Anamika 28th August 2013 Written Update

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Anamika 28th August 2013 Written Update by Bournville

Anamika 28th August 2013 Written Episode

Chhavi goes to meet Shalaka who tells her all about Rano and Anamika’s past and Jeet being Raja’s 17th and last birth. She then asks her to do some havan in the nearby temple and bring some thing from the temple.

Meanwhile Jeet goes to meet Anamika and she tries to do black magic, but it is ruined mid-way by Chhavi’s havan. Jeet wakes up from spell and Anamika makes it seem that it was Chhavi who was doing all this by throwing her mangalsutra near it. Jeet goes from there to end all ties with Chhavi. Shaitaan’s messenger asks Anamika to bring Jeet to his chamber as no tantra mantra will be able to come between her and Jeet there. Anamika agrees.

Shalaka asks Chhavi to keep the fruit she brought from temple with her as it will protect her. She then tells that Jeet had come to know about Anamika’s real identity but Anamika made him forget everything, but now we will have to remind him all that.

Precap: Chhavi challenging Anamika to expose her in 24 hours and Anamika telling her that she would take Jeet into her world within next 1 hour.

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