Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th January 2013 Written Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th January 2013 Written Update by Amena

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th January 2013 Written Episode

Detailed Update:
Part 1:

Episode Starts with Ram smiling and walking on the road and remembers what Ayesha told him that she never saw him from that point of view. And music is playing in the background.,
Ram reaches Vikram house and rang the doorbell. Vikram comes and open the door. Ram says how much time u took to open the door.Vikram says is this the right time to come to someone’s home. Ram comes in. Vikram asks is everything fine. Ram says why did I never came to your home late in night before.let me come inside. Vikram says wait a min, tell me if it is urgent. Do one thing, I am feeling sleepy, we shall meet in the morning. I will come. Ram says you are hiding something from me. What the hell is going on. Vikram says I am not hiding anything from you. Ram says then why u r not letting me inside. Vikram says why inside. Ram says something is wrong. Vikram says I am not hiding anything. There is nothing I should hide in my home. Then Neha comes and Ram smiles looking at her and says it refreshes the college days. Vikram and Neha embrassed and smiles. Ram says so sweet, so you are hiding this, it is allowed. Very nice. Neha says I will be back. She goes inside. Ram says now let me come inside. Vikram says yes come in. Ram laughingly comes inside and sits. Vikram asks what happened and why you came here happily here.Ram says I am very very very happy. I am really happy that’s why I came to your home without informing you. Ram says my eyes opened and I am freed totally and now I want only one thing. I want my wife.Vikram smiles. Ram continues I want Priya back, Pihu back and I want my old life back and only u can help. Vikram says this is a punjabi talk( yeh huyi naa punjabi wali baat..).He says Ram I cant expressed how much happy I am. In life one gets a second chances hardly, I and Neha got and now u are getting. Ram smiles. Vikram says just grab it, don’t leave this chance. Ram says thanks that’s why I came to you. Vikram asks what will do for Ayesha, Ram says I talked to Ayesha everything and from there I came directly to you. I have freed myself from Ayesha fully. There is no more guilt, no more unfairness, there is nothing because I heard the most important talk from Ayesha’s mouth. The way I never thought about Ayesha, same way Ayesha said She never thought of me like that. So I am free yaar.Vikram smiles. Ram says leave about Ayesha. I have wasted too much time in this dilemma. Someone said truly that all the mens are idoits and I am also very big idiot. Neha comes and says Ram I went for a change and the world change, Pls repeat whatever u said just now. Ram says It is true. I have been an idiot. Neha says I love you. Ram says leave the jokes. I really need you guys help. Both smiles. Ram says when you both are in problem then Priya and I help you that’s why you both were playing hide and seek with me. They smiles. Ram says I need your help guys pls yaar pls. Vikram says we will think about it. Ram says I already thought everything. U just have to say yes. He says you both will again marry. Vikram- Neha says What. Ram says will get marry in a grand style.Neha says what is the neccessity of marriage. We are ok naa.Second marriage why. Ram says listen to me first. Vikram says R u mad why should we marry again. Ram says 1 min. In big big marriages small things do happen, two people meet. It becomes easier in the scenario like that. Yaar samjha karo. Priya is very angry with me. She don’t want to talk to me nor want to see me. So that’s why I wanted you people should get marry in grand style, sangeet, baraat, everything. and in that marriage we will smartly plan everything so that in every function priya and me shall be woo her. I think I can woo my wife. Vikram says there are other ideas too.Ram says come on yaar, I want to woo my wife. Neha says I cant do grand style marriage.Vikram say why marriage, lets think something else. Ram says I will slap u guys. I am not asking u to marry to anybody else, marry Neha. Then they both agree. Ram and vikram laughs. Vikram asks Neha, Will u marry me second time.Neha happily says Anytime. They hug. Ram says yeh huyi naa baat.

Scene Shifts to Priya house and Kapoor Mansion Simultaneously:
Priya house:”
Neha comes to Priya house in the morning and says we are again getting married in next two days. Natasha looks happy, Sughir and shipra in the background standing. Priya says in two days.
Kapoor Mansion:
Vikram also says the same to Ram and his family. Ram says in two days.
Priya house”
Neha says actually Vikram was trying to be romantic and he wanted a grand wedding and to renew our wedding vows. And I also thought of taking the saat pheras once again. You know I mean.
Kapoor Mansion:
Vikram says to Dadi, Neha and myself have so many bad memories in between us.I want to forget that. I want to take Neha back in grand style with full respect.
Priya house:
Priya says I know, but how will this happen so fast in such a less time. Priya asks Natasha to help Neha.
Kapoor Mansion:
Soumya says I will manage everything.

