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Episode begins with Krish getting up from the breakfast table and asking Surbhi to join him to the office as they have an important meeting but Surbhi tells that she’s not coming to office and Krish is shocked and Namitha shakes Surbhi and asks her to tell who is she really and everyone bursts out laughing. Surbhi asks y are they all overreacting and asks if she has never taken leave and Krish thinks about the instances she took leave and everyone tease Surbhi and Surbhi tells since its leave for Vishal she thought of taking leave and be with him and yashodha nods her head and Surbhi stares at Uma and asks if she can’t work from home for her son and says everyone is creating melodrama unnecessarily.

Krish and Rajan leave to office , Rajni stops him and asks if she can send tiffin to him at office and Rajan teases that krish is going to get special tiffin today and Krish informs that he will be waiting for her at 1 which is the lunch time and both Rajan and Krish leave. At lunch time, Rajan asks Krish about Rajni bringing lunch and krish is worried if rajni is caught up in traffic. The office peon brings lunch and Krish asks if only tiffin has come and peon asks if anything else was supposed to come and Rajan says somebody was supposed to come.

Krish and Rajan sit down for lunch. Krish opens the tiffin box one by one and finds only papers labelled as Salad, Roti, Dal, bindi masala in each box and the last box has a paper in which its written to feel the food if not eat it and Rajan asks what did krish do to get such a tiffin and krish thinks about what he told Rajni regarding the mobile. Rajni then comes in with the lunch who says that she can’t keep them hungry. She serves lunch and Rajan gets a call and excuses from there.

Krish asks Rajni to feed him as she came late and if she doesn’t she would ask his personal secretary Sylvi to feed him. Rajni goes out and brings Sylvi and Krish manages that he had called her for dictation and some file and asks her to go. Sylvi leaves and Krish asks what was the need to call Sylvi and Rajni says how could she disobey him. Rajni says that she is from village but not a fool, starts feeding Krish and tells that she wants to tell something and starts that when she closed her eyes, krish gets eager and asks whom she saw, Rajni says that it was not clear and Krish asks her not to joke and meanwhile Rajan comes in and asks him to get ready for the meeting in 5 mins.

Krish asks Rajni to tell, but Rajni acts like she has forgotten whom she saw, Krish leaves for the meeting telling that he’ll deal with her in the evening. Krish and Rajan come back from the meeting and Rajni informs that she waited as he asked to and wanted to continue what she was telling. Krish asks Rajan to go and they would join soon. As Rajan leaves, Krish pulls Rajni and asks her to tell and Rajni tells she wanted to tell whom she saw as soon as possible and both look lost in each other and the peon interrupts and asks them if they want coffee or tea and Krish says that he needs some privacy.

Peon leaves, and krish asks her to tell but Rajni tells that Rajan would be waiting, Krish calls Rajan and asks him to leave and they both would come later and Rajan agrees that its good to talk at office as they can’t get time at home. Krish then holds her hands and tells he can’t wait longer and asks her to tell, Rajni asks if he doesn’t know, Krish tells that he wants to listen from her mouth and Rajni tells that she saw him when she closed her eyes and she loves him so much and Krish asks really and Rajni nods her head and both hug each other. Krish and Rajni reach home and Namitha teases krish that there is something red in his face and Krish realizes its a prank and chases Namitha.

Yashodha calls Rajni and tells that Surbhi gets irritated seeing Uma and Rajni says that she too saw this and would find more about it. Surbhi meanwhile calls Uma and asks what she wants and uma says that she needs money to keep her mouth shut and Surbhi gives her money and asks her to keep quiet and get out. Rajni enters while Uma leaves and Rajni asks if Uma did anything and Surbhi tells this would be the consequence when we appoint ppl without reference and tells that rajni should have consulted them before if she would fit in for their house and then appointed and Rajni says that she would send her out immediately but Surbhi stops her and asks her to inform her next day before doing something like this.

Surbhi comes out of her room and Rajan tells her that she shouldn’t have spoken to Rajni like that and asks what’s wrong in Uma and there should be a reason for that and says something is wrong and asks her to ask sorry to Rajni and Surbhi says sorry to Rajan and Rajan asks her to say sorry to Rajni and not him and Surbhi says she would say sorry but first needs to calm herself and Rajan leaves to Rajni’s room who is in tears.

Rajan asks Sorry on behalf of Surbhi and says he knows that she felt bad and promises that in future such things will not happen. He adds that he wants to tell something important regarding vishal and may be krish forgot to inform her and informs that Vishal is an adopted child and everyone except Vishal knows the truth and asks Rajni not to think much about it and says that Surbhi is possessive about Vishal and hence such behaviour and Rajni asks him not to explain anything and respect for Surbhi has increased and will take care that Surbhi will not be hurt in future.

Krish comes there and pulls Rajni for shopping and Rajni says that she has to cook, Krish asks Rajan to do something and Rajan says that if he cooks everyone else too will go for shopping, Krish tries to make him understand and Rajan tells he was just teasing and asks them to enjoy and tells that he’s taking the entire family on a picnic the next day so that they needn’t find space for privacy at office and Krish is excited and Rajni excuses and Krish says that Rajan has made his path clear for him but needs to shop for that and Namitha comes in hearing shopping and says that she would also join them for shopping and Krish agrees and Namitha leaves to change.

Surbhi comes down lost in thoughts and goes to kitchen as Uma watches her. Surbhi asks Sorry to Rajni and Rajni asks if she’s feeling light hearted after asking sorry and hugs her and uma watches it. Rajni tells that Rajan told everything and she can understand. Vishal comes running asking for food and Rajni tells that she will make whatever he wants and Uma comes and offers to make food for him but Rajni insists that she would make, Uma agrees but adds that Vishal is gold and anyone could love him and Surbhi takes vishal for doing homework and informs Rajni to make pav bhajis for him. Uma tries to leave, but Rajni stops and asks her to cook for others and then thinks that there is something in Surbhi’s mind about Uma and she has to find about it.

PRECAP Krish and Rajni at swimming pool and Krish gives her a gift that he brought for her and asks her to wear it for him. Rajni is shocked to see a swimming costume and then Krish closes his eyes and Rajni blushingly looks at him hiding behind curtains.

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    M lovin this show……..too good…….krish and rajinibala a gr8 jodi….

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    yayyy finaly da day cme wen rajni xcptd dat she luvs krish

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