Chhan Chhan 11th April 2013 Written Update

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Chhan Chhan 11th April 2013 Written Update by supriya

Chhan Chhan 11th April 2013 Written Episode

UB=Uma Ben
M= Manav
H= Himanshu
S= Simple

The show starts with UB entering her house, feeling all happy. One of her Bahus ( the stupid one) gives her ‘jhaas’. UB tries to explain her achievement today( which her bahu fails to understand).
In the adventure trip, CC,her Bro and S go inside the jungle where they spot a person taking snakes away. CC stops him and tells him the thing he’s doing is not right. The guy tells her that he earns 1000rs and thats his livelihood. CC gives him 1000rs and takes the snake away. Manav sees her giving the money to the guy and taking the snake in return and he wonders what she is doing.

Back in UB’s house, one of her Bahus feels lazy to do the work. She makes a Bahaana and hands over the work to the senior Bahu. ( Skipping this part)
In the camp, manav is having a nap when himanshu asks him to come outside for the camp fire. he refuses. Just then himanshu shouts. There is a snake on Manav’s blanket (Seems like manav is a magnet for all kinds of animals ) He stays still till the snake goes away. he looks out of his tent and sees CC and Simple laughing and talking and assumes her to be the one who sent the snake inside his tent ( This is a misunderstanding). He vows to take revenge. ( Ek baar jo maine commitment kardi to fir maine apne kutte ki bhi nahi sunta! ) .
In the campfire, all of them play a game organised by rugved ( CC’s Bro) He has a bowl of chits which ahs names of all the campers. the one whose name appears has to do a task. First its himanshu’s turn. Simple gives him a task. he says a shayari ( Which was quite funny) Next is Rugved, then manav. CC gives the task ( As the precap) She tells her to romance Anaarkali (Pyaar hua Iqraar hua hai.. Pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil) Manav bites his teeth, clenches his jaw and finally does that. Finally its CC’s turn. himanshu gives her the task of telling her ‘dil ki baat’ to Manav. She is uncomfortable at first but then stands up. They both stand in front of each other and stare straight into each other’s eyes. ( Awesome shot) . CC’s lines were something like this.
“Dil karta hai ki in aankhon se dimaag me utar jau
Suna wahaan jagah bhaut khaali hai, ek baar zara dekh kar to aau”
They both give murderous looks to each other.

Precap- CC enters the tent and someone wearing a mask scares her.( Probably its Manav). Anaarkali runs away and CC chases her. She enters deep into the jungle and finally finds Anarkali but slips and falls down the slope. her scream is heard by Manav ( And hence the love story starts )

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  1. aki
    April 15, 01:14 Reply

    gud mrng friends…… is in 10^th position this week……n hve a nice day……… 😉 😎

  2. sanjana
    April 14, 12:45 Reply

    the lines said by chan chan to manav wre amazing!

    • leylamdb
      April 17, 10:21

      what does those lines mean ?

  3. preeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    April 14, 05:59 Reply

    Hai frnds gud aft.noooon……

    ****************”“”””””””(HAPPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR)PUTHAANDU NALVANAKANGAL MATRUM VAAZHTUKKAL “”””””””””””””””” HAPPPPPPPY VISHU “”””””””””””””” HAPPY BENGALI NEW YEARRRRRRRRRR”””””””””””””””” *************

  4. শুভ বাংলা নববর্ষ , বন্ধুরা !
    (ShUvo bAngla noBo borsho, bondhura!)
    [Happy bengali new year, frndz!]

  5. ZQ
    April 13, 18:00 Reply

    HI frnds.Hw r u all?Here alot of new frnds.yamuna,abi,kanch me 2 missd u so much.i m fine nd my life is going well.what abt ur,s my frnds????

    what abt all of ur families?

    ok take care frnds good bye c u all soon………..

  6. jiya
    April 13, 11:09 Reply

    hello…..chanchan fans how r u all???
    Sanaya is looking so preety nice work done by sanaya….keep it up….. manav is also ok…..i hope k sanaya yeh jodi bhi ker dey ge….

  7. preeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    April 13, 10:14 Reply

    aki dr /farss dr wen u cum plz chck my cmts in ipkknd okay….. 😉 … miss u bth toooo much …..

    eashel,sheeza aajkal tum dhono ki cmts mujhe nhi dekha … miss u drs….

    jeeea get well sooooon …..

  8. kanch
    April 13, 08:09 Reply

    hello friends gud evening!!!!

