Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th October 2012 Written Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th October 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH) 16th October 2012 Written Episode

Aayesha and shipra turns back and finds ram, priya and peehu going to have food. All the ladies taunt aayesha saying, no one forgets their 1st love; and man cannot forget his 1st marriage as well. Aayesha gets angry and leaves. Shipra follows her. Peehu will be having soup. Priya guiding peehu how to have soup. Ram looks on both. Priya understands and keeps the spoon in the bowl. Ram asks peehu whether he can feed her. Priya gives yes sigh to peehu. Ram feeds peehu and feels happy. Ram gets a call from vikram. Ram tells he is with priya and peehu having lunch. vikram hangs on and tells neha that ram is with priya and peehu. Both feel happy. Both hug and again realize. Both have a high five formally. Waiter comes to ram and asks for order dessert. Ram and priya say “kul” together and stop. So peehu says “fi”. Peehu says kulfi is mine and mom’s favorite. Ram says even mine. Peehu wonders and tells, wow mine, moma and dad’s favorite is kulfi. Waiter brings kulfi. Priya says peehu that she is not feeling to eat so she asks peehu to have 2 kulfi. But peehu denies. Priya again gives a sign to share it with papa. Peehu offers kulfi to ram. He happily takes it and haves it.

Aayesha comes to her room angrily. Mama ji follows her. Aayesha tells priya is with ram in a 5 star hotel with peehu &ram which has irritated her alot. so mama ji gives an evil plan to aayesha saying, use rajat to seperate priya and ram. Make ram to believe that there is some thing between rajat and priya then priya ram kapoor will be out and aayesha ram kapoor will be in. At vikram’s office, Rahul calls vikram asking for keys. Vikram says rahul to come to his office and take them. Vikram’s secretary calls him and tells rehan has come. Vikram tells her, send him in and asks not to disturb him for 1 hour. Rehan comes in and says thanks for accepting him as his family in front of everyone. Vikram scolds him. Again rehan says thanks as neha has left his house. Vikram asks rehan to go away. Outside his room rahul comfronts with rehan. Rahul angrily comes to vikram and asks why he has come here. Vikram replies, i will not discuss personal matters at office.

ram thanks princi for agreeing to take admission of peehu in mid term. Again ram says i want to ask few questions about your school which are peehu’s mother’s doubts. Do you have a hygenic canteen in your school? Do you have Ac classrooms and do you have good flooring all over the school. Princi nods and says, we are pride to say that our school stands 1st in all sports and education. Ram feels happy. Princi tells, before giving admission i shall ask few questions to peehu. Princi asks peehu few questions about ram and their family. For which peehu replies the truth. Priya and ram feel uncomfortable before the princi. Ram and priya asks for 1 chance. So princi gets impressed as they both are so concerned about peehu. Princi asks ram and priya to come to school next day and participate in a meeting about family. Ram and priya with peehu leave happily.

Precap: Rajat tells Priya, when I saw you first time.. you were with Peehu.. both were so happy and that’s how I want to see you. I know Peehu’s importance in your life.. she is your life and I won’t let anyone separate Peehu and you.


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  1. praveen
    October 17, 12:08 Reply

    plz ans me if u know…what about Sid??where is he??n who are the parents of Rehan???

    • Anonymous
      October 17, 12:37

      neha is the mother of rehan

  2. Peter B. Johen
    October 16, 21:31 Reply

    crazy ayesha!
    Because, if ram belives there is something between rajat and priya then it’ll only make ram to disclose his concern for priya in jelousy. And it’ll help raya to get closer again.

    By the way, why ram didn’t kicked out that mama from the house.

    • golu
      October 17, 03:21

      may be that was ram s step moms last wish… 😉

  3. Anonymous
    October 16, 15:23 Reply

    i think peehu will be the only reson to make ram n priya live together again .

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