Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 5th October 2012 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 5th October 2012 Written Update by Killer_Shark

Mahadev consoles devi Parvati saying that this moment where Kartikeya refuses to call Parvati as Mom was inevitable, because of the distance that was there between them and their son.
He tells her that Kartikeya needs time and with time and maturity in his thoughts and words, he would understand things better.

Takki is fuming over the defeat of his senapati- ‘Badvanal’, yet he says that he wont get effected by that.
Takki then asks his sons to get ready for a war against Shiv. But they refuse this offer saying that they wont let their hard earned boon go away so easily.
Takki then says that he wont be weak even i his sons leave him.

Back at Kailash.. Shiv and Kartikeya stand at the top of a cliff and there is a beautiful waterfall scenery on the back..

He says that its time for him(Kartikeya) to know the reason behind his birth. He also tells his son that it can only be possible if he alone wants to face the reality and motive of his life.
Dearest daddy gives his son the freedom to take his own decisions to know about the reason behind his birth(udeshy).

Kartikeya instantly replies that he would want to know about the truth behind his birth.
Shiva then puts his hand lovingly over his son’s head and says that, before the motive of his life (jeevan ka udeshy) he first needs to know the reason behind his birth (utpatti ka karan).

Then Shiva closes his eyes and a beam of bright light from his forehead illuminates a part of the sky. Then Shiva again creases his sons head affectionately.
In that very illuminated light we see a screen which shows Takki’s tapasya as Shiv narrates Takki’s history about how he got the boon of getting death by the hands of the son of Shiva.

And by that boon he became fearless and in ignorance he misused his knowledge and the boon. He also informs that the asuras made umpteen tries to stop his (Kartikeyas) birth and when they failed in their plan they tried to get read of him.
Then Shiva reviles that for his(Kartikeya) safety sake he left him with Kritikas

Then the scenes is shown in the divine -heavenly TV where Takki says that ‘Now Shiv and Parvati’s end is near!’

Kartikeya is shocked to hear this.
lolz OMG how many times will Mahadev crease his sons HEAD! CVS we know Kartikeya is Shiva’s son,.. we dnt need proofs! Gosh had this story occurred in this age.. we would have seen even DNA reports here, eh guys?!
So Shiva tries to calm Kartikeya after his hearing such things about his parents.

He says that the whole world is waiting for him to act and that is only possible with his help.

Shiva says “only you can fight him son!”
Kartikeya is kinda scared of hearing the word ‘Fight’
Kartikeya says that he is still very young and that asur looks so cruel, huge and merciless. He says he wont fight with the asur.
Shiva says with a smile on his face, that it is foreordained that he has to fight and its his duty to free the world from the clutches of the evil asura.

Kartikeya innocently asks that all this is just because he is his son!
Shiva says, no not just because of that , but he is capable of doing it.
But Kartikeya refuses to go by his daddies explanation.

Takki is again doing his Tapasya on one foot to woo Brhma dev…
The devas are perplexed on seeing Takki doing the tapasya again!
Narad rishi explains it to them that Takki is unsecured of Kartikeya and putting his evil plans in work starting with the Laghu tapasya

Indr dev is afraid that Brhma dev might give Takki a boon that again would stop them from getting their swarglok.

Naradiji says that Brhmadev has to give Takki the boon which he wishes for as its the basic rule between a bhakt and Bhagvan.

At Kailash:
All the ganas are lazing around. Then one of the ganas is flustered and runs off, this is observed by the others and they are confused on to why was he behaving in that manner!

Then they see Kartikeya coming in their direction so they all hurriedly hide themselves.. unable to do so they stand still without any motion at the place where they were standing.

To their surprise Kartikeya doesn’t see them as he is lost in his thoughts!
The ganas wonder as to what might have been the reason behinf Kartikeya’s serious mood.
Then think that Kartikeya is on some plan to fool them.

At that moment Nandi goes there seeing a serious Kartikeya he thinks that Kartikeya wants to talk to him on some issue.
But Kartikeya doesn’t see him too and walks further.

Kartikeya lost in the thoughts of what his father has told him, walks into the cave where Devi Parvati is done wth her preparation of their meals and she calls him to have some food.

Kartikeya quietly sits on a stone near by1
Seeing her son pondering about something she feels worried!

Nandi goes on the top of the same hill where Shiva stands.. Shiva says that he knew he would come there. As he has lots of love for Kartikeya.
Shiva says that he was indeed waiting for him(Nandi).

Nandi questions that why is Kartikeya looking so upset?

Nandi asks Shiva the reason behind Kartikeya’s behavior.

Back in the cave Parvati devi asks her son the reason behind his mellowed behavior.. she asks him if anybody has hurt him or did he go injury somewhere.

KArtikeya says that “you both didn’t bring me here because I’m your son, but to make me a worrier”
On Shiva’s narration of Kartikeya’s and his face to face talk about the making-him-a-worrier thing Nandi seconds by Kartikey’s decision saying how can a child of that age fight an asura.

Shiva says “When a small child starts to walk on his own feet, we don’t stop him from falling, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love him; it because we care for him and in the process of learning to walk such falls are natural. And fearing that he would fall he can never learn walking; if he wont fall he wont be able to learn walking ”

Mahadev says the saar for the quote ‘Dar ke aage Jeet hai!’
I mean he says that like how one can know what happiness is only after experiencing sadness… like wise one can become courageous after experiencing and facing fears!

Kartikeya says to his mother that he is scared. He was comfo with his 6mothers .. birds, animals, trees and gardens.. He thought life is beautiful with all these things. Kartikeya is shocked to know that this world is not as rosy as he thought it was… It now had asuras, evil minded people who plot on killing a small child! And he says that the irony is that no one has the capability to kill them.

Hearing this Parvati dev embraces her son… who in turn hugs her back.
Kartikeya utters “I cannot fight Ma; I don’t want to fight!” his utterance of this word makes Parvati feel on the top of the world.. that at last her son called her mom- giving her the rightful position in his life!

Parvati says that if doesn’t want to fight then nobody will force him on doing that!

Shiva says that Kartikeya has to fight and for that he himself would make his son ready.

Parvati is contented on getting her position as Kartikeyas mother- being accepted by him as his mother.

Shiva knees down for his son and explains him that if he sees Takki as a worrier he would surely defeat Takki

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