  9. preeeeeeeeeeee
    April 13, 07:58 Reply

    hmmmmmmm Yamuna akka manchan ????? , nice akka …….. wat abt chanav ??????? Arvi n arshi lover

  10. pree
    April 13, 07:49 Reply

    Haiiiiiiii frnds Gud Evng Hw r u allllll????????

    superb epi at thursday………..hih really during deir game,d scene of snake hehehe……. 😆 ….. nice going ……….. bt v hav 2 wait 4 3 days dis not at alllllll nice…………. DIRECTOR JI KRUPYA AAP SCHEDULE PADALNAAAAAAA…….AUR HUM SAB 4 DIN SCHEDULE BUS TEEK NHI NHI NHI ……………………. V WANT 6 DAYS KAM SE KAM 5 DIN ………….

    • kanch
      April 13, 08:10

      gud evening finehru????

  11. pihu
    April 12, 13:18 Reply

    oh noooo..dere is no cc today.and dere is no repeat telicast of full week episods of cc on sony..

  12. ZQ
    April 12, 13:04 Reply

    Hi my cute frnds.Hwr u all????yamuna,sumon,heart,achu,kanch,preethi,hira,jiya,preety,honey,anjana nd all my oder dear frnds………..

    • abi
      April 12, 14:06

      hiiiiiiiii zq it has been a very long time

    • kanch
      April 13, 08:13

      hiiiiii zani hru dr??? hw is life??missed u a lot.

  13. Anu
    April 12, 11:43 Reply

    Hello every1…

    @farss : tum yaha ho… Mai toh tume fb pe doond rahi thi… Hehe

    • asya4ever
      April 12, 11:45

      dear i really came home minute’s ago ,, and there was no1 in qh and i looked for you in fb you were not online so i left ,,,, anu how are u dear?

    • Anu
      April 12, 11:47

      Okkk…. Cum 2qh page..

  14. kanch
    April 12, 11:35 Reply

    Hello farhia aki and yamuna…hru??

    • asya4ever
      April 12, 11:38

      am 5n dear ,, how are u kanch?

  15. asya4ever
    April 12, 11:27 Reply

    omg i thought today there is cc but noooooooooo there is no cc so sad really

    • kanch
      April 12, 11:37

      Nice avatar farhia.

      Why no cc 2day ???

    • asya4ever
      April 12, 11:39

      thanks dear today is friday and cc is mon to thur so today no cc

  16. aki
    April 12, 11:00 Reply

    Ok di see u later…..

  17. aki
    April 12, 10:56 Reply

    Ya di ur rite kal ke epi me manav ki acting me todha sudhar tha……

    • Fan of sarun-a.p[yamuna]
      April 12, 11:00

      And tumne notice kiya, kal doggy se baat karne ke time usne sneezing karna bhul gaya tha, hai na? Aur jaisa ki yeh jo updater ne kaha ki ”manav.. Like magnet for animals” :-P. Bht funny tha woh line.:-D

  18. aki
    April 12, 10:51 Reply

    Di aap ko kya lagta hai sabh kha ho ge…….?
    Pree di ghost ka sath fight kr rhi ho gi n ghost ko gyal kr diya hoga abh takk….:)
    frass di asya ka sapne me khoe ho ge….or neend agyi hogi:)
    anjana ….hmm vo apna name ki tarah forget kr gyi ho gi ham sabh ko:)
    sry guys aagar aapko bura laga i was just kidding….

    • Asya4ever
      April 12, 19:11

      Hehehehehehehehehehe aki v.funny dear i wasnt sleeping at all and wasnt dreaming about asya or anything else am really tired coz today i went out with my friends we went to the beach we were swiming and we had alot of fun dr sorry for late reply and yes i didnt feel bad at all

    • Asya4ever
      April 13, 05:07

      Yes yamuna i really had alot of fun y’day and i enjoyed i ate my fav food pizza and ice cream god it was awesome only you guys were missing to join me and have fun with me dear

  19. aki
    April 12, 10:35 Reply

    Sry ……di i m here……

    • aki
      April 12, 10:43

      What!! Mai phir bhul gyi thi ki aaj nhi ayga………u know di this week trp of cc decrease last week it was 1.4 n this week 0.9

    • Fan of sarun-a.p[yamuna]
      April 12, 10:52

      Aki dear, farhan ka performance kal kuch behtar laga mujhe.. Aur ab ka track bht acha hai. Next week pickup karlegi….

  20. aki
    April 12, 10:27 Reply

    Aaj sabh gye kha……?
    Pree di , frass di.,,chand di,anjana where re u guys……?

  21. aki
    April 12, 10:18 Reply

    Di what u doing……??

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