Balika Vadhu 29th March 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 29th March 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Balika Vadhu 29th March 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
The whole family gets overwhelmed, with the emotional talks going on. Dadisa asks her to cook whatever she pleases. ganga asks if she should go to help. Anandi says yes, as there’s so much to make, but she says who would take care of mannu. But ganga says that she neednt bothere as he’s with jagiya. They leave to the kitchen.

While working in the kitchen, anandi tells ganga about everyone’s eating habit. ganga says that she has told everyone’s, then who is she making halwa for. She says that this is for shiv. She asks for sugar, ganga gives it. She asks ganga to pour it herself, but ganga asks her to do it, so that the sweetness isnt just of sugar, but also of her love for him. they prepare all the dishes for everyone. ganga says that she’s making something for everyone, but not for jagiya. dadisa too stands at the door. anandi is surprised to hear this. She diverts the topic, saying that they have prepared an incredible meal. Dadisa opens a container saying that she had thought of making something, before she came. She tells them that she would make jagiya’s favourite dish, while they go and rest.

While the plates are being set, gehna too helps sumitra. Jagiya comes down and tells ganga that mannu has slept, but then stops seeing anandi and shiv. dadisa informs him about anandi’s stay tonight at the haveli only. Sumitra asks everyone to sit for dinner.

All compliment ananadi for the superb taste. shiv compliments for her halwa. dadisa tells everyone that its anandi’s who’s made everything. jagiaya is happy seeing his favourite dish, and knowing that anandi has made it. But after tasting, he tells dadisa that she has made it exactly like he wants. dadisa says that after dinner, she has a surprise for the ladies. gehna asks what is it. dadisa says that it wont be a surprise then, if she tells it right now. She tells that its for ganga too. Bhairo gets kailash’s call, telling him that he would come immediately. He tells dadisa that he has to go for the witness statement for the court hearing of kailash’s case, his childhood friend. He says that he would have to leave immediately.

shiv is asked by dadisa to stay back. He says that he can, but if he does, then they would focus on him, and he wants them to focus on her, as its her nightout with her family. He takes their leave. He comes to jagiya and hugs him. Jagiya too hugs him back. He takes jagiya’s leave too. Anandi also excuses herself and goes behind him. Jagiya too goes up.

She asks shiv, if after what jagiya told her, if her staying back is bothering him. He says that it doesnt as he has the fullest confidence in her, that she can tackle any situation. He says that he doesnt know how to spend the night. Shiv says that he would have to spend the night, hearing her voice message of I LOVE YOU. She asks how is this on his phone. He says that there’s a bluettoth, that transferred files from mobile. He says that there’s just one problem, i.e. its just her voice, and that it would have been better if it had been her too. He cups her face in his hand, and asks if he can go. Anandi gives him a teddy bear, to cuddle and get a good night’s sleep. they both smile at that. He wishes her goodnight, and then gets into the jeep and drives off. Jagiya sees them, from the roof and is upset. After he’s gone, anandi goes sad.

sumitra and ganga are surprised to find that a mini party has been laid out, with other family members. they tell her that they are going to stay awake for the night, to cherish every moment, left with anandi. nandu too gets jagiya, who he says wasnt coming earlier, but he brought him. Basant asks him to sit down. Ganga looks at the family photo, taken when anandi was a child, and comments on how naughty she must have been in her childood. dadisa too vouches for her naughty behaviour. Dadisa is reminisceing the old times, when anandi was very adamant and caused much problems due to her stubbornness, but definitely down the lane, she won everyone’s heart, and thats why they feel as if they are losing their life, as she goes away. Jagiya is silently hearing to all this. all grow emotional hearing this. Ganga asks whats the sweetest memory. Dadisa goes on to tell, how anandi used to win over dadisa, saying that even she cant be angry at her for long. Dadisa asks her to shut up sometimes, lest she would give them a headache. the screen freezes on anandi’s happy face.

Underlying message: Memories lay silent in a corner of the heart. Sometimes they induce happiness, and sometimes overwhelming sadness. They eyes may go teary, but the heart fills up with happiness.

Precap: nandu says that he doesnt remember how anandi was as a child, and asks jagiya to tell on his behalf. An awkward pause follows. In his room, jagiya looking at anandi’s photo as a child, says that he still remembers every memory of anandi as a child. he says that he cant find out which is his sweetest memory. He says that he cant get rid of these memories as this is what sustains him through life. Dadaji and shiv are discussing as to how hard it is for anandi and her family to part like that. Shiv says that they may be very sad, but nonw is crying, so that their sadness doesnt come out, and upsets the other person too. Hence all of them are keeping it buried in their hearts.

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  1. Kv
    March 30, 08:09 Reply

    Remember, badi masi ji gave anandi a locket having a photo of jagya and anandi when she got to know about gauri jagya’s marrige. She angrily told jagya that one day he would have to return to anandi and get that locket from her. Hence they r turning the story in that direction.

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