Balika Vadhu 12th October 2012 Written update

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Balika Vadhu 12th October 2012 Written update by Rimjhim

Balika Vadhu 12th October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location:Jaitsar Collectorate office
Jagdish goes on with his plans to irk shiv against anandi by constantly telling her how thankful he is that despite he always having given hr pian and troubles she has always supported him selflessly.She understood his feelings for nandu and everybody else in the house and heldped him get closer and now he is hopeful that they would embrace him after forgiving him.He sees shiv getting stiff,sees his purpose solved and giving a wicked grin leaves.

Anandi fidgeting the whole time,tries to tell him but he stops her saying that she has still not ceased to impress him and that it is unbelievable that she could think about so many people at the same time and so selflessly.Anandi tries to defnd saying that she wantd tot alk about it hnce had sent a msg too.He says his trust on her is not that weak that somebody else could talk and crush it.

He then offers her choti maa’s food.she tastes and praises it.

Scene 2:
Location:In the fields
Dadisa drops off from the jeep giving an excuse to the driver that she wants to walk till the mandir and then heads off in search of jagiya in the fields.Seeing her looking for him jagiya starts working all the more hard.Sensing a reassuring tap on the shouldwer he turns around to face dadisa who blesses him for having done such good work and that if he continues like this,his family would soon forgive him.he says that he is not doing it for that but being a farmers’ son he knows their plight and was more thn happy for doing what he did.He then tells dadisa to go reasoning that if anybody sees her wioth him,he would have to face their wrath for no reason and he doesnt want that.Then walking ahead he thinks to himself that the offer for forgiveness is extremely tempting but he would do that till he puts shiv down and himself so high in their eyes that evn anandi refuses to trust him.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Meenu is happy to see that shiv finished the whole tiffin for the first time but gets a little anxious when she knows anandi also had lunch with him.Shiv goes on to tell him about the jagiya-nandu incident and is all praise for anandi’s maturity nd undrstanding of relationships.She smiles too but when he leaves,she wonders what is anandi upto.On the one hand she gets food for shiv showing that she cares for him,on the other hand,she is trying to get her ex husband back with the family.and if that happens,it would tremendously affect anandi and shiv’s relation.

Scene 4:
Location:Jaitsar hospital
Both anandi and bhim singh are worried abotu the increasing cases of fever in the village.Jagiya who has come in for narayan’s medicines is called by lal singh to inspect.after his diagnosis he thinks its swine flu.everybody including anandi is shocked to hear this.When the lab results come,they confirm theri biggest fear.It indeed is swine flu and if not taken proper precautions and started with the treatment soon,it would result in an epidemic.Everybody lal,jagiya,shiv and nandi gear up to protect the village from this calamity.Shiv tells bhim to postpone his metting with railway minister and concentrate on the village right now.He also contacts the government and health ministry for all possible medical aids.Jagiya and lal singh take up th medicinal front and are treating people tirelessly.also,anandi tells the villagers about face masks and other precautions to prevent themselves and is distributing and helping in whatever manner possible.

However in the course of their eforts,anandi and jagiya are shown to be working together.jagiya fast emerges as the village’s saviour through his medicinal knowledge and people praise him in front of shiv and anandi.

Jagiya also stops anandi when she is drinking tap water saying that he cant afford anythign to hppen to her.she is amazed at his concern and looks at him passing by.Shiv sees it from a distance.After such hectic work,anandi gets tired,and is dozing off in the bench when jagiya sees this and is about to take a blanket to her when he sees coming there and sitting beside her to support her head in dozing off and smiling happily to himnself.jagiya is disturbed to see this and the blanket falls from hsi hands.The screen freezes on his face.

Underlying Message: Emergency situations breaks all limitations and barriers.people forget all ionternal differences and fights and work together to achieve the common goal to overcome th emergency.

Precap: jagiya is shown advising anandi in a possessive manner,where he is almost scolding her for not paing attention to herself and taking proper care and precautions needed in medicationa dn says that he remembers that if she takes meds at night,her fce swells up in the morning.Shiv coughs and jagiya realises he’s been talking too much.he turns around to see meenu listening to their conversation.Shiv and anandi too turn around.Meenu obviously has a disgust on her face…

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