Balika Vadhu 2nd November 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 2nd November 2013 Written Update by Shreya

Balika Vadhu 2nd November 2013 Written Episode

Shiv and Anandi come to a market for diwali shopping. Anandi says, but we didn’t tell anyone about it. Shiv says, after what happened, I am not sure if they will even celebrate diwali. That is why I want to keep this as a surprise. I just want to see my family happy again and i need your support in that. Anandi says she is always with him and everything will happen the way he wants. They start shopping. On the other hand, Sumi and Bhairo are shopping as well. Shiv sees a necklace and tells Anandi this is their first diwali after marriage so he has to give a gift to her. Anandi says, then I should be giving you a gift as well. Shiv says, you’re with me.. what more gift you can give. They smile and then Shiv takes her with him. Sumi and Bhairo buy a necklace for Ganga on the other side.

Shiv and Anandi are done shopping and leaving the market. Someone fires firecrackers in their way. Anandi and Shiv run from there saving themselves. They both seem to enjoying their time.

Both houses are doing diwali preparations, making rangoli and creating diyas. Sanchi comes down. Ira ignores her, but Anandi tells Sanchi to help her in creating diyas. Dadisa tells Jagya and Ganga (New Ganga) to do diwali puja. Jagya and Ganga come forward and do the puja. On the other hand, Anandi and Shiv do the diwali puja at Shekhar’s house. Both houses perform all other rituals and puja. They then do the arti. Mannu is enjoying himself in the function. Sanchi also participates and does the arti. Dadisa thanks the Goddess for saving her family from all the troubles. She wishes for the same in future and prays for the happiness of all her children. Ganga gives arti to everyone.

Jagya and Ganga take blessings from Dadisa and give them gifts. She gives gifts to other family members as well. Nandu takes Mannu with him and both touch Dadisa’s feet. Dadisa then gives gifts to them as well.

Anandi gives arti to everyone in Shekhar’s house. Ira gives blessings to her and says she will pray for happiness of this house and taunts Sanchi saying she will also ask the God to give some sense to this family’s members. Gifts come from Badi Haveli. Anandi and Ira tell them to wish Badi Haveli people a happy diwali as well. All children take blessings from the elders. Daddu wishes Sanchi a happy diwali with very little interest, while Meenu gives her blessings and wishes a happy diwali as well.. when she touches Ira and Alok’s feet, she doesn’t get any response from them. Everyone leaves from there except Anandi. Anandi wishes Sanchi a happy diwali. Sanchi wishes her as well and then walks away.

Daddu gathers everyone to give gifts. He says its thanks to Shiv and Anandi who did all the shopping themselves. Sanchi is somewhat angry at Anandi and says in her mind, you deserve all the credits after bringing darkness in my life. If I had married to Jagya, then I would be getting all this respect right now. Daddu doesn’t give anything to Sanchi. Anandi asks him, what about Sanchi? Daddu again with no interest gives a gift to her.

Anandi and Shiv talk to Dadisa on the phone. Shiv apologises for what happened recently. Dadisa asks him to forget everything. With the New Year, it will be a new beginning.

Nandu and Mannu are doing fireworks. Ganga is watching them. Jagya comes and holds her hand and they do fireworks together. Both smile at each other.

Shekhars are doing fireworks outside. Shiv tells Anandi, everyone is looking so happy. He credits Anandi. Anandi notices Sanchi’s sad face and says in her mind, but I couldn’t make it a happy diwali for Sanchi. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: Once a fight/tension is over, one feels relaxed and happy.

Precap: Anandi tries to convince Shiv and other family members to forgive Sanchi. She tells everyone, if you think your behaviour with her is correct, then I will also want to make myself a part of that punishment. I will lock myself inside a room and won’t be part of any celebration.

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  1. teen
    November 05, 00:42 Reply

    All of you who say Sargun doesn’t look good in traditional clothes, I guess you haven’t watched her in Phulwa. Sargun is a brilliant actress, and I’m sure she’ll win the public’s affection as Ganga soon.