Sowmya asks, Marriage is going to happen in some five star hotel or resort.
Neha at PP, Actually marriage in just 2 days, so I cant think I can manage alone. So you all have to help me especially Priya. Priya nods her head in approval.
Soumya at KM says catering are decoration department are mine.
Sushir at PP: says don’t worry about the decoration.
Then Mamaji at KM: says to Vikram you are going to marry again, he is again doing the same fault.
Natasha at PP says to Neha, Chill, We don’t have to take any tension. Tension should be taken by the boy’s side not us. Calm down chill.
Dadi at KM: says We are from boys side. Everthing will be according to us. Vikram you don’t worry.
Shipra at PP says I have a good wedding catalogue, Imported one. We will get good ideas. Neha asks her to bring.
Ram’s mother says to Vikram Everything will be done. Relax.
Neha says to priya we got ur family in treasure. Priya smiles and they hug.
Vikram also says the same thing at Kapoor Mansion to Ram.
Shipra bring all the catalogues and starts searching. At that very moment Ayesha comes in and says Maa, Shipra looks at her and Ayesha here. Did u got any new problem so that u remembered me. Shipra asks her to tell her fast what she wants to say. Shipra says have to go to priya’s place. Everybody is waiting. Ayesha says family gathering and all.Not bad and that too at priya’s place. I came here to tell you that yesterday night there was something about to happen, but I didn’t let it happen. She says our name sake marriage if I wanted I can change but I back off. Shipra shocked and says you did right. When in the last 5 years your relation with Ram didn’t cemented then how can it happen now. Ayesha says what are you saying. You are going on a different track. I came here to ask you yesterday whatever mistake I did, how should I rectify it. How to bring Ram close to me and you are thinking something else. Shipra angrily ask her to back up. Till how long will you stretch this name sake marriage. You and Ram have no future, understand properly. Ayesha says Now after so many days I am talking to Priya’s di mama not mine. Priya saved your life and you changed the party maa. Did u forget what I have done for you. For the last 5 years your lifestyle is because of me. Shipra says I never forgot anything. U r talking about which lifestyle that u got because of Priya. Shipra says we all know, Ram married yo for name sake because you are priya’s sister.
Whatever siddhant done, Ram is living that guilt. And Ram done a favour on you. Till how long will you take advantage of his goodness. Because of that guilt till how long you will keep Ram and Priya away from each other. Ram is not yours and never be. You never loved him.Never care for him. You are spoiing Priya’s life and what u have donw with Pihu. Ayesha says You give a very good speech. But listen I am Ayesha Ram Kapoor and I will not let Ram name go away from my life.

Part 2:
Ayesha says Now the challenge started, its not over yet, Shipra shocked.

Kapoor Mansion:
Marriage Preparations is going on. Soumya shows Vikram something. He says can we do in this short time. Soumya says yes I will do it. Vikram asks Mamaji to take care of all music arrangement. Because Neha like dancing numbers like item songs. Mamaji says we will bring sardaar to do the item number. Vikram says no no, item number not needed. You just make arrangement for some nice music. Mamaji says you are a groom why u r taking all thses tensions. Stay calmly. Vikram then goes to Dadi, Dadi ask him to sit with her, Mamaji says we will do all work. Vikram says one small work is left. I will be back.Then he comes to krishna ji and ask her to take care of flowers at the venue because her taste is good in that.She says everything will be according to their taste.dont worry.

