Bade Acche Lagte Hai 25th July 2012 Written Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hai 25th July 2012 Written Update by Sowjanya

Priya decides to introduce peehu to ram in the party though if she needs to go to jail for that purpose. Priya again gets on the bed and sits beside peehu. Peehu will be talking in her sleep that don’t worry moma, golu uncle told he will help us. As he is so sweet. Priya feels bad and thinks, when fate decides to make peehu and ram to meet. I cant fight with it. I will introduce peehu to her father.

Neha will be following rahul and he will be going into a room secretly. He goes into a room and switches on the tv. She walks behind him and finds he is watching some porn channel. Neha yells for vikram and vikram too comes there. Vikram supports rahul saying he too used to watch cricket in the late nights. So its not a big deal. But neha gives a sign to him that he was watching porn channels.

Rajat and ram will be having breakfast, cady comes there. She apologizes with rajat and tells, truly I doesn’t know that anjaan wasn’t coming there. I believed my chat friend rahul. I was just helping pooja. That’s it. Ram confirms rahul full name. cady tells its rahul who lives in Mumbai. Ram recalls peehu also saying that her mother was also in problems. Rajat scolds cady not to chat with boys. Ram explains, you are scolding for talking to guys but you dint understand that she is trying to help a lady. And these days girls hang up with boys but she is hanging up with a lady. Rajat says cady not to go any where on that day. Ram says, yes it’s a good idea. So you want to stay her at home and chat with guys. Rajat thinks for a while and says, no you too attend the party and you can bring your friends too. Rajat gets some call so he leaves. Cady asks, how you and this kadoos are friends. You are super kool and he is a big khadoos. Ram smiles and says, thanks for the compliment. Now don’t think all these things enjoy your party. Cady says okay and leaves.

Cady comes to priya and tells to come to a party with her though she doesn’t like parties. Priya says you need not convince me as I am coming. Cady feels happy and says so this party gonna be a special one. Priya thinks yes today’s party gonna be special as peehu will meet her daddy today.

Aayesha comes to the party. When aayesha will be talking on phone media people come to aayesha and tell her that ritesh and tushaar has come to the party. Aayesha meets them and have some gossip. Aayesha congratulates them for their new film kya kool hain hum.

Cady brings her friends to priya’s home and they will be planning about the party. Priya says them to get ready soon as she needs to ready peehu and even herself. Cady says priya too get ready well as this party gonna be special for them. Peehu also says yes we will rock the party. Priya takes away peehu to get her ready. Priya takes out a white gown for peehu. Peehu asks mama I am gonna wear this dress on friend’s birthday party na, why today.

Sonia will be video chatting with ram along with Krishna. Sonia insists ram to wear the shirt which she has sent for him to wear in the party. Even Krishna supports her so finally ram agrees to wear it.

Priya gets ready peehu and says you are very pretty. Priya tells peehu, today I will introduce you to an angel through whom I got you. Priya hugs peehu.

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  1. anonymous
    July 26, 14:32 Reply

    Y aren’t there no dekha ek khwaab written updates!!!!!?????? Very dissappointed! Dint expect this

  2. Anonymous
    July 26, 07:34 Reply

    the serial was so…… sweet nw it feels lyk typical ekta serial …….kynki saas bhi kabhi bahoo thi …….kasauti zindagi ……ki ….etc havng 2-3 wives n hero – heroine sacifisng dere luv n all

  3. Kapoor
    July 26, 04:40 Reply

    I donot think BTF guys let priya introduce her daughter to RAM very fast, there is going to be some kind tiwst which will make priya not to Introduce to Ram. At last who (BTF) kills a Goose who lays golden eggs..

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