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CID 20th July 2012 Written Update by Bhavanab

Khoon Khabri Ka – 20th July 2012

Scene 1 :
The episode starts with a man running trying to save himself in the next shot we see Daya sir knocking at someone door and a lady named Sushma opens the door. Suhma’s daughter Chinky comes running to Daya sir and he brings gifts and chocolates for her. .. Daya asks Sushma about Ramesh and she tells he went along with his friend.
Sushma asks why Daya suddenly landed at thir place and he tells he brought a new job for Ramesh. Sushma thanks Daya for whatever he’s done for their family and thanks him for helping Ramesh turn from a criminal to an informer.

Here Ramesh (as it seems) .. is still running try to save himself and hides himself at a place. He calls up someone.
Daya takes leave from Ramesh’s place saying that he’ll talk to Ramesh over phonecall.
Ramesh wonders why Daya isn’t lifting up his phone not knowing that Daya forgot his phone in his car by mistake.

Daya reaches the qualis to find 10 missed calls from Ramesh but when he tries calling back Ramesh doesn’t answer.
Ramesh calls Daya and tells him that his life’s in danger and tell that he’s in the lane just behind his house.

Daya goes out in search of Ramesh. Daya sees someone and starts chasing him.
Ramesh goes and hides himself. Daya wonders where Ramesh must be. Before Ramesh could reach Daya the murderer stabs him with a knife and Ramesh dies.

Scene 2
Data,Abhijeet at Ramesh’s funeral. Abhijeet. Tries consoling Daya who seems really depressed. Daya blames himself for forgetting his mobile in the car thus for Ramesh’s death and vows to punish Ramesh’s murderers at any cost.

Daya reaches Ramesh’s murder spot to find for some clues showing Ramesh’s pics to the nearby people.
Even after constant trial no one recognises him just then one man recognises the pic saying he saw this man the night before and that he seemed in tension. The man tells that amongst all the people he manages to recognise one person

Scene 3
CID bureau : A new cop is introduced into the team Roma who’s joined as a trainee. CID’s informer comes in telling that he’s got info regarding a drug racket.
Ddaya brings the sketch and the informer recognises him as Satish aka Guddu and gives his address.

Scene 4
Daya along with Freddy and Purvi arrive at Guddu’s place. Daya has a man call Guddu and come back to his place immediately. Daya gets to know he’s at the barber shop nearby and Daya leaves for there immediately.

Daya takes Guddu into custody and asks him to tell the truth. He’s about to beat Guddu when Abhijeet comes in at that moment saying that Guddu is his Informer. Abhijeet tries to defend Guddu saying he might not have commited the crime saying that when the murder happened he was in Cheekuvadi and talking to Abhijeet on phone. Abhijeet tells Guddu to go home immediately.

Daya starts for Guddu and follows him to a spot where Guddu suddenly stops and tries calling someone. Daya again continues his following trail. And follows Guddu into a suspectful place. Guddu stops his bike and goes somewheere. Daya comes there as well.

Here in the bureau the team is wondering why Daya was behaving like that. Abhijeet recieves a call from Guddu who calls him to Sunder Nagar godown.

Here Guddu is seen going somewhere in the building and Daya following him.
Abhijeet comes to the spot as well. He calls up Guddu but no one replie
Abhijeet enters the building and hears a bullet sound They chase the sound to see Daya going somewhere Abhijeet feels Guddu might be in danger and goes out in search for him. While looking for Guddu, Shreya finally finds Guddu dead on the phone.
Abhijeet suspects Daya for Guddu’s murder.

Abhijeet calls up Daya asking him where he is and orders him to come to the bureau immediately.
Abhiijeet is waiting for the Daya in the bureau when Daya finally enters.
Abhijeet and Daya have a face off where Abhijeet asks Daya where he went. Daya replies he had some work in Andheri when Abhijeet contradicts him asking why he killed Guddu.
Daya says that he didn’t kill Guddu even though he still suspected Guddu.
Abhijeet asks him why he was follwing Guddu to which Daya asks him to stop interfering in his matters. Daya and Abhijeet almost get into a fight when ACP comes and stops them and calls them to his table.

Daya is enquiring in Ramesh and Guddu’s chawl about them. He seems a man sitting somewhere and asks if he knoew Ramesh or Guddu and asks for his help. The man refuses saying even he might be killed for helping. Daya lifts up that man in anger and we’re surprised to see it’s Freddy and Abhijeet comes and stops him.
Abhijeet and Daya again start fighting over their informers.
Abhijeet starts blaming Daya again for Guddu’s murder. Daya asks why would he kill someone just like that to which Abhijeet replies he can do anything just because of anger.

Some distance back a man’s seeing laghing, Shreya (in disguise) notices and signals Vineet to follow him.
The man reahces a place and calls someone up while Vineet follows him. The man calls up someone that he’s been successful in making duo fight. The man on phone calls him to some place and Vineet gets to know of the place.

Vineet,Freddy and Shreya reach the place the man was speaking about on phone and enter the godown section and suddely the man and his team lock it from outside. Freddy tells Vineet and Shreya to check if there’s any other way out. Suddenly the whole area starts filling with poisonous gas.

Just at that time Abhijeet enters. A man from the gang tries shooting him but Abhijeet shoots at him instead and manages to gorce the gang to open the shutter of the godown section.

He asks the man who at one point said that Guddu was the one following Ramesh whether he’s the one who killed them both. The man pleads guilty saying that he did have a role but all this wasn’t his plan.

Scene :

A godown where a man has been kept tied. The man who Abhijeet caught rushes in saying CID’s coming and they should leave. This man (who originally was thought of as CID’s informer) says he’ll kill the informer of ACP. Abhijeet enters in time. The man tries to escape with keeping ACP’s informer as hostage but is finally caught.

Confession :
The man confesses that he wanted to kill all the informers of CID because it was due to these people that he couldn’t do any wrong acts. He admits he faked being a CID informer so that he could continue his wring deeds safely. He wanted to kill Guddu because he got to know of his deeds.
ACP tells that they understood his plan of making the cops fight immediately after he killed Guddu.
ACP says that he lost hus chance of changing into a good human and deserves to be hanged.

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