Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 27th January 2013 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 27th January 2013 Written Update by Srushti

Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 27th January 2013 Written Episode

GyaanSabha and Ganesh
Ganeshji invades the Gyaan sabha and hands over the broken pincomb to Mahadev, who joins the broken pieces and gives back to Ganesh (Mahadev and Parvati…Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai, Sadiyon se Sadiyon tak, Tutega nahi)

Everybody understands that Mahadev is now in no mood to teach and hence leaves..Mahadev sees Ganesh watching him and asks him what is it…Ganesh tells him that he wishes Mahadev to go and make Parvati’s hair (YOu have got to see Shijvi’s or rather Mohit’s expression here…he is actually ‘Mann mein ladddooo phoota’ ye bacha kya bola, haye mein mar jaava! Kartikeya actually is surprised to see this, he obviously thought his father would brush aside Ganesh’s pleas…but he is toh all ready-weady…Hayeee! Koi toh Rok lo)

Dashanan and Shurpankha

Shurpankha (With her nose…intact) is telling Ravan that she is happy that now she will be able to serve him as it has been so long she did that and heard her name in his voice (true true,…I too love Manishji’s voice…something magical in his voice…steady, strong and powerful!!!) Ravan tells him that he did not get what he wanted but he would still find a solution to wake her husband from the dead…

Back to Himalayas

Ganesh running..errr I mean trotting towards Parvati along with his siblings and tells Parvati that her problem is solved and hands over the pincomb and tells his father made it (Ganesh again glossing over the truth…Mahadev didnt make it…he repaired it Cupid Bacha…wah wah) and announces that his father will now make her hair…(Bacha hai ya loudspeaker!!!!!…announcing his parents romantic moments like Special Screening of some new ad in a mall…Himalaya pe ab Mahadev karenge Parvati ka Sringar, interested viewers may book the front seats in advance)

Dashanan and his grandfather

Grand father disappointed…But Ravan is optimistic and says that he will go to Bali and convince him to take over the world again with his help…

Mahadev and PArvati

He tells her that he would have done her hair had she told him so…Parvati tells him that he needs to understand something unsaid…(Oho Parvati Ma…your hubby is as subtle as an axe and you want him to understand the unsaid things…look at his devotees, cutting off the heads to appease him, and you are asking him to get the subteleties)

Dashanan and Bali

(UFff…I am tired from running from Hiimalay to Patal and Back!!so each ME they try to kill me through various deities..this ME they are going to kill me by sheer exhaustion of running around the world to and fro!!!)

Ravan at Bali’s and tells him that they are being mistreated by Devtas, and since he was not there before, Bali might have an uphill task, but now he is there to help Bali out and hence they can again attack Devtas…Bali gives a mysterious smile and says that they can carry on this discussion in another room and requests Ravan to get his hand ornaments which were near Ravan…Ravan tries to lift them up but fails to do so…Bali makes the point swiftly and comes there and lifts them with ease and fits them on his wrists and tells Ravan that he is strong enough…but his strength is used for the good…Ravan tells Bali that he might be physically powerful but mentally he is an attached person who wants his popularity more than the progress of his brethren…Bali says that he might be very intelligent but he is far away from being free from ignorance…he tells Ravan to leave his palace

Shiv Parvati
Romantic moments …Parvati is looking radiant…as if before the three children and all glowing and blushing as Mahadev combs her hair…all lovey dovey both of them

Dashanan and his grandfather

His grandfather tells him that he tried to warn him but Ravan failed…he has provided him everything…now all he needs is Mahadev’s ashirwad…Dashaanan asks what good will it do…His grandfather tells him that this question is not expected from an intelligent person like him…he tells him that Mahadev is the only one who is fair …and cites example of Shukracharya and Atharva Veda…
Dashanan is now convinced and says that he will somehow please Mahadev

Mahadev and Parvati:

Parvati is again muh fulaoing …and telling him that had Ganesh not called him, he would not have bothered with her…he cares more about the world (ME ME) than her…Shivji says that because she is her WORLD …(Aha…Mahadev is all flirting wirting!!!) Parvati tells him that he should have noticed that she is not wearing any Sringar, Mahadev again says that he would have noticed had she been looking less complete with Sringar…she looks complete and lovely in every attire…(Aha…dekho dekho…Mahadev now going to write a new Grantha…’12 fail-safe ways to appease a displeased wife!’…)
Parvati tells him that he is playing with words (Ahem…so you know Parvatiji…then why are you smiling and blushingear to ear!) …Parvati tells him that he needs to be there till she gets completely ready …Mahadev says that if that is her wish he will be there…Parvati getting ready…

