Arjun 31st March 2013 Written Update

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Arjun 31st March 2013 Written Update by kashishk

Arjun 31st March 2013 Written Episode

Epi begins at night, 3 tourists named Shantanu, Vivek n Narendra and a snake charmer Bhola are in search of an Ichadari Nag/Nagin.. They come near a snake cave. One of them asks Bhola to play his instrument maybe from its sound the snakes come out. They They enter the cave, Shantanu hears payal/ghunghroo sound, he follows the sound.
While the others enter the cave, Bhola is shivering while playing his instrument. They too hear the payal sound. Suddenly a black cat jumps over Bhola, he’s frightened he runs away, behind him Vivek also run, Narendra is still in the cave, he runs the opposite side.
Vivek runs behind Bhola, he asks Bhola to stop n go in search of his frds.. Bhola is dead scared n he runs off.
Shantanu follows the sound, he reaches a place where two people dressed in a snake costume are dancing. He thinks they r d ichadari nag n nagin.. he takes video, right then his phone rings n its Vivek, he tells Vivek that the two nags are in front of him n he’s getting scared. Vivek asks him to come fast. Shantanu is killed by a snake.
Morning time. Shantanu’s body is found. ETF are investigating. There are some police constables also. Arjun enters, he sees the body, he and Rathod stare at each other angrily, Ayesha notices this.
Liza says that S
Vivek is questioned. They ask him who told him about this so called ichadari nag n nagin? He says the manager of the hotel where they stay, Shambhunath told them about this. Shambhunath is questioned, he says 5 people who stayed in his hotel saw the nagin n also a newspaper posted info about the ichadari nagin.
One man clicks photographs, Arjun asks him who is he and what is he doing there, he says that he’s a photographer. Rathod asks him to stop n he cnt do it.
They ask everyone to leave except Shambhunath n Vivek.
Vivek says that his frd who accompanied them-Narendra is also missing.
ETF go to the cave, they find Narendra’s body there.
ETF office-
Liza says that both of them were killed by the same snake and also there were no traces of gun powder on Shantanu’s hands.
Arjun, Shree and Chotu go to the newspaper- Hakeekat Se Samne office which posts information about the so called ichadari nagin. The editor Mukul is questioned. Shree says that he shouldn’t post all such things being an educated man, he kinda lectures Mukul. Then someone comes n tells Mukul that d hard drive isn’t working, Arjun signals Shree to go wid dat person.

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Mukul said that science did not know everything. He added that he had a right to say. Arjun said rights but with that he forgot his responsibilities, the consequences of his fake news. He warned him that if he published any nonsense next time then he will be arrested. Then Arjun asked that during 2009-2011 he worked for national newspaper than why was he working in local one. Mukul replied that his aim even before joining national newspaper was to own his own newspaper and sach se samna was his own company.

ETF Officce
Liza told them there was no gun powder on the victim’s finger. Arjun added that there video footage was also deleted. Liza further said that both the man died due to same snake. Arjun asked Shree about a snake expert. Shree researched and told Dr Sumitra.

Sumitra’s House
Arjun looked around and found pictures. Then he shew the photo of snake they had, Sumitra said that that it was Cobra ‘kala nag’.

ETF Office
Ayesha came in Rathod office and talk to him but he seemed distracted, later Ayesha talked to him that he seemed disturbed but added that he was the own to teach them not to bring personal tension on work. She apologized and was about leave but Rathod stopped her told her she was right.

In conference room
There were some snake sketches, Arjun noticed that the face was not clear, no one saw their faces clear, they only saw their dresses. Shree informed them that after the icchadhari nag news, lots of people came to stay in resort in forest. Ayesha told them Mukul was thrown out from the previous newspaper as he published some news which garnered him fame but all the news turned out to be fake. Arjun concluded both were pretending and Rathod agreed.

Arjun caught a snake. Ayesha asked what Chotu had in his bags but he said nothing and marched away. In temple, Arjun asked chotu what he had in bag, Shree grabbed the bag and opened it, it had a been, chotu embarassed and said that maybe they could control the nag with it. Shree asked did he even know how to use the ‘been’, Chotu said yes but he did it upside down and later some fun been.
They heard some noise and went out expect Chotu, who found something there hidden and saw someone running away. He called everyone and she the snake costumes, he also shew them a shoe and it was sapera, Bhola’s.

Bhola was bitten by a snake, Shree called doctor, while Ayesha tied a cloth to stop the spread of poison. Doctor came and cured Bhola. A call on Bhola’s cell, Arjun picked it up and it was some man, Arjun told him Bhola was bitten by a snake. Mukul and Rupa entered thus clearing all the doubts in Arjun’s mind, they all were pretending as the icchadhar snakes. Bhola agreed, he took people in the forest and Rupa Mukal acted as Ichadhari Naag and Nagin. But they said that they did not kill anyone.
Mukul said that he was not even here, he was in Pune with Rupa for a meeting with a newspaper. Bhola said that was why he got worried hearing the gungroo noise and ran away. Bhola added that day he was with Vivek.
Arjun told Chotu to take the found snake in custody as well as the trio.

ETF Office
Liza informed them that poison was taken out forcefully from snakes. Arjun said so illegal snake poison business was going on in forest and that was why they found dead rats there. Liza added that ‘silver bromide’, a chemical for photos, was found on the skin of snake.

Manish Photo studio Lab- Arjun and Shree
Manish asked warrant but Arjun said that if they found anything he would need help. Arjun and Shree found three boxes there. In one there were several pots, next had a dead snake and the last living snake.

Sumitra was there, they also brought Manish there. Arjun said he had a doubt on her, as he remembered seeing her dance pics where she had gungroos, the same gungroos were tied on snakes, which were found in forest. Manish and Sumitra told them they threw dead rat there to attract snakes and then took out their poison illegally and sold it. But since the newspaper was spreading the news Ichadhari Naag Naging, people were coming there fearlessly, their business was getting over. They wanted to scare the trio. That they dressed up as the ichadhari snakes and created gungroo noise and thought all were go in different ways, but Vivek stayed with Bhola. They killed the other two guys but were not successful in killing Vivek and Bhola.
Once again, ETF nailed the criminals.

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