont dont want see anyone apart from nimrit. agham is on the phone and bags into tej who says i have come as mahi has called me. agham says for my wife and her memories and tej says hwt about those memories that you have forgotten. tej says your truth will come to ask for insaaf. agham is confused. oberoi walks past agham and press is there. he sit son table 29. tej and oberoi exchange looks. the auction has started and they show nimrit getting ready ( from now on i will call her natasha).

auction starts and mahi gives 2 crore. tej is loking for natasha. bid goes to 6 crore. tej rings natasha where she is and she is i am on my way. bid goes to 8 crore who is bid by mahi. amrit and mahi get happy and clap hands, they get up. the bid for 8 is about to be finalised when natasha says 11 crore everyone gets shocked. all press run to natasha and click pictures. amrit and all are trying to see her face. oberoi gets happy. they show natasha new look ( she looks really pretty). amrit gets angry and remebers her, agham also remebers her and the restraunt and is confused. natasha gives a look to amrit and them goes to hug oberoi and sits with him. she looks for tej who smiles at her. she then looks at amrit with a smile. amrit says 12 crore, mahi says i wont bid hire than 10 crore, but amrit says this girl doesnt have the staus. natasha says 13, amrit 14, natasha 15 crore, amrit 16 crore ,natsha says 20 crore and stands up. amrit , agham and mahi are shocked and face turns black and white. natsha is happy she has won and amrit and agham are shocked. tej is also happy.

amrit is about to say something and mahi shuts her up,
mahi says if you bid higer you will have to pay for it. amrit
you cant step back but mahi says everything is about money and i can buy 5 haveli in that money, so no. natasha and tej are
happy .

The bid is won by natasha and she is happy. amrit closes her eyes in defeat and is upset. natasha is happy seeing this, agham is upset and confused. natasha gives a victroy look to amrit who is angry, she then turns to oberoi and he is happy. the bidder says congats the mahal has been won by miss and natasha says natasha oberoi mr yash oberoi ki beti. my oberoi is happy to hear this. he signs the check and gives it to natasha to hand over the bidder. they give her the mahal keys and she gets happy.

she picks them up and looks at them and amrit is again upset. ripun looks at all this from far. episode ends on natasha happy with the key.


precap: amrit is saying to oberoi you spoil other people life just for daighters happiness and natasha comes turns her around and slaps her. oberou is shocked.

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