Amrit Manthan 5th April 2013 Written Update

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Amrit Manthan 5th April 2013 Written Update by Mehak

Amrit Manthan 5th April 2013 Written Episode

episode starts with amrit driving the car without caring for any body , the fellows also follow her car , amrit made a trick to get them hit by tree and she succeeded , son she took bani at her school bani said thanks to amrit and said if you will be a mom u will be a good mom . and she took out a pencil from her box and said this is my lucky pencil and you keep it with u . bani went inside her school .
Amrit was not feeling well , she called yug .

Nimrit was scolding chanda and the driver for leaving bani with any one else , so the driver said that may be bani knows that woman , so bani entered and said i went with bad aunty , nimrit hug her , and said with whom did you went ? she said i went with bad aunty and you know bad aunty dropped me at the right time to school .. nimrit said now i have to meet this bad aunty .

amrit is sitting with doctor , soon her reports come , doctor look a little tempored , amrit said what happened doctor so she said you can never be a mom , amrit was in a big shock she remembered the sayings of bani to her .she was walkign yug come and asked her what has happened he read her reports and got a little bit shock both went home …

yug ws trying to make amrit happy , but sh went inside her room , yug said to himself that why is she said about it , though she hates kids , ..

yug comes in amrit’s room and said i don’t know why are you worried about it ? you always said to me that kids are a big trouble , clean their nose and uh … amrit said no , i know this but whn the kids give a good with love hug all the problem of a mother goes off and these feelings i got with bani , and i don’t know why god do this with me ? if i had marrried agam 10 yrs before so bani may be my kid .

Nimrit and bani were in the room having a cute conversation , yug called bani and said that ur bad aunty is very sad and if u had time so come and meet her , nimrit and bani decided tomeet bad aunty .

Nimrit knocks amrit’s door and said see bani had come to see you , amrit was very worried about nimrit been in home . nimrit got a call and she had to go .. she went out … bani tricked amrit by making a painful sound amrit comes out and she saw bani laughing and sitting she winks amrit and said sorry i have to do this drama , bani made amrit happy and then amrit said to bani that what i want i cannot get it . bani said what we want we can get it but we have to keep our eyes and ear open and then we can get that thing . amrit said u r right ,

Precap : amrit said to yug bani my best friend now will be my daughter , i want bani

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