Beintehaa 20th November 2014 Written Update

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Beintehaa 20th November 2014 Written Update by H_Hasan

Beintehaa 20th November 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Surayya and Fahad hearing about Shaziya’s admitting all her crimes. Surayya and Aaliya ask Fahad to forgive Shaziya as she is repenting. Surayya says she is happy to see her both bahus’ hatred gone. Bilal sees his face and is angered on not getting sense. He worries for his future and no one asked him on this. He says he won’t get Shaziya or anyone. He says he is just wrong doer and will go jail. He plans to run away from everyone. Rehman comes to him and asks the reason for his worry. Bilal says he is feeling unwell. Rehman says you used to turn when you did mistake in childhood. He asks him to see result of getting in Zarina’s words.

Rehman says Bilal I m your Abbu and did your upbringing. He asks is he grown up to hide things. Bilal says he won’t tell anything. He cries saying Abbu and hugs him. Rehman asks what is the matter. Bilal says he does not want to go jail. Rehman saks what did he do. Bilal says Zain Bhai… Rocket comes and asks who is going jail. Bilal is stunned and tight lipped seeing Rocket. Rehman asks Bilal to say the problem. Bilal says Zain supported me a lot and goes out. Rocket says I m going office and will meet in evening. Rehman says why did Bilal change words seeing Zain. Rocket comes to Zarina and tells about Bilal foolishness can send them to jail. Rocket says if he speaks out, our plan will end. Zarina takes the responsibility and asks for Aaliya’s sign in one hour.

Fahad thanks Nafisa for saving his son and risking her and to be born baby’s life. Nafisa says she is absolutely fine. She asks how can I let Saif fall in swimming poll. She says our baby will come in world after few months and Shaziya is taking care of Saif since 7 years. Shaziya sees Fahad hugging Nafisa. She realizes she was killing Nafisa’s baby and Nafisa saved her son. She blesses Nafisa. Zarina pulls Bilal’s ear asking what was he telling his Abbu. She warns him not to tell anything. Rehman comes and holds her hand to stop her from slapping Bilal. Rehman asks Bilal to go from the room. Bilal goes. Rehman says her evil game will expose soon. He says whatever happens now I will save my son. He asks her to save herself. Surayya takes a call on breakfast table. She passes sign to Aaliya. Fahad tells mom made this special dish for you. Zarina asks him to have it as he has meeting now. He recalls her asking for Aaliya’s sign. Surayya asks Zain why did he not consult them before taking this decision. Zarina asks what did Zain do. Zain asks mom what did I do. Everyone ask turn by turn.

Surayya tells Aaliya signed 51 percent property papers and Zain has sold all stakes for 300 crores. Zarina looks at Rocket shockingly. Fahad asks why did he not ask her. Rocket says Surayya is mistaken. She says it is confirmed. Rocket asks Aaliya to say did she sign papers. Aaliya says she signed yesterday night. Rocket thinks of getting drunk last night. He says he will check in office and Zarina goes after him.

Zarina stops Rocket and slaps him. She asks how did he fool her. He says he is already worried. Zarina says she has right on property. He says he does not have signed papers. Zarina asks then who has it. Aaliya says Zain has it. Zarina shockingly sees Aaliya and Surayya hearing their conversation.

Aaliya says Zain did not sell anything as he can’t sell anything related to Barkat. Aaliya says it was a plan to trap fraudster Rocket. She says it can’t happen that Aaliya can’t identity her Zain as he was innocent and honest which he can’t have. She asks Zarina how can she do this with her sister. Surayya says she tried all her life to change her. Rocket holds Aaliya and says he did this to get her. Aaliya says I love only Zain. Rocket puts gun on her head and says he loves her. He asks her to come along. He says Aaliya is only mine. Zain comes and beats Rocket. Beintehaa…plays in BG.

Zain says my mother and wife have saved me from jail. Rocket and Zain have a fight. Surayya and Aaliya tensely watches them.

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  1. Jane kaun ho
    Par ho tum kayi
    Hain dill ko mere yaakeen
    Na hain Iptiida , Na hai Imteehan
    Hai Meri dastaan Tu Wahi
    Tera Sukuun , Ya Junoon tera
    Teri kushi ya tera gham
    Jo bhi Ziyaa who Jiyaa mene
    Jo bhi kiya tujhse Kiyaa
    Beinteehaan … !!!
    MAN ko behlaye ..Behkaye
    Koi Khoyayish Khamkha
    Palkoon pee Aye sapno ki Barish Khamkha
    Abhi se Haal hai aisa Na jane Hoga kaisa
    Jo ye Ho gaya
    Beinteehaan !!!

    sweety ye ha tumhare liye….

    • kitkit
      November 21, 12:33

      i vil miss dis songs a lot… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • @sweety
      November 22, 05:43

      Zain love you!

  2. Rush
    November 21, 09:19 Reply

    Hey,do you have any idea when Minni Di will come? 🙂
    Minni Di means Samflorin… 🙂

    • @sweety
      November 21, 09:34

      yes but i don’t knw when

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