Balika Vadhu 29th August 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 29th August 2013 Written Update by Shreya

Balika Vadhu 29th August 2013 Written Update

Shiv-Anandi discuss bank issue for poor people. Shiv says he will do something. After that they talk about Anandi’s social service. Shiv says, tomorrow its sunday and she can have an exhibition outside their house. Anandi worries thinking family won’t like that, but Shiv says, they won’t have any problem.. and he will talk with Ira.

Shiv then asks her to sleep else he says, I will have to sleep by hugging a pillow. Anandi says, hope that situation never comes. They sleep.

Sanchi is looking at her engagement photos. She receives a call from Sumi. After general talks, Sanchi apologizes for telling Ira about Jagya going to Mangalore by mistake. Sumi says, you don’t need to apologize.. Jagya should haven’t gone there.. I will talk with him when he returns. Sanchi tells her that she always feels good after talking to her. Sumi says to her that she can call her any time she wants. After she hangs, Sanchi says, like I don’t have anything better to do.

Next morning, Anandi is still worried because she has set up exhibition/market outside their house. Shiv tells her not to worry, in end she is doing a good work.

Anandi comes to the exhibition/market. She checks how everything is going. Chanda is there as well with her husband. While counting, she drops money. Chanda’s husband quietly picks it up. Anandi notices it. Chanda’s husband gives it to Chanda and Anandi is pleased to see that. Couple of guys enter there. Sanchi also comes out with juice. She says to herself, don’t know how long I will have to do all this drama.. people whom I never wanted to see.. are outside my house. Look Jagdish.. what all I have to do for you. Meenu also comes there. Couple of guys start fighting with each other and try to destroy everything there. Everyone starts running. Anandi is worried. They throw rocks at each other and one rock hits on Sanchi’s head.

Shiv comes there now. He beats those people and police arrive there. Shiv says they purposely came here to destroy everything.. you all please don’t leave. Shiv asks the guys who sent them here. They say, a bar owner. Chanda tells Shiv, it’s same bar where they went and the owner had argument with them and Anandi got injured.. and later that bar got closed because of them. Shiv asks police to take them and leave.

In Shiv’s house, Ira says she doesn’t understand why they had to set up market outside their house. She tells Shiv, I have told you to keep social work away from our house. Last time, Anandi got injured, and today Sanchi. She asks Anandi, What’s point of work which would put your family on risk? Shiv says, it was not her idea.. it was my idea. Whatever happened was bad.. but they did this purposely. Ira is angry. She says, to hell with your market. Sanchi’s eye could have injured. Alok asks Ira to calm down. Ira says she doesn’t want tension every time because of this social work. She also gives example of Jaitsar and says, I don’t want my house to get burned.

Daddu now asks Ira to calm down. He says, everything is fine now.. and why are you blaming Anandi? Look at her.. she is also feeling bad. Ira says, I am telling all these for Anandi’s good. You know she went to bar other day, and in which condition she returned. That day you all took her side and I said you all will be blamed if anything like this happens again. Their argument continues.. in end Ira says she won’t let Anandi do whatever she wants. Ira takes Sanchi and leaves. Shiv receives a call from police station. After the call, Shiv tells everyone that they have arrested bar owner and he accepted that it was him who sent those guys. Anandi is feeling very bad. Daddu gestures Meenu to talk to her. Meenu goes to her and says, until now only Shiv’s name was coming in the newspaper.. now your name will come too. Small problems like this keep coming in your way, but Shiv-Anandi are not the ones who will get scared. You two will encourage everyone to do more good work. Alok joins in and tries to cheer Anandi, but she is still sad. Screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: Ganga is going somewhere. Her saree gets stuck in someone’s bicycle. A new entry comes there and helps Ganga.

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  1. happy d
    August 30, 13:06 Reply

    Nice family oriented serial!
    After a tiring day at work ,soon i come home this is the first thing i do. I watch serial in internet nd read the update and comments again to know how people are feeling about this. Quite nice acting by everybody. I like ganga the most, not because of her character in serial but for good acting. If i go back and see an episode from a month ago, i suddenly feel that story didnt move much, but never get this feeling while i was watching it everyday. Could be the trick of director / writer. Or could be that i was involved too much then.

  2. rabia
    August 30, 09:00 Reply

    pls dont stop this written update this is the only way i can follow this serial, colors channel still closed in my locality, and of all the serials i love balika vadhu the most, specially when ganga and J are together you can see their feelings for each other

  3. rabia
    August 30, 08:58 Reply

    i like ganga and anandi, i also like sanchi she s cute but she is cunning too ahah tht is her role and she make justice of it

  4. rabia
    August 30, 08:56 Reply

    thank u for this written updat i love this serial balika vadhu

  5. Sonya
    August 29, 18:29 Reply

    An interesting episode. Things taking a turn. Feel really sorry for Anandi. I love this serial. Superb acting by Shiv / Anandi.

  6. Subhsi
    August 29, 17:22 Reply

    Thanks Shreya for WU. Thanks Aradhana for the news on Ganga and Jagya. Well today’s episode was fine. Felt really bad for Anandi. When people get into helping others they are put to test and have to face hurdles. Hope Anandi and Shiv succeed in their endeavor .

  7. aradhana
    August 29, 11:43 Reply

    i knew this from an authentic source. Jagya will save her again from that shrewd person and then realize that he indeed love her and not sanchi

  8. divya
    August 29, 11:39 Reply

    how do u know about ganga

  9. aradhana
    August 29, 11:31 Reply

    oh the new guy is going to play a pivotal role. He is going to offer a job to ganga which she will politely decline but he then befriended her and take advantage of her loneliness.

  10. welwisher
    August 29, 11:23 Reply

    i think let saanchi and jagya married. Sumitra would be the one who will regret most. She will understand what sanchi is from the day one. And then only will she understands the value of Ganga.

    • welwisher
      August 29, 11:23

      I agree please update fast.

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