Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 15th November 2012 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 15th November 2012 Written Update by shruti

The episode begins with the Detas and Asurs fighting,as Brmahadev,Narad look on almost fed up.Meanwhile Vishnu in his Mohini avatar appears before them with the Amrut in her hand.Both Bali and Indradev offer her a highest post in thier courts if she gives them the Kalash.She says she will give the Amrit to both.Indradev asks where did she get it from and the Three asurs come from behind.On seeing them the Asurs and Devtas start fighting again.Mohini stops them and says if they continue to fight she will upturn the Amrit back into the sea,either that or she will distribute it to them.The Asurs and Devtas agree.

At Kailash Mahadev is explaining to Parvati how someone can be so greedy that in his greed he forgets that Bhagwan Vishnu himself is standing in front of them.

The Devtas stand in a line and Mohini is about to give it to Indradev when an Asur raises objections that they should get it first.Surya dev tips them off and says they shouldn’t get upset as they will be getting the Amrit anyways.Bali asks the Asurs to calm down.

Mohini begins to give the Devtas Amrit,while Rahu disguises himself as a Devta and stands besides Surya and Chandradev(btw-all of them have glasses(cold drink hai kya?).Mohini serves Rahu Amrut but before he drinks it Chandra and Surya Dev alert everyone that he is an Asur and not a Devta.Mohini gets angry and comes back into her orignal form of Vishnu as Rahu gulps the Amrit down.But before it goes below his throat Vishnu swiftly cuts his head of with his Sudarshan Chakra.An angry Rahu(technicaly his head) curses Surya and Chandradev that he will never forgive them.Rahu leaves and along with him Chandra and Surya.

At Kailash Rahu,Surya and Chandra appeal to Mahadev for a solution.Mahadev tells them that all three of them are equally at fault.Rahu beacuse he in his desperation tried to fool Narayan and have Amrit despite the fact that he was going to get some anyways.While Surya and Chandradev should have on thier part understood Rahus desperation,the Asurs were unfairly treated from the very start of the SamudraManthan.Hence both of them will be equally punished.He tells Rahu,now that you already had Amrit,hence forth your head will be known as Rahu and your body as Ketu.For Surya and Chandradev,they will be eclipsed by Rahu,plunging them into complete darkness.Chandra and Surya get upset and begin to tell Mahadev that he is unfair.Parvati shouts at them and tells them to hear Mahadev first before reaching conclusions. Mahadev continues and says this darkness will only be for a certian period of time and will take place periodically.

At Ksheersagar Vishnu is livid with the Asurs.Maharaj Bali says that he was leading the Asurs and hence he is responsible towards thier actions,and asks for forgiveness.He says thier punishment is that they will forgo taking the Amrit.The other Asurs are agitated as the Devtas are pleased.Vishnu says that for what the Asurs did they will not get any Amrit and all of it will be given to the Devtas.Shukracharya is shocked and unhappy at the proceedings.

Vishnu,Bramhadev and co leave.

Chandra and Suryadev arrive and tell the Devtas of how Mahadev gave them justice.Shukrachrya leaves to meet Mahadev.

Mahadev expresses his concern to Parvati about how the fact that the Devtas have the Amrit will give rise to a lot of troubles when Shukrachrya arrives.

Shukrachrya admits that his students are wrong at times and he tries his best to stop them,but today they have been denied of something that was their right. Mahadev has always been fair and hence he looks at him for help.The Devtas will now leave no stone turned to make the Asurs life miserable,now that the Asurs have no Amrit.He being Asur Guru worries for his students.

Mahadev tells Shukrachrya that he is great guru and assures him that he will do justice to the Asurs.As Shukrachrya leaves Parvati asks Mahadev what will he do?.Mahadev smiles.

At Ksheersagar Indradev and Gang(Agni and Vayu included) are instulting the Asurs on not getting the Amrit.Bali quietly says that today they won,one day even they will loose.Indra scoffs him and says that the Asurs should now do Seva for the Devtas and now the Devtas are superior to them.Bali listens silently(urghhh Indradev-in this one scene you feel awfully bad for the Asurs).

Just then Mahadev appears in the form of a Yaksha.Indradev and Bali look surprised to see him.

Indradev asks the Yaksha to look down and not stare at him with such pride-doesnt he know who he is.The Yaksha nods a NO,Indradev says Bramha,Vishnu and Mahesh all call me Devtaon Ke Raaja Indradev.Indradevs newly appointed Chelas aka Vayu and agni ask the Yaksha to touch Indradevs feet and aplologise.Mahadev disguised as the Yaksha says yes,but only if he can lift this twig.He can lift the world like a tiny twig,if Indradev is so great he should be able to do it too.Indradev looks stunned.

Indradev touches the twig and is thrown back.Indradev asks who is he.Parvati comes from behind and explains(sorry do not remeber the exact words)that he is the one,he supreme power without whom there is no life,he is Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.Indradev looks stunned as Bali and the Asuras join hands in respect.

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