D3 Dil Dosti Dance 27th August 2012 Written Update

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D3 Dil Dosti Dance 27th August 2012 Written Update by prachin10

D3 Dil Dosti Dance 27th August Written Episode

Dazzlers were warming up for the face off and were saying that we will ROCK IT today…!!!
Weaklings also warming up with Neha saying that we will have to win today. swayam thinks that i’m doing this just because Sharon wants it.
Taani comes and tells him that i know you don’t want all the best as you never want Sharon bhabhi to lose. then he says to her that ask your Krishna ji to do something so that we all become friends again.
Bharat says “faad denge” and they all say to Swayam that say it. Swayam first don’t say it but finally says that “fa..faad denge”

meanwhile in medical room Rey was having a hard time bandaging his wound on his back. taani comes and takes the bandage from him. rey says that do u have a habit of coming whenever i’m trying to bandage my wounds? she says that maybe Krishna ji wants me to look after you. like to mintor you. Rey says that you don’t need to monitor me. Leave it andf go. she says that i won’t gountil i bandage your wounds and starts saying that even thought you are not able to do it you will try it and Rey gets lost in her. When she was done Rey says that there are some wounds that no matter what gets worse day after day.

AVP and Shivam were talking and AVP says to Shivam that we have fit many cameras here as if it will become a war we will have it recorded and wars are of course not good for students.
VP says that i’m still not able to understand that why are we doing this face of!!! And asks AVP that is she sure it will result in something good?
She says that yes..ot will definitely do it.

the croud cheers then and DAZZLERS and WEAKLINGS enter..!!!!!
Shivam comes then and spins a bottle to start the face off with DAZZLERS.

They comes against each other…Rey and Swayam comes and starts dancing together and smiling. everyone cheers for them seeing them together. Both the teams think that why are they dancing together? what are they doing?
Rey., Nilesh and Vicky dance then and Bharat and Amar says that we want to dance with them. swayam, takes them and all the boys start dancing together.
Simmi and rinni takes neha with them and Rey takes sharon and then the whole group dance together. everyone cheers for them…!!!!!!

AVP gets shocked to see this and asks the VP that what are they doing? VP says that they are showing them as the idols of the college as a team.

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  2. Sana
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    There was precap in which sharon said she needs time taani n rey was in gud touch but shivam came n kept his hand around her shoulder

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