Amrit Manthan 7th September 2012 Written Update

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Amrit Manthan 7th September 2012 Written Update by Twinkle_bella

episode starts from
Amrit dancing to dushman mera aayega in blue clothes with swords in her hands. She throws them
At nats feet who comes downstairs. Nats walks past them and amrit continues her dance. After the song amrit announces it will be the best party and a memorable one so all should enjoy.

Amrit rings mrs verma who is stuck. Amrit is thoughtful that mrs verma has to come or her plan will fail and she bangs into a servant and ahouts at him but the manager girl ( comes in another drama and i dont know her name) takes the mans side and amrit asks her to stay in her limit. Nats takes the girls side and amrit givea her attitude and leaves saying she has better things to do. The girl praises nats as she is nice and not arrogant like most rich people. Amrit rings mrs verma who says she has got a lift and cant wait for the dhamaka. It is revealed tej has given the lift and he trys to get infor abot what amrit knows but the lady doesnt tell, so tej decides to make sure the lady doesnt reach the palace and changes direction saying its a short cut.

Amrit writes a note to nats saying enjoy the last 25 minutes of happiness and the girls exchange looks.nats goes to her and says to her to tell her what the matter is and amrit just sings parde main rehne tho. There tej pretends to stop the car and takes the womens phone and leaves. Another performance on aveiyn is made. Tej comes and tells what he knows and nats says the problem is still there an she has to find out what anrit knows. She goes to amriy and says your 15 minutes are up and i challenge you to take some action. They both dance to aaj ki raat and the lady comes and amrit is happy. She signals the lady to come.

Tej notices amrit on the phone and gets the press to click her pictures while he checks her phone he finds out amrit has called the police to arrest nats. There amrit os with the ldy and talking about her plan and that girl hears them. She decides to tell nats. Tej tells nats to leave the party as amrit ha called the police. Nats is about to leave when the girl tells her about amrits plan. Bats questions her and she says the lady will prove nats isnt natasha oberoi and that natasha oberoi is a man. Nats is shocked and asks the girl to go as ahe is getting late.

Episode ends on nats face

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  1. soniya
    September 09, 01:45 Reply

    nice episode ya navi aka agam is nice ya……

  2. maan &geet 4ever
    September 07, 20:11 Reply

    thats the best show amrith manthan keep it going to about 4 more years good eposdies so far love u agam and nimrath as natsha oberio from maan &geet


  3. dimple
    September 07, 20:09 Reply

    goooddd lover drama for romantic drama kepp ity uppp

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