Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 27th September 2012 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 27th September 2012 Written Update by shruti.nil

The episode begins with the Kritikas and Parvati appealing to Mahadev to make a decision-who is greater the birth mother or the one who looks after the child.Mahadev replies,even greater than the birth mother is the one who looks after it.Parvati is heartbroken to hear the decision while the Kritikas are pleased.

Mahadev explains-that with birth one becomes a mother naturally,however when there is no blood relation between the mother and child,a greater amount of effort has to be taken to establish a bond,and for someone to take another persons child making them thier own is greater than a birth mother.The Kritikas are pleased with the decision as Parvati cries silently.

Then the other two mothers appear-Ganga and Prthivi and say that if a foster mother has greater right over the birth mother than they have a right towards the 6 children too,as they too protected him.Parvati is stunned(poor thing already she had to share her kid with six and now with two more..).The Kritikas are equally stunned. Ganga asks Mahadev,there are six children and nine claimants for mothers-what are you going to do.Mahadev smiles and says-then i will distribute them into 9 pieces,one for each mother.Parvati and the Kritikas look stunned and Ganga and Prthivi applaud his decision.

Mahadev is about to divide the children when the Kritikas plead for him to stop,they cannot see this happen to this children. Ganga tells them if you cannot bear the thought of anything happening to your child,then what about Parvati?she has given birth to them, doesn’t she feel the pain too?.Parvati looks at her sister smilingly(Big Sister to the Rescue-thats what Didis are for) for supporting her,as the Kritikas apologize for being so selfish not to realize that Parvati too has a right towards the child. Parvati is pleased.

At Swarga Takki is yelling at his sons saying that all their Shiv Bhakti is of no use,now that Shivas sons are born he has limited time left,all thanks to them-they didnt even try to fight for him.Takki decides to kill them,and raises his sword to chop of their necks but realizes that Mahadev himself will come to save them. Vidhyunmali says that those children cannot kill you,as he and his brothers explain-the boon was the he was to be killed by only ONE child and not SIX,the powers of the child have been divided,hence they will be defenseless in front of Takki(inme itni akkal kaha se aayi?).Takki is pleased and gives his trademark asur laug(damn im going to miss this once he has gone ).

Ganga is pleased that now not only did she become a bother,but a Maasi too and says now that all the mothers of the child are there lets name the six children. Mahadev smiles and says they arent six but only one as everyone looks surprised.He says since the birth process went opposite to what it was supposed to be,the child got divided into six parts in the process,however they are one,and thier strength is in being made one.Mahadev uses his powers and makes them into one child.

And hence gives them thier names-
Guhu-as he is a personification of Mahadev and all his elements
Skanda-he being born to Parvati
Being Gangas son he will be called Kumar(blooper here he is called Gangeya)
and finally he was protected and nurtured by the Kritikas,and hence will be Known as KARTHIKEYA
everyone is happy,as the head Kritika hands over Kartikeya to Parvati.
Parvati takes him smilingly as Mahadev strokes the head of his new born son(awww…happy family..)

Parvati is leaving with Kartikeya,Mahadev stops her and tells her,that she will have to leave her son behind with the Kritikas for their betterment,and keep him with them for a few days.Parvati says she doesnt agree to his decision.

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