Arjun-Purvi Marriage Confirmed?

arjun-purvi pic

Couple of hours ago, Zee TV updated their FaceBook status to:

Your favourite lovebirds Arjun and Purvi are getting married.

Hit ‘LIKE’ to wish them all the best!

Does that mean finally Ekta is giving what audience wants? Or is it just a Zee tv’s tactic to keep audience glued to the show?

You can find Zee TV’s official FaceBook page here.

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  1. Bhavisha
    February 09, 13:04 Reply

    I want arjun and purvi to get married in real life, n they cute together I love them to bits.

  2. snigdha
    December 29, 03:10 Reply

    agar purvi aur arjun ka shadi nahi hua to ya pavitra rishta hi nahi kehlayaga. mai ya serial salo se dekti ayi hu. mujhey inki Jodi bohot acchi lagti hai.agar ya nahi hua to serial ka band Baja dena chahia.

  3. snigdha
    December 29, 03:09 Reply

    agar purvi aur arjun ka shadi nahi hua to ya pavitra rishta hi nahi kehlayaga. mai ya serial salo se dekti ayi hu. mujhey inki Jodi bohot acchi lagti hai.

  4. mini
    December 12, 09:50 Reply

    ekta g serieal ke trp ke vajah se pavitra rishta na dekho ka sandesh de rahe hai so arjun fans pls ekta ko koi to samjhao

  5. mini
    December 12, 09:46 Reply

    pavitra rishta sabhi ko dekhna band kar dena chahiye arjun aur purvi ko real me shadi karne chahiye

  6. mini
    December 12, 09:42 Reply

    ekta kapoor is totally mad

  7. Parveen
    December 06, 06:08 Reply

    Hi arjun tum purvi se hi shadi karlo plzzzz yaar, nahi tu serial bahnad kar do..

  8. Asif
    December 06, 06:03 Reply

    Hi plz yarr arjun tum purvi se hi marry karlo; leave it ovi selfish laddy , if cant do like that my family was nt watch ur serial parvithar ristha, plzzzzzzzzzz live that selfish laddy, i aspect purvi؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛‎ plz yarr…

  9. Asif
    December 06, 05:49 Reply

    Ajrunaurkijodisahinahihai purviaurarjunekhonachahiye

  10. Arjun
    December 06, 00:47 Reply

    Arjun aur purvi ka shadi phir se ho,,, nehi hua toh mein iss serial dekne band kar dungi…

  11. Anonymous
    October 24, 13:32 Reply


  12. divya
    September 04, 10:11 Reply

    agar ovi arjun ka marriage ho ra hai to maitho iss serial dekhna band kardunga

  13. Arjun-purvi
    September 04, 08:26 Reply

    Pavitra rishta vl loose almst 50% of viewers if arjun n ovi mary

  14. Anonymous
    September 04, 07:58 Reply

    agar arjun aur purvi ki shadi nahi hui to iss serial pe band lagana chahiye,agar ye faltu chalta raha isme to iss pavitra rishte k naam ka matlab nahi,band karo ye drama arjun ki shdi sirf purvi se ho uss selfish ovi se nahi.

  15. linda
    September 04, 02:56 Reply

    ekta play game with viewers mind ,such a crapy lady ,no one want arjun ovi wedding but she is hell bent.everyone want arjun purvi wedding.she has no value to her show name and also viewers .show name is sacred relation and there is no sacred.this lady needs mental treatment.

  16. ishika
    September 03, 10:32 Reply

    if ovi n arjun gt married den ekta kapoor’s serials shud be banned.
    cant she invent sme new story???
    has she gt no imaginating power???
    i will surely stop watchng all ekta kapoors serial if she goes wid ovi n arjuns marriage…
    We all want arvi together

  17. Murja
    September 03, 10:17 Reply

    Daz inposible 4 ovi.arjun.,

  18. divya
    September 03, 10:10 Reply

    kya sach me arjun purvi ka marriage ho ra hai

  19. lovely
    September 03, 09:21 Reply

    it is not true
    i heard ovi n arjun r getting married:(

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