    It’s really tiring, seeing these comments about any new actor that replaces another actor. I remember the cristicism thrown at Toral when she first joined BV, now I hondstly wish she’d been in the role of Anandi from the beginning. She is a better Anandi than Pratyusha ever was, any day.

    • Kulsum ruhi
      November 05, 11:55

      Joke of the day…!
      Toral is not at al playing the role of anandi as pratyusha did.
      And i bet sargun too can not play the role of ganga as sriti did. The chemistry was awsm betn sriti and shashank, sargun is gΓΆod actrss i like her but she can not challenge sriti in role of ganga…

  2. Samiti
    November 05, 00:29 Reply

    Sriti was a nice actress and also in lookwise.Sargun too is a nice actress but 1)SHE DON’T SUIT JAGYA 2) SHE DON’T LOOK GOOD IN A TRADITIONAL conclusion is sriti a perfect girl opposite jagya.sriti plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back…………

  3. Meet
    November 02, 15:30 Reply

    kya koi bta skta h ke epi online q nhi dkh pa rhi hu…..shw ho rha h k not available in dis ciuntry…..aesa q

    • zaara
      November 02, 15:32

      hiiiiiiiiii πŸ˜€

    • admin
      November 02, 19:53

      If YouTube is blocked, then you will have to watch on DailyMotion or PutLocker or Flash.

  4. sahrish shukla
    November 02, 15:20 Reply

    i think ab bohat say logon ky comment yey hongay ky main bv nahin
    dekhoon gi but wo phr bhi dekhaingay
    hahaha after pratusha yahi sab nay kaha but
    ab sab dekhtay hain hahaha
    or han main manti hoon ky drama character sy banta hy
    lekin bv ek aisa show hy jo character change honay ky bad
    bhi chalta hy phr chahay wo choti anandi ho ya pratusha ho
    ya wo srithi ho
    serial story py chalta hy or ab bhi bv chalay ga

  5. Meet
    November 02, 15:05 Reply

    Shocking…………….sargun ko modern look me dkha h to vo trsdition mevaachi nhi lag rhi h……….ab to mzaa aane wala tha jagnga ka…….aur ab hi……hmsha cvs disspnt krte h …phle b shiv andi romance shuru hone wala tha aur anandi change aur abhi bhi jgya gnga romance se phle……….

  6. aradhana
    November 02, 13:55 Reply

    my last reading of written update for bv no pratushya ok sriti come and no shriti then who will act toral can’t act please colors bring megha of NBT and i swear i will watch and sms all my friends to watch this show

  7. Kulsum ruhi
    November 02, 13:46 Reply

    This was my last episode of BV I wil nevr watch ths shw anymore…
    Miss u sriti and pls make ur come back soon we r waiting
    Sargun doesnt suit jagya i knw she is good actrss but exprsn of sriti jha were flawless and she was soul of the shw…
    After pratusha, sriti jha made it to position 1 but i dont thnk sargun wil play like her..
    Sriti jha it is request from me pls come to bigg boss yar…!

  8. nia
    November 02, 12:27 Reply

    totally disappointed..sargun is just so expressionless…:(will never watch this show.

  9. MU
    November 02, 12:01 Reply

    oh sriti i miss you already

    i was hoping to see you in your new avatar

    2 old aunties

    • Justin
      November 02, 12:09

      Sriti ne apna chera khabi mirror me dekha ha great great dado lagti hai. Sargun looks younger than sriti and more cuter and innocent. And suit better with jagya. Love u sargun

    • Justin
      November 02, 12:11

      Comment Removed.

    • MU
      November 02, 12:20

      im 24 sweetie they are older than me

      and to call me a bitch over a comment from my point of view tells me a lot about your thinking

      its just a show and its my opinion

      you’re behaving immature and you have no respect for women

      administrator please delete this person’s comment

      thank you πŸ™‚

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