Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th October 2012 Written Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH) 17th October 2012 Written Episode

Ram comes to drop priya and peehu to their house. Ram asks Peehu if she enjoyed. Peehu says, I enjoyed a lot and asks him if he enjoyed. Ram says, I also enjoyed. Peehu then asks, you also like to be with mumma and peehu? Ram says, I like with peehu only. Ram then says, he will come to pick them up tomorrow in morning, but Priya says that she will manage. Ram says, you’re managing since last 5 years, so let me manage now.. it’s about peehu’s education. As peehu is there, both are talking nicely with each other and in end priya agrees.

When they come to their home, Neha asks Priya to tell her what they did. Before she says anything, Peehu says, We enjoyed a lot. Priya then says to Neha, it’s better if you ask Peehu. Neha goes to Peehu and Peehu tells her everything. She says, first we went to school where papa-mumma fighted, but now they promised that they won’t fight.. only hugging. Peehu then says, we went to a restaurant and I ate soup and ice cream. Rajat now comes to their house and they talk with each other. And then Neha takes Peehu inside to hear rest of the story.

Priya and Rajat talk with each other now. Rajat tells Priya that he has got a lawyer for Peehu’s case and lawyer said, our case is very song. Priya thanks him for doing all this. Rajat says, I have very few friends and you’re one of them. And you must have heard the saying, there is no thank you and sorry in friendships. Rajat now says that he has asked to bring peehu and priya’s stuff from Dubai. Priya again thanks him for that. Rajat says, it’s time for my payback.. you taught me what is family.. you brought feelings.. emotions back in my life. You taught me how to live once again, then can’t I help you in your issues? Business.. deal is my stuff so let me do it.. He then says, I don’t like changes in my life.. when I saw you first time, you were happy with peehu and that’s how I want to see you. I know importance of Peehu in your life… she is your life.. and I won’t let anyone separate peehu from you. And then for his satisfaction.. he gives her some papers. He says, I made Dubai’s bookstore on your name.. you own it now. Priya says, sorry.. I can’t accept it.. it’s a bit too much. I am thankful to you but its not acceptable. Priya has tears in her eyes.

Rajat tells her, it was just a place but you made it store. And rightfully you deserve it. You have rights on this store. Priya says, I appreciate it but I think it will be too much.. I have taken too many favors from you already. She says, I know you’re doing this so I have some financial status and I appreciate it but I will manage. Rajat says, I know you will manage.. but I am not doing you a favor.. in factor I have a business deal and I will discuss it with you once this case is over. He requests her for a favor and take these papers… he says I don’t want anything that can come against us in the court. Priya is very emotional and says, it is really an honor to be your friend. He then takes all names that Priya had to cheer her up. And priya finally smiles.

Aayesha shows Peehu’s room to Ram and it is very well decorated. Ram seems to be impressed as well. And he says I hope Peehu likes it as well. Aayesha says, I am waiting for our peehu to come and stay with us.. I am so excited.. she is so cute. She then asks how was lunch today. Ram figures it out what she is pointing at and tells her to be in her limits. He says, yes you’re mrs. Ram kapoor and I have given you my name but it’s true too that priya is mother of my daughter and whenever peehu needs both her parents.. we will get together for sure. He leaves.

Shipra comes to Karthik’s house and she sees natz working in the kitchen. She gets shocked seeing natz working so much in kitchen these days. Natz then says, I will be back giving some special drink to peehu. Shipra says, you’re getting too much attached to peehu.. whats going on. Natz says, why not.. she is so cute.. she is like bhai.. and asks her aren’t you attached with her too? Shipra says.. sure I am. Natz then says, I think peehu will bring Ram and Priya closer. Shipra gets lost in thoughts and natz go to priya’s house.

Vikram’s two younger kids are thinking to call Neha and Vikram comes there. His kids ask him, we know there are some problems going on between you and mumma, but we miss her a lot.. can’t you bring her back to home? Vikram says, I miss her too .. but we can talk and then he calls her. Kids asks neha when she will be back. Neha says, I will be back soon.. and if you miss me.. then you can call me anytime. They talk about Vikram’s cooking now and then kids go to their room.

Neha thanks Vikram (for handling kids nicely) and hangs up.

Aayesha is praising herself infront of mamaji. She says, today Ram told me clearly that no matter what. I will always remain mrs. Ram kapoor. Mamaji says, you’re so innocent.. Ram said and you believed? Don’t forget that it’s same Ram who used to say I love Priya.. I love Priya. Aayesha says, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you see my happiness? Everytime when I am happy you come to puncture my happiness. Mamaji says, I also want your happiness but I just don’t trust him. He says, what if Ram changes his side and goes to Priya’s side. Aayesha says, I don’t want to discuss anything about this and asks him to leave. He leaves and Aayesha seems to be getting worried.

It’s late night and Ram comes to Priya’s house. She starts asking him million of questions. Ram asks her, will you ask everything here or invite me inside? Priya invites him inside.

Episode ends.

Precap: It’s morning now and Ram is still sleeping. Priya wakes him up and he’s smiling and says, good morning, to priya. Priya seems happy…

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  1. Anonymous
    October 18, 06:14 Reply

    raya u r rock

    chemistry btwn raya awesome
    peeho i love u

  2. NEW
    October 18, 02:41 Reply

    hey where are the pics ?
    you always update pics with written episodes 🙁

  3. Barsha
    October 18, 01:05 Reply

    Hey guyz i mis u alot.bahat dino k bad koi to balh pe dikhai dia. Peehu u r so cute!!!

  4. brains
    October 18, 00:45 Reply

    a very cute episode.Raya as loving parents trying their best to keep Peehu happy.
    Ayesha,Shipraji,Mamaji–be ready to run–ur nemesis, Priya is coming like a storm.

    Chemistry between Raya picking up again.–wow,fireworks will sizzle once again.

    Ayesha has been shown her place by Ram–she should be aware that she is just a spare tyre in the Kapoor Mansion.

    Peehu,Ram & Priya very cute & loving family.

    In true Ekta k style,dump Ayesha,Mamaji & Shipraji.Evil Trio is active
    –in season I,the evil trio were Niharika,Sid & mamaji ,& now these 3.

    Kya Ekta K,abhi to aur masala add karke mazza lao Raya ki zindagi mein.

    all the ebst for a funny time ahead.

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