Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st October 2012 Written Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st October 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st October 2012 Written Episode

Aayesha is getting Kush ready for the school. Kush asks her, don’t you cut your nails? They are hurting me. Aayesha says, I am getting you ready and you’re telling me this? She then goes to get ready. Kush is getting late so he starts walking, but Aayesha stops him and says to him, I told you I am coming to drop you right? Then where are you going? Kush says, I will go with driver uncle.. why are you coming to drop me today? Aayesha whispers, because I have to prove myself a better mother than your priya angel. Kush keeps saying, I am getting late. But Aayesha is busy in her makeup. Mamaji comes there and Kush tells him, I am getting late. Mamaji sees Aayesha and asks why do you have to go to school.. you already look prettier than Priya.. it’s better if you go to kitty party. Aayesha agrees and now she rushes to go. She takes Kush and leaves from there.

Neha comes to Vikram’s house and starts searching for Rehan. Vikram tells her, he is resting. Neha asks Vikram, why did you bring him here? I know I said no and that’s why he came here.. but he has to understand that this house is not his. She says, I will take him with me. Neha goes to wake him up and notices, Rehan has got high fever. Vikram says, that is why I brought him here. Neha tells Vikram to call the doctor. Vikram says, I already did.

Ram, Priya, Peehu arrive at the school. Ram is more nervous than Peehu and he keeps telling Peehu not to be afraid and not to be nervous. Everything will go fine. Peehu says, yes papa.. how many times will you say.. don’t be nervous.. don’t be nervous.. I won’t get nervous. Peehu tells Priya to tell Ram that she won’t get nervous. Priya tells Ram, she is not nervous.. i think you’re nervous. Ram now goes and stands beside Priya. Priya taunts him, we came till here so don’t you think we should go till her class too? Ram says, of course.. and then he suddenly grabs Priya from a side. He says, principal is coming. Both put fake smiles on their faces. Principal says, it’s nice to see you with your family. Kush also arrives now. Principal says, classes are about to start. Ram says to Priya, darling, I will go and drop kids to their class.. till then you talk with principal. Ram and kids leave.

Ram tells kids to stay together whole day. And tells Kush to take care of Peehu. Ram tells Peehu, if there is any problem then she can call.. but never cry. Be a brave girl. Peehu replies, papa.. I am not a child that I would cry or get nervous. Kush also says, I am not a kid either.. I don’t cry either. We have became older now. Ram now tells them to eat food only from their lunch box and drink water from their water bottle. He’s leaving now. Peehu stops him. Ram gets worried and asks, what happened? You got nervous? Ram is holding Peehu’s water bottle. Peehu says, my bottle… He gives it to her and kids go to class.

Priya is waiting for Ram. She tells Principal, it took too much time. And there comes Ram. He says to Priya, so darling.. shall we go home? He then says, actually we will eat your favorite food in our way. Principal is still there so Priya sits in car. She tells Ram to drop her after few streets. Ram asks her, where do you want to go? I will drop you there. Priya says, where I want to go is very opposite to your way. Ram says, just give me address. It turns out to be court’s address. Ram asks Priya, so you will go against me even though you know that you can’t win? He says, you got lawyer too.. amazing. It must be some low class lawyer.. you could have told me.. I could have found a good lawyer for you. Priya says, that wasn’t needed because Rajat sir found a very good lawyer. He’s coming specially from Dubai for this case. Ram says, sure.. it’s my mistake.. I forgot Rajat SIR is on your side. He drops her to the court. And annoyed Ram wishes her best of luck, we will see soon. Priya also tells him, you too have a nice day.

Vikram brings coffee for neha. neha asks vikram why he is taking care of rehan when he dint accept him. Vikram tells, I dint go to him to bring him home. Rather I went to warn him not to disturb u but I saw he was ill so I took him to hospital and doc has adviced that he needs home rest. So I brought him here. Neha tells, ok but I will take him to my place as he is my responsibility. Vikram explains neha, dont worry first you take care of rahul. Priya’s flat is so small and its not enough to you 3 and how could you take rehan there. We shall think of it later.

At school, khush introduces peehu to his friends. But those kids will be asking peehu about her car, flat, her toys, things etc. Peehu says she doesnt have anything so all the kids insult peehu that she is poor. Khush defends peehu saying after few days peehu will be coming to kapoor mansion then she too has everything. The kids even taunt peehu about her tiffin box and aloo parathas. Peehu feels insulted and cries. Khush wipes her tears and tells he is her brother and best friend then he would share all the things with her.

Priya and rajat at her lawyer, Priya’s lawyer tells priya and rajat, as you are financially secured then the case is in your favour. Though you are well secured financially you can demand allomoney from ram. But priya says no. Priya asks rajat for permission to leave as she wants to recieve peehu from school. Even ram meets his lawyer and comes out. Ram finds priya outside and asks to come along with him in car as peehu’s special day shouldnt get spoiled.

Episode ends.


Precap: Peehu and Kush come out from the school. Peehu is upset. Ram asks her, tell papa how was your first day. What happened in school? Priya also asks her. Peehu says to Priya, I want to drink water. Priya opens her water bottle and gives her water. Priya then asks again, did anything happen in school? Peehu says, mumma please let’s go home fast.


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    Wht an excellent acting of Priya…i like it

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    thanks for updating this ep isode, really i like peehus acting

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