Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 21st August 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 21st August 2012 Written Update by mimi

Episode starts with Ija talking to Ranveer she wants to kill Kabir as soon as possible. She just needs a shoulder to fire the gun. Ranveer asked who? Ija was going to answer but as a servant came to them to say breakfast is ready ija couldn’t say further.

Gattu asked Kabir why Gunny doesn’t smile? Kabir answered when they will be back from school he will make her smile. He asked Aditi if she has any idea but Aditi replied as he found the plan the idea should be found by him. Kabir said if he succeeds to make Ginny smile she will have to do whatever he will say.

Jia, Pia, Gattu and Ginny were sitting together. Jia was reading story to others. Gattu said he has got bore with these stories as he has listed it so many times. Kabir entered saying he is gonna tell a story but he needs Aditi. Gattu dragged Aditi to the room and Kabir started to say the story.

Kabir ended the story with a cliffhanger and said he had forget rest of the story and went out of the room. Others followed him to the garden to know the story. Kabir spread water on others. Ginny smiled. Aditi did the same to Kabir. They fall on the ground. [A romantic eye lock ]

All of them decided to play hide and seek. Kabir and Aditi will find others. Jia,Pia, Ginny ang Gattu went to hide. Ija saw Ginny standing in front of a box. She went to her room to get the key. Ginney touch the box and got vision some one locking it. Ginny went to other place to hide. Gattu hid inside the box. Ija came out and saw some one entered the box. Thinking Ginny is inside she locked it and flashed the key in the bathroom.

In the box Gattu was trying to open it but failed.

Kabir and Aditi found all the kids but Gattu. Seeing Ginny there with others she realized she had locked Gattu inside.

Precap: Kabir trying to open the box with a hammer.

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