Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 29th October 2012 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 29th October 2012 Written Update by Killer_Shark

Kartikeya promises his father that he would go south to slay the asuras.
Then he moves towards Nandi, and as he was about to touch Nandi’s feet Nandi stops him. Kartikeya apologies to him of his careless act. He also says that Nandi’s courage will always motivate him and they embrace each other and so does the gan-prayts.
(looks like CVs are indeed reading our complaints about Nandi being turned as a cry baby- And now we dn’t find Nandi crying rivers on drop of a hat)

Then Kartikeya gets back to his father and touches his feet.. Shiv with a heavy heart utters ‘Kalyan ho’ and embraces his son with a teary eye struggling to let out his emotions of seeing his son go (OMG! Mohit is extra ordinary when it comes to subtle expressions Kudos to the hunk)
Now a Kartikeya takes his mother’s blessing who is already in tears… Kartikeya moves on giving one last glance at his father.
He is stopped by a voice ‘Kumar!’ as he turns back to see as to who it was, he finds all the prayt-gans with an apple on their heads saying that lets do it one last time (here they where referring to the dart game which Kartikeya used to play when he was a kid)
Nandi gets him a stone to play the game… Kartikeya aims the stone towards them then all of a sudden he pelts the stone on the tree and many pomegranates fruits fall and prayt-ganas collect them… Shiv is happy to see this.(Lolz all these days they where living under a pomegranate tree I didnt know that!)
Kartikeya leaves the place on his peacock.
Mahadev telepathically warns Kartikeya that he is going to cross many hurdles at south, he says his blessings are always with his son.

At swarg lok all the devtas are discussing with devguru and Naradji about Indr’s dirty plan, that plan which he has kept a secret even with them.
They are perplexed over the order that hadn’t yet given to them for the attack to which Dev guru says that its not them, but the Indriyonko sena that is going to be in action.
5 Of the Gyan indriyan and 5 Karmindryan.
Gyan Indryan – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
these are those indryans (sens) by which sansar(world) and srishti (creation) get a gateway for any person . By means of these Gyan indraians, our mind experiences the creation.
Karm Indryans- speech, hands, feet, anus and genitals
The effect of the existence is seen cause of the action of these Indriyans.
And the person whose sens become delirious is destined to get defeated.
Dev Guru says, if he wins over these Indriyans he will win and if that doesn’t happen…? he is just too shocked to even think about the consequences.

Kartiekya is flying high in the sky on his vahan… the peacock experiences some technical pb and moves in a violent manner making Kartikeya fall down.

At Kailash Mahadev and Parvati devi are observing this.. at that moment Naradji appears and complaints to Shiva that Dev raj Indr has lost his mind! And informs them that Indr has attacked Kartikeya with all the ten Indriyans.

All are shocked!
Devi Parvati gets up saying that Dev Raj has to pay for this.
Shiv asks Parvati devi to calm down and not to worry as their son is capable of handling any situation…

Kartiekya gets up and finds himself surrounded by 10 men
He asks them who where they and why did they attack him? dev raj indr is watching all this hiding behind a tree sucha ‘L’ he is (I really feel it for this kid yaar.. poor thing e had to go through so much at that age)
Moving on… They introduce themselves as Gyan Indrya and Karm Inrdya
They says that he might even when an impossible war in the physical world but fighting them is going to an impossible task for him.
They says that they reside inside each person and it is only they who decided if a person wins or gets defeated. and they challenge him
But Kartikeya is ready to fight them – he stands with his sword in his hands and with a fearsome eye of a tiger.

First five Indryans attack Kartikeya with their swords, Kartikeya pushes them away with great force and fights with individual ones with great valor.
But again he finds himself in between them…

Shiva is shown witha serine smile on his face at Kailash.

Kartikeya leaves his sword and closes his eyes…
and sees those Indriyans not as human but as entities – just as mare elements that can be overcome with firm resolve.

Oh yeh! he has to be dynamic after all he is THE most awaited one in the histroy he is Deva di deva Mahadev and Mata Parvati’s son!
So Kartikeya by his wisdom and divine powers binds all the Indrias with a magical ropeand Indr is socked to see this.

At Kailash Devi Parvati (has just one dialogue today I guess!) Dev raj Indr has to pay for this!
When Mahadev calls her name to calm her down she says that isn’t he agreeing to the fact that Dev raj has attacked their son…
Mata Parvati is supper upset about this .. seeing his wife in that mood Shiva gets up and makes her understand that it is natural to get upset on such thing, but we have to learn that its our enemy who makes us realize our inabilities and defects. He also adds a very profound thought that Indr’s insecurity was very much needed in the growth and perfection of Kartiekya.

Hadn’t that happened Karikeya wouldn’t have got those quests about his self- his existence and reason of his birth.

The Indriyans apologies to Kartikeya… Kartikeya tells that they all had the pride that they could control anybodies life.. and now see I (Kartikeya) have controlled my sens and defeated you all. Now tell me who has won and who has lost!

They pray to Ind dev to protect them (saying ‘Hey Indr dev humari raksha kijiye’) where as Indr is lolz is super scared to hear that his secret is out!

Kartikleya is shocked to hear that Indr dev was behind all this… and his doubt was cleared after hearing Indr dev’s name from them.

Inrd dev goes to the battle ground and as soon as he goes their Kartikeya unbinds all the Indriyans (Sucha a sensible lad he is yaar.. very in-depth meaning this very scene had!)
They again apologies to Kartikeya and vanish.

Kartikeya says that who so ever walks in the path prescribed by Mahadev, who so ever
is blessed by Mahadev – they are not enslaved by their sens but they rule over their sens.
He also warns the repercussion that this attack which he(Indr) as made on him would lead to unthinkable damage and consequence upon him!

But Kartikeya says that he would never want to disrupt the growth and peace of swarg lok.. he says that Indr can never be his enemy cause..(and now comes the whistle -some dialogue) “Mahadev and Parvati putr’s thinking cannot be so lessened and stiffened” He mounts his vahan and says “I am going, and there is no reason left for his insecurity. Go and take care of your thrown, I dnt wish for it! ”
Indr has a sheepish expression pasted all this time… then as Kartikeya goes away he has an wicked smile on his face.

Back at Patal lok, Shukracharya is smelling a conspiracy from Takki’s father’s brain..
He in his mind says to Shukracharya “You have sympathy for Mahadev’s family eh? get ready to hear some upsetting news of them- till Kamlash, Visyun mali come!”

Changu, Mangu and Tingu are seriously praying to Mahadev where Chakri along with a few asur worrier appear and they disguise themselves as devas and destroy the pillars beside CMT, but still not successful in his motive.. he again blows wind on them disturbing their penance. They are shocked to know that devtas have disrupted their meditation… They are confused as to why diid the devtas do that..but this event did made the devats an element of their (CMT’s) disgust.

At Kailsh Mahadev says that Indr has become an instrument by destiny to make their son capable and independent to which Devi Parvati says that he is too kind, but also warns that the next time she wont let Indr go unpunished.

Shiv explains “Parvati, a boat in an ocean cannot drawn untilthe water completely fills it similarly how much every we are at fault and even if we are surrounded by negative and non manifested thoughts, no one can drawn us till the time we stop those negativity to enter us.”
“I dont focus on the disbelief that I have on Indr but the belief that I have on our son “he further continues

Bhasmasur has become a potential danger for the Trinity (Tridev)
On Mahadev’s blessing Brug a.k.a Bhasmasur has become a menace on the earth.

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