Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 10th July 2012 Written Update

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Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 10th July 2012 Written Update by Naina2127

– Raghav driving Krish and Jahnvi away while the goons chase the three in their jeep. Raghav manages to drive into the forest because he’s on a bike, while the goons can’t get their jeep inside so they all get down and begin chasing them by foot. Raghav stops the bike, hides it, and says that they have to hide in the jungle now, and guides the three of them elsewhere.

At the Singhania Mansion, Tanisha trying to convince Komal to eat, while Viraj is coming downstairs, thinking that he needs a new plan. Tanisha stops him and tells him to convince Komal to eat, Viraj goes to try and convince her, but nothing happens. Right then, the police comissioner comes and everyone runs there, and the police officer says that the car that Krish was kidnapped in was stolen, and that teh kidnappers don’t seem to be professionals because they haven’t demanded any ransom yet. And suggests that Sia might be involved in this kidnapping, and how he’s seen cases where someone who’s close to the kid kidnaps them. Everyone thinking, while Viraj suggests that the Commissioner might be correct, and Tanisha agrees. Komal is shocked to hear this, and breaks down in tears, while Gayatri consoles her.

Raghav manages to bring Jahnvi and Krish to a random hut (or maybe it’s something he knows o.o) Once they’re there, Raghav searches for his phone, and realizes that he might have lost Sundar’s phone in the jungle and decides to go outside. Jahnvi tells him that Krish hasn’t eaten all morning, and Raghav leaves, telling Krish he’ll bring back some food for him.

Viraj playing around on his chessboard, saying “Check” and that the game is going to be over very soon. (I guess this is what connects to the promo). Shekhawat calls Viraj, and tells him that the plan was supposed to be simply, but now Raghav is involved, and Viraj gets really mad hearing this, and Shekhawat orders Viraj to tell him what is going on, threatening him. ANd Viraj hangs up the phone, thinking how has this plan hasn’t succeeded. And wondering how Raghav is now with Jahnvi, and he now has to figure out what’s going on. He calls Unniyal and tells him to get there with a revolver.

At the hut, Jahnvi telling Krish a story, when Raghav returns with fruits, telling him to eat them right now, and he can have whatever he wants when they get home. Jahnvi decides to check the food before feeding it to Krish and then gives her approval, while Raghav watches on emotionally. Raghav asks her how she knows, and Jahnvi recollects her old memories with her family, and becomes sad. Raghav gives Jahnvi the fruit as well to eat, and in return she offers the same to him.

Later on, a fire is built and Raghav watches as Jahnvi and Krish fall asleep, using Jahnvi’s dupatta as a blanket. Because Jahnvi is really cold, Raghav takes off his shirt and wraps it around the both of them. He then thinks that he has to find Sundar’s phone, because otherwise the goons will find them, and he leaves leaving a peacfully sleeping Jahnvi and Krish in the hut.

Raghav searching through the forest for the pohone, until he finally finds it and calls Sundar, immediately asking him if everything is ok, and then explains to Sundar where to come by the morning, and that they’re in the jungle, while also warning him not to tell anyone else about this. Sundar says that he won’t tell anyone anything, and we see that Viraj has been listening to the conversation. He steps out of the shadows.

At the hut, Jahnvi is trying to wake up Krish, who’s not waking up. Raghav arrives there and tries to wake up the boy as well, and they both panic as they remember Krish’s asthma and about taking him to the hospital. Krish then opens his eyes and we see he was playing a trick on the two, and the three share a sweet moment.

Viraj asks Sundar what’s going on, where’s Raghav, and Sundar says he doesn’t know, and Viraj repeats his question, telling him to not bother lying as he takes out the knife and holds it against Sundar’s throat.

At the hut, Jahnvi trying to warm herself in front of the fire as Raghav watches her, shirtless, and Jahnvi tells him to sit by the fire as well. Raghav makes his way over behind her, and holds her by the shoulders, his fingers crawling around the back of her back before pulling away, and finally seating himself right next to her, and wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Jahnvi blushes and leans over to place her head on his chest, and the two share a romantic moment, holding hands and leaning towards each other, clearly giving each other romantic looks.

Right then, Viraj wakes up screamiing out NO, and we see that it was his dream. Unniyal is driving and Viraj yelling at him to drive faster, screaming how he wants Jahnvi. Unniyal asks why Viraj just doesn’t take Jahnvi to Manali, and Viraj says that he only wants those who are perfect and at the moment Jahnvi isn’t perfect.

Sundar, meanwhile, is thinking to himself that he’s told Viraj the wrong directions, but now has to warn Raghav.

At the hut, Raghav hears a sound, while Jahnvi and Krish are fast asleep, and grabbing some sort of stick, makes his way over prepared to fight. Jahnvi wakes up, and upon not seeing Raghav, steps up and begins to search for him. The two bump into each other, and Jahnvi steps away, but almost falls when Raghav catches her. Raghav recollects how Jahnvisaid she loved Viraj and lets go of her.

Precap: Raghav fighting some goons while Jahnvi and Krish watch, when Viraj comes there, gun in hand and pointed, and Jahnvi watches as he shoot.

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