Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 24th October 2012 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 24th October 2012 Written Update by mnx12

Mahishasur tells Kartikeya he has come to kill him. Kartikeya says he is born to kill Asuras. Mahishasur says no one can kill me. I want to take your mother with me. Krtikeya warns him not to speak anything against his mother. Mahishasur says you have promised your father that you wont take a weapon in your hand, you can try killing me. I have boon that no man can kill me. Paravti asks Kartikeya to wait, she only will go & talk to Mahishasur. She goes infront of him, he tells her your beauty is tempting me, I’ll kill Kartikeya & take you to our Rajmahel. He throws power but she stops it. He is impressed, says our power will be an advantage for me. She tells him I am aware of all your deeds, you have been torturing all the women. Mahishasur says wait, I’ll fulfill my promise given to Vajrang. Will kill Kartikeya first. Parvati says a mother can not tolerate seeing his child in trouble.
Mahishasur challenges her to fight if she looses she’ll have to come to her. Parvati accepts his challenge says in this war he is bound to loose. She takes her Durga form. Kartikeya is shocked seeing her mother’s form rembers her running behind him. Mahishasur is shocked too . Now she appears with 2 hands, with sward in her hand. Mahishasur attacks her with sward, she stops him. He creats & throws many arrows on her but she stops them with her shield. He creats many stones, throws on her, but she stops them with the power of her angry eyes, returns them, they hit Mahishasur.
Now he takes his Mahish form, comes running to attack her. Durgama’s vahan Lion appears, both Lion & Mahish fight. Lion throws Mahishasur out. Mahishasur come out of Mahish’s body half Asur & half Mahish, runs toward her. Parvati takes her Aadi Shakti form, Durgama, riding on Lion, she attacks him, Mahishasur falls down, she tells him, your anger was troubling people, you are any way bound to end one day. My anger is for ending injustice. Whenever anyone torments women, troubles weak, I’ll take this form to end them. Kartikeya seems happy & surprised seeing his mother.
You always thought women are weak, can never kill you but fool, a woman is full of power she can give birth to a life, Mahishasur remembers that rishi kanya’s curse. Durgama tells him you thought no woman can kill you but that will happen today. Durgama in her anger kills Mahishasur with her Trishul.
Shivji appears there. Paravti comes back in her original form. She tells Shivji to punish Mahishasur she had to accept his challenge, which was unacceptable for a woman. She apologises to him Shivji approves of her act of killing Mahishasur, she has not made any mistake. You are Aadi Shakti, can never be wrong. You have fulfilled your responsibalities of a mother & wife.
Vishnuji, Brhmaji, with Lakshmiji, Saraswatiji appear there. Vishnuji says, you are Jagat-janani in true sense, being a mother, being called a mother is easy, but fulfilling a mother’s responsibality is more important. Lakshmiji says you have fulfilled a mother’s responsibalityvery well. You have proven, the toughest problem can be solved with proper conduct.
Saraswatiji too praises Parvat for her efforts to protect her children.
Brhmaji says Shakti swarupa, Mahishasur Mardini, you have used your Shakti in the right direction. Naradji says you are great mate, you have used your Shakti correctly.

Precap: Shivji tells Kartikeya, you can not leave without knowing ther reality of your mother. Shakti is divided as MahaKali, MahaLakshmi, MahaSaraswati, each one taking 3 forms. They are your mother’s Nav-Durga forms.

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