Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Ananadi absent mindedly makes tea, while meenu asks that she has already made the breakfast and what is she doing here. She says that she’s making tea for shiv. Meenu reminds her that shiv isnt home, and tells her that this i the first time that she has stayed away from shiv since the marriage and she knows that its hard, but assures anandi that he would soon return back.

Ananadi is told by sanchi that a lawyer has come to meet shiv. She meets him and tells that shiv isnt here, and offers to make him talk on the phone. As she’s trying his phone, she thinks that shiv must be angry or maybe he is also missing her, and she didnt pick up his phone too last night. as shiv picks up, anandi tells him of the lawyer. He tells her about the lawyer having come there for ganga’s custody case, and that she should give him all the info. Before she can talk personal, shiv cancels the phone, and she thinks that shiv must be severely angry with her, therefore didnt talk.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Gehna tells ganga to pack his bags, according to the school schedule and his school stationary too. She complies. Jagiya too comes in. When gehna asks how far has she studied, she says that she did it till 3rd standard, as after that she got married. jagiya tells ganga that they have to go to the police station for giving some statements so that the police can work more efficiently for finding her son. She immediately agrees to go along with him, an dthey both leave ganga’s room.

As ganga and jagiya go outside to get into the jeep, he notices that its tyre is punctured. He thinks that the other jeep has been taken by bhairo. He asks ganga if she can go with him on the bike. She complies, not seeing any other choice.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and in the police station
As ganga rides on jagiya’s bike behind as the pillion driver, she nervously yet embarassedly clutches him tight, when the bike gathers speed. The villagers see this and start talking among themselves.

She finally reaches the police station and firing the fir, telling everything about ratan, she asks the police about her son. The inspector assures her that he understands she’s in pain, and on shiv’s increased insistence of strict orders, they are all the more working on getting her son back to her asap.

After coming outside the police station, Jagiya says that he didnt like shiv earlier, but since he has turned over a new life, with his remorse and guilt, he finds shiv avery honest and helping man. He says that he’s sure that hat he couldnt do with anandi in several years, shiv gave all that happiness to her in just a few months, which is evident from her happy face these days. Ganga listens to all of this. Jagiya says that they should leave now as they are getting late.

Then again, she has to take jagiya’s support to get on the bike. The villagers see this. They reprimand her saying that jagiya wont be hampered, but where will her shamelessness lead her to, now that she is riding around the village on his bike, while having left her husband and son. Ganga is hurt to hear this, while jagiya is suprised, to see such behavious of the people. they says that they dont understand why dadisa kept ganga in their haveli, when she could have tended to himself. as jagiya tries to talk to them, ganga stops him. The villagers say that jagiya should try and reconcile ganga with her husband. He says with rage that she cant be thrown back into the hell that ratan treated her in and that instead of talking about her, they should fend for themselves.

As the villagers try to continue to taunt, ganga reaches her limit and asks them to stop talking anymore, jagiya is surpised. she asks them is they can be without their son. Similar is her case, and her difficulty. she says that she was not left with any other option, as her in laws, snatched her son from her. Ganga says that the shame that he’s talking about, kept hr in this torture, subjected to mental and physical torture, which she kept suffering for her son. But what did she get for it, just another step wife. She says that what she went through, only that person can know who has been through it. jagiya asks ganga to leave from there. He drives off the bike with her.

Scene 4:
Location: Jaitsar haveli.
The singh family is happily surprised to see anandi, but are tensed when they see her sad face. she says that everything’s fine, she tells them about shiv’s departure, and that she was feeling bored, hence came here. Anandi says that she had a good news to share with ganga, who having just entered in the haveli is hopeful that they found her son, and that shiv might have gone to get her son. anandi says that not yet, but soon she would see her son. She says that she had talked to the lawyer who is alos working on the case and asks her not to lose hope, as their case is so strong that ratam’s family wont be able to keep her son, as goes the law. dadisa too says that law would favour ganga, as she suffered so much. Jagiya too agrees having been a prime witness to all of it, and says that he would give his statement in the court. anandi too thinks that his statement would further strenthen their case, and shiv being on the case, she would surely get justice, she thanks them in gratitude that she just wants them to get her son to her. Anandi says that to prove her self dependency in court, and maturity to handle the baby, she would have to start coming to the school. Jagiya tells ganga of her former education. Anandi says that this would be all the more easy then. Dadisa too says that they would also be with her tomorrow, and tells ganga that she shouldnt worry when she has anandi as her teacher. All are happy and the screen freezes on ganga’s thankul face.

Anandi tells ganga that tomorrow is Basant Panchami, and that students are given their first alphabet to write on this auspicious day. she says that it would be equally good luck for her to start her studying also from tomorrow. The screen freezes on ganga’s thankful face.

Underlying message: Education always gives a female the self dependancy, motivation and the self reliance required to raise her voice against all the torture and suffering that she goes through.

Precap: Ananadi talks to shiv’s photo saying that earlier he wanted to listen to what she wanted, now she wants to talk about it and he’s not here. She pretends to be angry saying that now she too wont talk to him. But then smiles, saying that even thats impossible now. Ira, on the phone with sanchi, tells her that meenu tells her everything as to how anandi has taken care of everything in shiv’s life. Sanchi pretends to be surprised and tells ira that anandi dosnt even know about shiv’s wound on the leg as she is always preoccupied with tending to her exhusband’s and her old family’s problems.


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  1. nolla
    February 23, 15:15 Reply

    And i like this separation as it is making her miss him a lot. Am sure the reunion will be superb. But pls let me see my Shiv too.

  2. nolla
    February 23, 15:12 Reply

    cvs pls at least show us Shiv where he is. I personaly i dont mind anandi’s pining but let me see Shiv too!!!

    • batquai
      December 04, 03:15

      Missing A (pratyusha) very much. She leaving show then the serial loss a half of its soul..Tora is good actress, but she look like Shiv’s older sister not life partner…romantic scene look awkward w Shidd and Tora…

  3. deiva
    February 23, 13:17 Reply

    hey r they goiong to show that shiv feels jealous or angrry that anandhi meets jagdish frequently?

    why they r not showing ansh together even after anandhi realised her love 4 shiv?
    so stupid to move d story in name of jagdish now instead of ansh.
    to show jagdish a changed n good person they r reducing shiv’s goodness n his active proceeding to his character. so cheep

  4. anshika
    February 23, 10:38 Reply

    can any1 explain me why sanchi hates anandhi ??????

  5. krithi
    February 23, 10:33 Reply

    without shiv anadhi track.. it s boring yar.. nt even a gud precap .. v expect sum ansh scene in precap.. bt tht too 🙁 🙁

    • aniiiiii
      February 23, 11:43

      wher d hel is Shiv? its brng wthot him

  6. dip
    February 23, 10:11 Reply

    how irritating yar. From the last week cvs are pointing on same topic. How boaring it is.

    • Anonymous
      February 23, 10:33

      What’s cvs? I’m confused lol

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