Balika Vadhu 30th November 2012 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 30th November 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Balika Vadhu 30th November 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Cultural programmes begin in the haveli.Everybody is enjoying the fuction and the folk dancers.Anandi is finally brought down in front of everybody,when the dancers part ways for anandi to emerge along with sumitra.Everybody is stunned to see her looking so pretty except sanchi.She takes everybody’s blessings and then goes to face shiv who ssays she’s looking very bful.sumitra seats her alongside shiv.

Then a performer comes along suggesting the next stage of the function which is a game testing the abilities and love that the husband have for their wife.He says that they are going to be bilndfolded and they have to recognize their wives purely on the feel of their hands.To trick their hubands the wives exchange their rings while their husbands’ are being blindfolded.They then come turn by turn,alok,then basant then bhairo then sugna’s father in law,lal singh but everybody fails to recognize their spouses by hands and face the wrath of their wives.Finally shiv’s turn he proceeds towards anandi rejecting every hand in between,ghuli says to asah tht she thinks shiv would spot correctly.She says she doesnt think so as nobody was able to and they are married,but shiv is not even habituated to the touch of anandi’s hand.But shiv trumps them all by guessing the right hands and everybody is super surprised at the bond they share.anandi too is very happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Anandi’s sangeet ceremony is going on with huge pomp and grandeur,with shiv’s presence.The performer tells anandi’s family to prepare something.Basant says they dont know such stuff and ask the performers only to do something.sumitra too says that they were so busy in preps that they didnt get time to do anything else.Sanchi too taunts them to do something so that they also know what their talent is.She says then she would show them what she has prepared with the help of their dancers.she sarcastically says she’s doing exactly what she was advised for and that if leg pulling which is common in marriages.

Sumitra,bhairo sugna and dadisa then show an item as to how anandi who came in as their daughter in law will leave from this house as the daughter.Anandi and shiv are also joined in by their family in dancing.everybody gets emotional.the screen freezes on anandi’s emotional face.

Underlying Message: Relations founded on true feelings develop deeper than the blood relations sometimes.So the mere thought of leaving the loved ones pains the heart bitterly and leaves an unavoidable void in their hearts.

Precap: Song and dance going on with both the families joining in and ancing together while anandi and shiv enjoy their first dance togethr stealing romantic eyelocks.

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  1. sudha
    November 30, 13:12 Reply

    Enjoyed the episode thoroughly. Loved ansh expressions,their eyelocks, even anandi seemed enjoying looking at shiv. And when shiv recognizes her correctly
    Everyone including anandi were surprised and at the same time very happy. I thought he showed everyone his true love for anandi.;-) eagerly waiting for their marriage and post marriage life.:-)

    • anshel
      December 02, 06:32


  2. Margie
    November 30, 11:25 Reply

    I really enjoyed watching the Ep today. Just wish it was longer. Can’t wait for next week

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