D3 Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2012 Written Update

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D3 Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2012 Written Update by asmaju

At the rehearsal hall Rey and Taani were having a intense moment with Tujko jo paya in the background.Taani moves out of the rehearsal hall smiling..
At her residence she was freighting with the light on and off thinking about what had just happened.A new day begins when Swayam knocks the door of her room and enters having two cups of Coffee in his hand.He hands over one to Taani.He tells her she is running late of her routine and asks will she be late to college.She replies with a yes.Swayam says he is starting to college now ,He also tells her that she can tell him any issues if she has one..Taani says to Swayam that he cant hide his feeling by acting atleast in front of his sister.

Swayam says,We will handle it.Taani asks confused We to which he replies mai tum aur Rey and everyone else.Its at a very delicate note.Rey is very tensed and hyper now.Don’t worry we will handle ourselves..

Rey is at his home thinking about what had happened.He kind of realizes his feelings towards Taani.He thinks should he call her or not.He also feels feels that Swayam is his friend and Taani is Swayam’s sister.The thoughts are broken by a call from Vicky who asks him where he is as he didnt come yet.Rey tells Sorry to him and tells he will come soon..Vicky asks rests of the guys to do their warm up section.

Swayam is at the college terrace performing his workout at the top out the tank.He remembers his talk with Rey the previous night and also about Sharon.Vicky and guys comes to the terrace and speaks in a bit different attitude with Swayam.Swayam replies back to him.(I personally loved his replies to Vicky).

Rey comes up and asks what are they doing here.swayam tells they were asking him why is he not helping.Rey tells them that if he is not interested then so let it.He asks them why did they come up at and Nilesh tell him back that he came let.The boys move out..Rey and Swayam hug each other…

The boys are at the rehearsal hall.Vickys says being the sports captain He does not know to play Basket Ball.Rey asks which Rule book has that the sports captain must know each and every game.They are worried that they do not have a substitute.Swayam enters and says that Welhams is not only going to play but also they are going to stay there with them and the whole team will have to stay in the college premises. Rey tells then they are treating this Basket Ball match at professional level.Rey asks how does Swayam know about it and he tells Rey’s phone was not reachable and so Taani had called and informed him..Rey feels now Taani is avoiding him..

Misunderstandings between Taani and Rey.Boys practicing at the court and Rey feels that they will not be able to win.

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