Dashanan in a desert

With his grandfather and Surpankha and Vibhishan watching as he gets ready to appease Mahadev..standing before a big Shivlinga he starts his Grand blackmail.he tells Mahadev that he knows to appease Mahadev he has to give up his vices…so he starts by cutting his each head for his each vice…

he cuts the 10th head for doing away with his Anger

he says that I realize that a great burden has been lifted from my head (Naturally…even a hair cut lightens up your head…you have done a HEAD CUT…light toh feel hoga na, Ravanji)

Indra and Brihaspati
Indra again getting agitated knowing about Ravan…As usual he gets all paranoid about his Indrasan …(Why dont you put a lot of fevicol on the Indrasan and then sit on it…that way you will stop getting paranoid and let your Guru function in some peace…) he tries to get the sword to fight…but Brihaspati says that Ravana is already blessed that no deity can stop him…there is no point in sword (And to both the geniuses who missed the point…Arrey Ravana is himself cutting off his heads…what good you will do with your sword, Indra…Eh genius)

Parvati and Mahadev…

Parvati tying anklets around her ankles…and tells him that this is an indication of the entry of a wife for the husband (Baj gai ghanti…mein aa gai it is actually funny that even after she has completed wearing the anklets Mahadev keeps staring at her feet it is so cute as if he is trying to figure out why is she tying bells around her feet) She is trying to wear another jewellery when Mahadev hears Ravan’s voice (And look at his expression…Mahadev suddenly realizes he is done for…Ravan…ye koi waqt hai Sar kataai ka???Parvati mera sar kaat degi tumhare Sar ke chakkar mein )

Ravan and his head cutting…

he is cutting off his heads for each vices, 9th one for Pride, 8th one for Greedy, 7th one for worldly attachments, 6th one for fear, 5th one for Love, 4th one for ambition, 3rd one for Selfishness…
He cuts his 9th head ainveyi…

Ravan yells at Shivlinga that since you have not given me your Darshan even with the sacrifice of 9 heads…then I am not worthy…If you cant come to me… I will come to you by sacrificing my last head…(I think this last warning must have worked on Mahadev…Mahadev must be thinking that is it not enough that most of the deities drop in at my house all the time and there is a live telecast going on from Himalayas to Vaikuntha and everywhere that now you are planning to come to me and add to those voyeurs…it is better I come to you…or Parvati will kill me ifshe will have to make food for you and your 10 heads…

Mahadev is all alert…and Parvati realizes that his attention is elsewehere …she asks where is his attention…and Mahadev tells her that his devotee is about to give up his life and hence he needs to leave ASAP…

Parvati tells him that his need of his Bhakt is greater than her Sringar and tells Mahadev to go towards his Bhakt…

Ravan:(the best scene of the episode!!)

About to give his last head…when Mahadev comes and his sword is broken as he gives the last blow…(That is one awesome moment…as Ravan realizes that his feat remained incomplete and stares at his sword…and Mahadev sas ‘Dashanan’!) the rest of the clan has got the Darshan for free not fair…and what exactly were they doing…

And Ravan looks up at his name being called out..(Karpur Gauram in the BG!)…Ravan has tears in his eyes as he looks up at Mahadev (I so LOVE this scene…because Ravan had started his prayer with a gain in his mind, but this moment …he is just plain overwhelmed and humbled …) he says that he had been indulging in wealth of the world…but Shivji’s darshan has made him bereft of everything…he says that Mahadev has made him poor (Just love how he says it…as if he is the happiest being that…poor…if Mahadev just keeps standing there before him…Excellent Dialogues and excellently delivered by Manishji)

Ravan is saying that he has no ambition left…no anger no pride…but irony is that even with this complete blank feel, he feels complete…Mahadev has left him of no use(Bravo…Manishji…for saying this!!! in the way you did…)

he says he doesnot want anything (his Grandfather getting all worried n ow…hey Bhagwan…ye kya ho gaya mere Laadle potey ko!)
Mahadev says that he needs to ask something as a boon, Ravan says that he will not ask anything because if Mahadev doesnot give him what he wants, he will be more hurt than with the loss of his 9 heads…
Mahadev tells him to ask something and Ravan Asks for his Bhakti…the eternal and forever Bhakti for Mahadev…and nobody would be ever able to divert him from the path of Devotion towards Mahadev…

Mahadev is all happy and Grandfather is banging is head along with his bangs

Mahadev tells him that till you have unselfish devotion towards me in your heart, you will be known as my greatest devotee in this world..and he disappears leaving a Happy Ravan!!!!

Precap : Mahadev trying to appease Parvati saying that he might have gone afar but he never left her…she is the prakruti and he can never be separated from her…(MAhadev on Maska lagao mission…)

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    Maza aa gya wu padke..kya gazab ka style h wu likhne ka..itna maza to epi dekh kr b na aye..jitna wu padke aya

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