Amrit Manthan 30th October 2012 Written Update

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Amrit Manthan 30th October 2012 Written Update by Twinkle_bella

Amrit Manthan 30th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts from yug on the phone saying the property papers are ready and signed and he only needs nats signatures now. Just the nats comes and rips the papers and shocks yug. She says that day will never come and i will not even let you take a penny from papas property. Yug twists her arms and says you are fake nats and dont act smart as i can send your papa and agham to jail. Nats pushes him and says i will save agham and as far as papa , he will come back next week and destroy you after what you have dont so start counting your days . Yug is left dumstruck.

Amrit comes to nats rooming calling nimrit and has wedding clothes with her.nats cones and asks her what she is doing here and amrit says these are the clothes i wore when agham left me for you and today is our big night and he will be all mibe. Nats doesnt believe this but amrit tells her its aghams wish as he feels this closeness will lead to her confessing her crime which she will not do but agham will be hers and you will lose him. Nats is in a dilemma and rushes to tejs and tells him. He is shocked and they decide they have to stop this.

Nats prays and tejs papers start flying and he rushed to pick them up. The paper with shivangi photo lands on mata rani photo and nats picks it and is about to give it to tej when she sees it and is shocked. Tej notices this and is equally shocked. Nats looks at his face. There agham comes home and is shocked to see the room decorated and the bed. He is angry and amrit and yug are together while she dresses up. He is amused while amrit goes on about how excited she is and wants to livr every moment and yug asks what about nimrit and she say she must be crying and i have won tonight . Agham is is thinking about what to do as if he leaves Amrit will ask for divorce just then amrit arrives all dressed up and acting shy.agham remembers amrits and bheeji conversation and decides he has to do this. He compliments her and they hug. They go upstairs and amrit is saying how she loves him etc and he says i love you two and she hugs him. Agham pushes her and then makes the excuse of jewellery hurting him. She asks him to remove and he does and he says i love you and amrit is happy and says i knew you love me Nd not nimrit. Agham asks her to not mention nimrit. Amrit acts all romantic and pushes on to the bed and gets close. She is about to kiss him when his phone rings And he gets up and answers it. Agham is shocked after taking call and says he will there right away. He rushes out leaving a frustrated and confused amrit who is calling him.

She runs after him but he drives off so she follows him too. She is confused about what happened and why is he speeding. He reaches a place and stops. A man is waiting outside and he says did you ring me and the man agrees. Agham says is she here and take me go her and they go in. Amrit gets out and is confused.

The man takes agham and points at a girl lying on the bed and agham approaches her with a lantern and its shivangi.

Screen ends on shivangis face.

Precap: agham has bought shivangi home and amrit says he cant be nimrit and nats says whats wrong with you and agham says what are you saying your sister is here and your not believing and amrit says she cant be nimrit because nimrit is and stops but looks at nats and agham is confused.

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