Priya’s house:
Neha is talking on the phone, Natasha grabs her and take her measurement and ask her what she want to wear for her marriage, full traditional or some western, saree or lehenga, then Shipra asks Neha to tell her about the shagun as it is very important and Natasha will take care of her clothing. Then Neha’s daughter comes and asks which colour sharara she shall wear. Shipra says everything suits on you, go go go. Priya comes and asks them to relax, and if she takes stress it will show on her face on the marriage day. Priya asks Shipra to understand. Priya says let one by one handle the problems. Lets sit dowm. Shipra says about doing facial. Priya says where is the time. Then she asks about shipra’s problem.Shipra says Shagun list. Priya says I will do that. Neha says have to ready the guest list, in 2 days how could we do that yaar. Priya says yes this is important we will deal this. And then ask Neha’s daughter about her problem, then asks Natasha’s Problem. Natasha says I took the measurement but Neha should tell what she wants to wear. Priya says yes this is a valid point and ask Neha to tell Natasha what she wants to wear and then decide about the guest list. Priya says we have to focus on each thing seperately.Then Pihu comes running and ask her to make chocolate cake. Everybody smiles. Priya says this is call focus.If she gets hungry she will think of eating. Ofcourse I will prepare, but where is prepare then Natasha says go to Sharma house and prepare.
Shipra says after Neha gone, why not u shift to sharma house on the first floor. Priya says this is not the right time to talk this. Let the marriage happen. Shipra says try to listen.Because of the marriage plans, we have to go here and there, at that time we can looked after Pihu. Priya says I will think about this. First I will go n prepare chocolate cake. And ask them to prepare shagun list. Pihu asks what is shagun? And what is going on, is this Neha aunty party? Everybody smiles and Neha daughter says my mummy papa wedding is there.Pihu says then why not you marry papa. Priya doesn’t say anything and then tell that I am going to prepare cake. Neha kiss Pihu and tells you are a complete rockstar.

At siddhant place:

Sid while sitting on his bed and holding the masks, thinks cheap thing will show its nature, It was good I was alert. By saving that girl this mask would have fallen down and everything shall end before starting up. Thank God I was saved today.
Then door bell rings, and he gets up and open the door, take someone inside and hugs her. He tells how much u wanted me towait. Then it shows that women was none other than Ayesha. He says I was missing you from long. I was waiting for you.Where were you. Ayesha says need to talk to u something important. He says talks shall go on but then he hugs her again. She says wait a min. U came after 1 month and u hardly met me 10 times in last 5 years. U always waited me. Then why times comes for you to wait, u cant wait even 2 mins. Sid says what to do, you are like this so unable to control. They both fall on the bed. She says I think you are right that’s why Ram was chancing on me yesterday night.Sid stunned.Ayesha says can u just believe Ram, Sid says Ayesha this cant be happen, because my brother loves Priya a lot.Ayesha says whatever..Ram was trying to prove something that nothing can happen between us, etc etc as if I care. I just wanted that u, me and khush shall live happily in Kapoor Mansion for forever. Perfect naa. Siddhant says what a good thought, but come out of this dream, because when people came to know that I am alive that day I will go to jail.Whatever we have is this kholi only. She says kholi and I have to change this also because Ram wants to meet that person who saved his daughter’s life and will come here. Ayesha says make me understand one thing.Why u saved Pihu? It was a good plan to eliminate Pihu from our way.Sid says you are not gettinmg my point, if I would not have saved pihu then Ram would never forgive himself.He cant go closer to priya but also distance himself from you too. For our plan to be successful, your name should have Ram name stamp on it. Ayesha says till how long we will meet this like a thief. He says till the time I cleared all the cases against me and transfer all Ram’s property on my name. Ayesha says don’t worry Sid, whatever you wish naa, everything will be according to that. I will do something that Ram will never leave me all his life. Episode Ends on Ayesha’s and Sid’s cunning smile….

Priya is preparing the cake. Ram comes and asks what are you preparing. Priya says I am cooking for Pihu. Then he sorry while toweling his head. Then he holds Priya’s hand. Priya said leave my hand. Ram gets closer to Priya.


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    yipeeeeeeeeee precap was gr8

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    Ram has finally realised his mistake.der aaye durust aaye.priya is as always adorable.they both looks stunning together.neha-vik well done i hope ur plan works.shipras late realisation good.n one thing guys beaware of that anaconda.such a witch.
    Overall good epi.

  5. Edward
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    Hey guys BALH is in the list of top shows.yupieeee.

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    ayesha is a bit**h. kill off her character, it is spoiling the show…..

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    Ram plz u also get remarriage with Priya,it will b so wonderful for both of u.plzz plzz plzz Ram.i wanna see Priya in kapoor mansion.

    From Darjeeling.

    • Nandy
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      also mine wish is same.
      Same pinch

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    OMG Yea Anaconda to bahot hi khatarnak hai ! Ram,Best Of Luck.mai God se pray karonge k wo ap dono ko ab bahot jaldi aur hamesha k lia mila de.

    • MANOJ
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      hi priyanka

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    OK Waiting (im)patiently!!


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