Balika Vadhu 10th July 2012 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 10th July 2012 Written Update by iloveidiotbox

Singh family and Anandi come to Jetsar and check-in to a hotel. Anandi sees two kids playing hubby-wife game, and gets upset. She remembers all that she used to do for Jagya as a kid. She yells at the kids to stop playing such stupid games. Parents come there and start a fight. DS manages to take Anandi away from there. Anandi requests to be left alone for a bit. All Singhs hope Jagya makes it in time for court.

Jagya is in jail and asks the inspector when he will be let go as it is morning already. He says he needs to be at court for his divorce hearing. He talks respectfully to the inspector, but the inspector ignores him.

Shivu calls DS and she tells him that Anandi is very upset and she doesn’t usually share her feelings with anyone but Sumitra. Shivu suggests that they have Anandi calls Sumitra. DS says it won’t help as its not a face to face meeting. Shivu is in thought and thinks that there may be a way. Shivu comes to Singh’s hotel room. DS is happy to see him. Shivu sets up his laptop to start a video chat with Sumitra. Everyone is very happy to see Sumitra. They talk to Sumitra happily. Sumitra is very emotional to see them all. Sumitra asks about Anandi. DS tells her that Anandi is not doing good. She tells Sumitra that her final hearing for divorce is today and is very upset. Sumitra feels bad. DS is glad that Sumitra can chat with Anandi. Shivu says he has an idea.

Singhs and Shivu gather in front of Anandi’s room and ask her to open the door. Anandi keeps crying and doesn’t open the door. Sumitra calls Anandi “Laado” and Anandi is shocked. She hears Sumitra’s voice and opens the door. She sees everyone and notices Sumitra on video chat. She is very happy to see Sumitra. DS tells Anandi that Shivu has set this up for Anandi. Shivu sets the laptop on the table and leaves. Everyone leaves. DS signals Sumitra to talk to Anandi.

Anandi and Sumitra have a heart-to-heart and Sumitra consoles Anandi. She tells Anandi to not let Jagya hurt her anymore. Anandi says she is scared if she is doing the right thing. She fears she will lose the Singh family after divorce. Sumitra says that whatever happened it is for the best. Jagya and Anandi’s relationship was not meant to be. She may not be related to the Singh’s by law, but she is bound to them as their daughter. Sumitra continues to console Anandi and makes her feel better.

Precap : Shivu in police station. Police inspector says Shivu was the one who got Jagya to the station, but hasn’t filed any charges. DS tells Shivu that he is Jagdish, Anandi’s husband. Shivu is shocked. Anandi looks on

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  1. piya
    July 10, 15:48 Reply

    Frst of ol….thanks fr the fast written update. Im in china dese days n hnce cnt watch balika vadhu episodes ( youtube n dailymotion r banned in china 🙁 )
    Hmmm….so in todays episode nothing much hapd. Its really vry iritatng…urrghhh..i thought atleast today dere wl b divorce btwn two luks v had to wait fr a while to c anandi get rid of dat pighead ! tbqh pighead wd hs loads of attitude hs bcum intolerable ! As fr as Anandi, her actions n reactions r totally normal n justified. 🙂 🙂 Next comes our shivu, the most lovable character aftr Anandi is Shivu only 🙂 😉 The way hs eyes cnveys soooo much love fr Anandi is just awesum !! I dnt knw y but inspite of Anandi’s not so interest in Shiv, one cn olwys c a wonderful chemistry btwn both of them. I hope now things will take a fresh n new turn fr r Shivanandi 🙂 🙂

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