Balika Vadhu 14th December 2012 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 14th December 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Balika Vadhu 14th December 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Finally anandi and shiv return to the haveli amidst rose petals shower by the village ladies. Gehna teases her adrressing her as Mrs. Shivraj Shekhar. they are then seated in the drawing room. Sumitra is told by dadisa to prepare for the VIDAAI ceremony. She tells her to get the gift for anandi and everyone else and also asks her to take care of jagiya. She goes upto her room, and finds a letter from jagiya. the letter says that he was desperately wanting to come back to them, but when he cant look at himself in the mirror, how can he face his family. They are big hearted people who forgave him for what he did, but he realises that what he did was sin and not a mistake. Therefore, he asks them no to forgive him even if they grow weak to do so, since he doesnt truly deserve it. Therefore he leaves the house and would return, as not leaving for forever. But he wants to return as the jagiya they all knew as the bearer of the respect of the haveli. He urges them to be patient and accept him back when he returns. Sumitra breaks down hearing this. Bhairo who comes looking for her, finds her crying with the letter in her hand. He takes it, reads it and is devastated himself. But he asks sumitra to compose herself and go down with the gifts.

They both descend down and motion dadisa that everything is alright as far as jagiya is concerned. then the rituals starts where sumitra gives gifts and does the tilak for the ldies and bhairo does the same with the men from the groom’s side. Dadisa then asks them to do the arti at the temple.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Shiv and anandi doing the aarti at the haveli’s temple. Khajan and dadisa in front od bhago’s picture telling her that they finally fulfilled the promise made to her and she should admire how beautiful her daughter is looking today. He asks bhago to be with her daughter even when she goes to shiv’s house and bless the couple with success and happiness in every walk of their life. dadisa too assures her that her daughter is now in good hands with a worthy husband like shiv. Anandi remembers her mother telling her how she would have to go to her new house and develop new relations and start a new life afresh when she was getting married the first time. She gets emotional and has tears in her eyes.

Then She dips her hands in the ALTA thali, and places an imprint on the walls remembering the first time she did that in her house with bhago. Then sumitra feeds her for one last time in the haveli, and she again remembers how bhago had fed her the first time. Then she goes on to do the TILAK of her family members and take their blessings. They all ask her to stay happy always, and request shiv to keep their pampered one always happy and never a tear should trickle down her eyes. She goes on to do the tilak of dadisa, basant, shyam and gehna. Gehan and dadisa comment on how much they are going to miss her and how they have no idea how they would live without her in this haveli that would be so desolate once she leave. anandi goes over to khajan for his tilak. he tells her to be happy and requests shiv to keep her happy always and that bhago would forever look down upon them from heaven to bless them. She hugs him tight and starts crying. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying Message: Sometimes the relations based on sentiments grow stronger and deeper than blood relations. hence the loss of seperation is unbearable in such relations and oftens finds its way through the eyes as tears.

Precap: Anandi tells bhairo that for whatever he has doen for her, thank you is too small a word to suffice for. Bhairo tells him that a daughter neednt thank her father for anything. He then tells shiv, that she is not just their daughter but also the respect of that haveli and therefore he has to handle it with extreme care. Shiv nods in a yes. Finally anandi with tears in her eyes, begins her ritual to leave the haveli, and go with shiv completing the VIDAAI ceremony.


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  1. Piya
    December 14, 14:58 Reply

    Fantastic episode. Shiv is so cute. Anandi looks beautuful.
    Whole epi was too good. Loved it

  2. Piya
    December 14, 14:56 Reply

    Love Shiv Anandi. They look adorable together.
    Epi was great!

  3. anonymous
    December 14, 11:26 Reply

    v senti epi .. I dnt understand nw how
    d serial will continue..
    Do u guys hav ny clue

    • sonu
      December 14, 13:06

      shiv-anandi romance

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