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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st November 2012 Written Episode

Ram and Priya are waiting outside school. Kids come out. Peehu is sad. Both Ram and Priya ask Peehu and Kush how was their first day? Did anything happen? But no one answers. Peehu says to Priya, I want to drink water. Priya opens her water bottle and gives her water. Priya again asks her, did anything happen in school? Peehu says, mumma please let’s go home fast. Priya says, yes we will go home but why you seem upset? If anything happened, then tell mumma .. so I can go inside and talk. Peehu keeps saying, I want to go home. Priya tells her and Kush to go in car and her and Ram will be there soon. Kids sit inside car.

Ram and Priya wonder what happened to her. Priya says, someone must have said something to her else she doesn’t react like this. Ram says, no need to get hyper.. she must be tired.. will go home, eat, sleep and will be fine. Priya says to him, no.. it’s your first time but I have picked her up from school many times, and she never reacted this way. Ram says, you’re taking tension without any reason.. if you find anything, then let me know.. but for now let’s go home.

At Vikram’s house,Vikram and Neha are taking care of Rehan. Neha feeds Rehan and puts wet cloth on his head.

Priya and Peehu return to their home. Priya asks her, now tell mumma.. how was your first day? Did you make any friends? Peehu says, I don’t want to go to this school. I want to go back to Dubai. Priya asks her, why are you saying like this? Did anyone tell you anything? Peehu says, Dubai school was good.. I don’t like Mumbai’s school. Priya says, but tell mumma what happened first. Peehu asks her to promise first that she won’t send her to this school again. Priya says, until you don’t tell mumma what happened.. how mumma will solve your problem? This is our house.. and here we share everything with mumma right? Peehu finally tells her, I was eating and they said, Peehu is poor.. Peehu doesn’t have car.. Peehu’s lunch box is old. Peehu is crying and Priya hugs her.

In the car, Kush asks Ram, if anyone is poor.. they can still be nice na? Ram asks him, what are you saying? Kush tells Ram what happened in school now. How everyone said poor to Peehu and how she was crying a lot. He says, I tried to control her a lot but she didn’t even eat lunch. Ram tells him, it’s okay.. I will talk in school.

Back in Priya’s house. Priya tries to cheer Peehu up. She says, big Peehu got upset because of this small matter? nothing is going to happen by others saying and we are middle class and they are not poor. Priya says, middle class people have magic toll to handle everything. Peehu asks meaning? Priya says, middle class people earn everything with their hard work.. which rich people get with money. Yes it takes time for us to get everything.. but when we get.. we get a satisfaction. So what if we don’t have big cars and big houses.. we are still special people. We got our strength.. we got our hard work.. we will get everything because we are special.. and my princess is even more special. Peehu finally has a smile on her face. Ram is watching them from the door.. he says, mumma is absolutely right.

Priya goes to Ram. Ram says, I am sorry… Priya says, that’s what you wanted right? Peehu’s admission in big school so others make fun of her. and she returns like this. That’s why I said, let me handle this my way. Ram says, okay.. I was wrong and you were right, but please control yourself in front of Peehu. Ram goes and sits beside Peehu. He says, listen to papa.. whenever someone says anything to you in school, tell your papa.. your papa is very strong. Papa will tell everyone not to say anything to you. Papa’s voice is loud na. Peehu says, very loud. Ram says, good.. if it’s very loud.. then they will get very scared right? So don’t worry.. and nothing like this will happen with you after today. Priya gets emotional. Ram goes to her and says, I told you to control yourself right.. and he gives her handkerchief to wipe her tears. Priya wipes her tears and then cleans her nose. Ram gets irritated seeing that. Priya says him, I will wash it and return it to you. Ram leaves. Priya goes to Peehu and hugs her.

Back in his car, Ram calls Principal and says, I am very disappointed with your school. You were saying so much good stuff about your school, but all schools have some rules. I mean how can everyone gang-up and make fun of a new student. How could she be bullied like this? This is unacceptable and you have to do something about it. Please look into this.

At Ram’s mansion, Ram’s mother and dadi plan for a pooja which requires family’s girls in that pooja. Dadi says, Ishika and Natz have grown up but now there is Peehu.. so I was thinking to have this pooja as we didn’t have it from long time. Ram’s mother says, it’s my wish too that peehu comes to this house and we do this pooja.. but will Ram and Priya agree? Ram comes there. Dadi tells him about the pooja. Ram says, this is a good thing.. what’s the problem? Dadi gets happy and asks Ram, so you agreed? Ram says, she is my daughter and I will be happy if you do this pooja. He asks when is this pooja.. I will bring Peehu here. They say tomorrow.

At Priya’s house. Priya tells Neha not to worry. Vikram will take care of Rehan. She says, and I also feel Vikram will accept him in future as well. Neha says, I don’t think so.. and honestly I can’t think about my and Vikram’s future. Someone knocks and door and it’s Daija and Cady who come to Priya’s house. Cady says, we went to bookcafe which Rajat sir gave you and it’s so amazing. It’s on awesome place. Daija says, yes.. I am very happy and I am sure this bookcafe will work very well and you will get lots of success. And then there won’t be any problem in getting Peehu’s custody. Priya thanks them and says, it means a lot.. you all are doing so much for me. And Rajat sir has so many expectations from this project.. I hope I don’t let him down. Neha says, don’t worry.. I am with you. Cady says, you’re worrying for non-important stuff. You should worry about what you will wear.. grand opening is after 2 days. Priya gets a call from Ram.

Ram tells her, maa and dadi want to have this pooja tomorrow. Priya gets happy and says, that’s so sweet. Ram says, Peehu will have to come here. Priya says, she will definitely come.. nothing to ask in that. Ram gets shocked and says, good.. so you agreed? And anyways I knew.. you would agree. she is my daughter.. I don’t need any permission. Priya is about to say something, but then she says.. leave.. just tell me at what time should I send your daughter to your house? Ram says, tomorrow morning.. as soon as possible.. thank you. And before Priya finishes talking.. He disconnects. Priya says to herself, what? he disconnected? he was weird already.. but in last 5 years.. don’t know what happened. I say something, he hears something else.. and reacts to something else. She smiles and says, wow.. Peehu will go to Kapoor Mansion tomorrow.

Priya gives this news to Neha and Daija. She says, Ram is very excited… Peehu will go there tomorrow. But don’t know I feel a bit strange.. I won’t be there with Peehu either. Neha tells her not to worry.. everything will be fine. You should leave some things on God. Neha then says, I know at least one thing that Peehu will return eating lots of food. Everyone laughs. Daija also says to Priya, everything will be fine. Priya says, I hope so.

Episode ends.

Precap: At Kapoor Mansion, Aayesha is serving rotis to all kids. Peehu asks her, what will happen in one? Can I get one more? Aayesa gives her and says, eat properly. Peehu then asks for halwa.. another food.. Aayesha gives her that too. Dadi tells Aayesha, let kids eat properly .. okay? Aayesha is annoyed and staring at Peehu.


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