Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd August 2012 Written Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd August 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Priya in her home, cady brings coffee for them. Cady asks, what happened to you. Priya says, I am worried that this month had gone away but I should get money for next month too. Cady says priya to chill.

Nats will be displaying her collection in front of media. Shipra says, nats you should have invited aayesha then your party would have been much better and your collection would have been sold out. But nats doesn’t reply her. Nats walks away counting numbers. Karthik asks why is she counting. Nats replies, here ur mom is testing my patience so I was counting numbers and controlling my anger. Karthik feels happy.

Neha selects a dress from nats collection and vikram gifts her that dress. Neha asks whether he will give her everything she wants in future too. Vikram says yes. So neha holds vikram’s hand. But vikram says he cant give this gift. Neha gets upset.

Ram comes to rajat. Ram asks rajat to complete some work. But rajat scolds ram for staying at hotel. Finally he convinces ram to stay at his home. Rajat feels happy when ram says he would check out the hotel. Rajat gets a call from cady’s college and gets informed that cady has failed in English litreture. Rajat hangs on. Rajat tells about this to ram. Ram gives an idea that pooja has a very good communication with cady and she listens to her very well. Then why don’t you ask her to take classes for cady. By this your problem will be solved. Rajat also feels it’s a better solution and says ok. Rajat leaves.

Cady comes there and Cady thanks ram. Cady and ram feel happy that their half plan got succeeded and remaining should be fine. Cady says I wish he convinces pooja. Ram asks cady to pass in English this time and cady promises him.

Rahul receives a boque. Rahul calls ridhi and asks whether her boyfriend has sent her. But ridhi says she is innocent. Rahul calls vikram and neha, he shows the bouquet to them and vikram finds a note inside “I am not sorry” and gets upset.

Peehu makes fun of priya that she wears boring clothes and makes her wear boring clothes. So priya says she has extra money and she would take her for shopping. But peehu says she wants to go for shopping with cady as she selects dresses like models. Priya scolds her sweetly that she is feeling bored of her moma’s dresses. Priya says she would give money to cady and take dresses she likes. Peehu smiles.

Door bell rings so Priya opens the door and wonders looking at rajat. Rajat tells he wants to speak some thing important with her. Priya welcomes him inside. Rajat looks at priya and peehu’s picture and says its good. Rajat says, I have come here to talk about cady. Actually she got failed in English. She is very fond of you and she listens to you. So I thought you should be her tutor for 1 month so that she passes. Priya says, I don’t know about this and cady had never told me this if not you need not come here about this. I would have make her study. Rajat asks, so what are your charges for it? Priya says no I don’t want to get paid. Cady is very close to me and she is like my family member and we have some relation though we don’t have blood relation. Though I have financial problems I don’t like to charge for cady. She is like my family member. Rajat gets impressed with her words and keeps on staring at her. When priya asks him for tea or coffee rajat comes into this world and says he would leave now. Rajat leaves.

Vikram shouts on phone that not to call him once again on landline. Vikram hangs on. Neha comes and she too gets excited and scolds that person if we get call to landline then kids will know about it. Vikram makes some excuse to his son and leaves from there.

Rajat will be thinking about priya’s words and thinks on how she doesn’t care about money though she has so many problems.

Precap: Ram tells rajat that he has fallen in love with pooja.

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