Bade Acche Lagte Hain 31st July 2012 Written Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 31st July 2012 Written Update by Sowjanya

Bade Acche Lagte Hain (BALH) 31st July Written Update Episode

Priya will be recalling her past in which aayesha telling her that she wants a rich life which can be obtained by marrying ram kapoor. Priya again recalls rajat announcing aayesha as ram’s wife. Peehu comes there. She tries to console priya. So priya crying tells that she is missing her parents badly. Peehu asks priya to meet them but priya tells they are very far from her so peehu asks to call them. Priya calls sharma house twice. Though sudheer picks the call priya cuts the call after hearing his voice. Peehu asks priya to try one more time so again calls them. She says, papa today after 5 years I am missing you very badly. I really want to hug you and cry. Infact priya cuts the call before talking.

Neha will be checking her son rahul’s Facebook profile as she doubts that he has a girl friend. She logins his id and finds a sorry message. Vikram says its not a big deal to have a girl friend or boy friend these days. But neha denies his words. Neha tells that girl might be his girl friend. Neha wonders that rahul doesn’t say sorry to anyone any day but he is saying sorry to some one else.
Peehu prepares toast and juice for priya. Priya and peehu shares the breakfast but priya will be still upset about ram’s marriage. Peehu calls cady and tells her that priya is upset thinking about her daddy. Cady says she would come there.

Rajat finds priya’s shop is closed and thinks she got hurt badly so she dint open the shop. He wonders and thinks in these 5 years never priya has kept her shop closed. Rajat calls dhai ja and asks whether priya has called her. Dhai ja says no she dint talk and asks why is he asking. Rajat tells that priya hasn’t opened the shop. Dhai ja tells might be she got tired so she took leave for one day. Rajat hangs on the call and thinks its ok.

Priya feels upset about ram’s marriage with aayesha. Priya again thinks, I too wished ram to move on in his life but now why I am feeling bad that he has taken this step. If ram has decided so means there might be some reason. Now I should leave this matter and go on. I should let ram live happy with aayesha.

Cady comes to priya and asks to get ready and come to the shop. But priya denies and asks cady to leave her alone. Cady asks priya not to feel so low and as loser. Cady asks priya to give the shop keys so that she can open the shop. So priya gives.

Priya thinks that time she hadn’t informed ram about her pregnancy but now she should let ram to move on. Priya again feels, now my family is only peehu. Though it’s a small family we are happy and none is missing in it.

Precap: Priya finds anjaan’s sign on “bade ache lagte hain” book and says cady that they shouldn’t cheat people like this. But cady says yes its truly anjaan’s signature.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 03, 20:44 Reply

    absolutely nonsense.I had stopped watching this stuff-less……..we love this serial not becoz of the love btwn Ram & priya.Its becoz they face any problem together is lovely .we love their togetherness.Now its merely a time waste.

  2. Shweta
    August 02, 12:42 Reply

    Its becoming worst day by day now they have copied a story of

  3. Munira
    August 01, 07:19 Reply

    Ekta kapoor the rude female does not takes advices and makes her serial a flop one . She should have shown priya, peehu , and ram getting together. If she keeps on irritating ppl this serial is going to b’com a flop one.

  4. usha
    August 01, 04:59 Reply

    please show that ram priya peehu are coming to the kapoor mansion

  5. pushpa
    August 01, 04:56 Reply

    its stupid serial i stoped watching

  6. Maha
    August 01, 04:25 Reply

    Yes indeed I agree with the comments above. Its very repititive to have the same old story unfolding and has me hooked on updates and that too occasionally.

    I mean after a lot of drama it would probably be known to Priya that Ram married ayesha to give a ligitimate name to her and sid’s illegitimate child since he is a Kapoor .. and in the meantime, a love triangle will begin between Rajat and Priya (one-sided) .. spare the terror! Give freshness to the story .. and be realistic with the story for heaven’s sake!

  7. smiti
    August 01, 02:46 Reply

    Hi ekta,

    Please dont spoil this like every serial u do.. dont drag it…un necessarily..take exampla of sasural genda phool they progressed very well..its a good serial dont spoil..pls

  8. Anonymous
    August 01, 02:41 Reply

    This is very bad. Ram and priya should come together. I have also stopped watching and only go through the update, which is given very well. My daughter also was complaining.

  9. sunita devi
    July 31, 22:17 Reply

    this is very bad they cant do this ram n priya n must be get eachother

  10. MAGIC
    July 31, 22:14 Reply

    This show is really getting very boring… Nowadays, I just see the updates. I don’t bother to watch them.
    But I like these updates. It is very detailed. Keep on the good work!

  11. Nisha
    July 31, 17:24 Reply

    Its again getting routine and dragging the episodes making it boring…I hate this…..

    • Shweta
      August 02, 13:54

      its becoming worse day by day now they have copied the concept from movie sajaan…that rajat will become writer anjaan as he is having feelings for priya n want to impress her…please change and bring priya n peehu back in ram’s life

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