Bigg Boss 6 7th October 2012 Written Update

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Bigg Boss 6 7th October 2012 Written Update

Bigg Boss 6 7th October 2012 Written Episode


The show begins with people tryng to enter the theater hall, they enter theater then movie starts… Showing Bigg Boss Logo…
Bigg Boss stage is shown with Salman making entry with some of his best songs….
Aaaya Re Aaaya BodyGuard
He dances with dance troupe….
He welcomes everyone to Bigg Boss Season 6 !

Salman takes audience to Bigg Boss house, this time the house looks big with indoor swimming pool, Aquarium…
He enters Bigg Boss Room. Bigg Boss tells Salman to give tour of the house..
When he enters the drawing room… he sees 5 more salman in different attires

NEver seen before 6 salman… they interact with each other…
EK THA TIGER Salman shows Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys. Dont see bad, dont hear bad, dont speak bad…..
Finally after tour….

We are back on stage… Salman introduces first performance …


Daler mehendi says He will ‘Dho Dalenge’ inside the house. As Salman was about to leave Daler into house. Suddenly Punjabi folk music and dance troupe comes and along with them comes Siddhu….. Daler ask Siddhu is he also hosting or coming in house.
Siddhu calls her wife and tells he is still child in heart so wants to enjoy as child and enters house.

Daler Mehendi leaves from stage…

Siddhu’s entry in house is shown…. he goes around drawing room…. Sees Gandhi’s 3 monkeys
says some slogans…

Next to enter the house is ITEM GIRL and Ad model; Sana Khan… HOT & Husky Damsel… she performs on ‘Chikni Chamel’, ‘Halkat Janwani’.
She starts flirting on stage with Salman. She even does audition for Salman… she tells She has been made for him….
She even ask audience aren’t they look good together…. She says she want to be his close relative…. Salman Ask How Close…. Then she tells as much close as he lets her in….. OMG … HOT & FLIRTING….

She enters house finally … Sidhu shows her house. Sidhu ask what has she done in filmline or ad ?
She tells she was in AMUL MACHO UNDERWEAR… Ye To Bada Twong Hai….
Sidhu tells her to try to open room, but she can’t open…..

Next contestant is annouced it is from movie and tv world comedian Salman tells and shows some clip.. where one girl is covered with Ghoonghat….
Even on stage she comes with closed googhant….
Salman tells UTAROO……. Finally it turns out its male… Vrajesh Hirjee.
Salman ask why he has come in such disguise..
Vrajesh tells Bigg Boss people had told to keep it confidential.. thats why he didn’t even tell his father…
He enters house.

He meets Sidhu & Sana… he is impressed with house interior. He starts making fun of Sana with ‘NAMS’.
He challenges Bigg Boss Camera that he will find a blind spot in the house …. to hide from Bigg Boss camera.

Next contestant is SAMPAT PAL, leader of Gulabi Gang. The gang responsible for welfare of Women rights with voilence if required.
The women kisses Salman’s cheeks. She sings inspirational song.
She enters house introduces herself to others. Siddhu had heard about her and tells Sana about her work.


Next contentant is Urvasi Dholakia The KOMOLIKA of popular tv show.
Along with another girl comes Aashika they both fight for Bigg Boss house. Urvasi enters, then Salman sends Aashika too in the house.
Next guest is from UP Bihar….
Salman comes in rickshawk, he ask who is going into Bigg Boss ? Finally Salman annouces… Its Niruha… the guy from Bhojpuri movies.
The item leaves …
Dinesh Niruha enters house and introduces himself to other members.

Next contestant is star hair stylist, SAPANA. She has too many tatoos in her body. She is bindass.. bollywood stars introduces her like Bips.
She hands Salman a T-shirt which had slogan ‘Teri Ma Ki YOUTH’……
She ask Urvasi what she does, she tells actress.


Next contestant is DELNAAZ a comedian in hindi movies. (Sweetu from Kal Ho Na Ho…)
She enters house and hugs Urvasi and Asshika, Hirjee…
Next contestant No. 10 is Asim Trivedi, the cartoonist…
Next contestant No. 11 is Sayantani Ghosh.

Next is Rajiv Paul… he wants to go inside with grace and dignity and come out with same. Its DELNAAZ husband… they have been seperated and have been pitted together without each other’s knowledge. DELNAAZ feels akward when he enters. She just smiles… He comes shakes hand with DELNAAZ and hugs.
But there is some kind of akwardness…


Himesh Reshmiya comes to perform and goes to HIS OWN HOUSE not Bigg Boss house.
Next comes parrot who talks with Salman.

Next contestant is Hot male model NIKETAN MADACK … few female models talks about him.
Next contestant is Karishma Kottak, supermodel . Niketan and Karishma knows each other.

The supermodels enter the house everyone is looking them. They greet everyone and same intro session.
14 contestants are already in the house. Now from SMS contest 3 competitors are called. One of them from public can enter the house. The one is ‘Kashif Quereshi‘.
Rani Mukherjee comes to wish all the best to this contestant. She hugs Salman, came to promote her movie Aiyya.

She promotes her movie and leaves.
Salman too signs off …. So from tomorrow Every Night at 9:00 your dinner date with Bigg Boss only @ COLORS.


Gulabi Gang Commander sings Rajesthani folk song. Siddhu doesn’t like Hirjee and his antics.

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