Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 26th June 2012 Written Update

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Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 26th June 2012 Written Update by BizzyLizzy

Raghav reaches the garage just in time to see the police starting to destroy the place. The leader of the pack tells them that they have a court order for illegal possession. Raghav refutes this by saying that this was in the name of his brother, and the policeman mockingly tells him to get his brother for confirmation. Raghav retaliates by attacking the policeman, who then pounce on him and beat him black and blue.

The policeman picks a picture in the garage. Raghav screams that if they lay a finger on it he will make sure they regret it. The policeman tells him Raghav has no idea who he is, and breaks the photo frame, crushing it with his foot. Raghav lets out an impressive (in an omg-how-does-he manage-to-scream-that-long way ) scream, and kicks the man where it hurts the most. He hits him and dunks his head in water, telling him he’d forgotten how he used to deal with such people, and then proceeds to attack the others.

At one point he stops to pick up the picture of Komal, Krish and Tashu, clearing the glass off it and feeling emotional, when suddenly he feels a rod hit the back of his head and falls from the impact. The policeman crowd around him, their looks menacing.

The scene shifts to a jail, where two prisoners are discussing the new arrival, jumping in fear when he gets up. Raghav realises he is in prison. He tells the policeman that the property was his brother’s, and the policeman makes fun of him. Sundar appears at this point, telling Raghav that he can’t find the papers. Raghav urges him to check again, amidst the policeman’s threats, and Sundar tells him tearfully that he checked the entire garage. Raghav has no idea what to do now.

The scene shifts to the Singh house, where Gayathri and Komal are discussing when Viraaj’s next reports might come. At this point Viraaj enters, looking worried, and tells the family that Raghav has been arrested, as he was last seen having a scuffle with the police. Gayathri says disapprovingly that she can never know when Raghav will stop all this. Komal and Sia speak up for Raghav stating that he never does anything without a solid reason. Komal urges Gayathri to speak to the Commissioner, who she has contacts with, and convinces her finally. Viraaj is seen scowling at Sia’s attempts to defend Raghav. Komal and Sia worry about him.

In the jail, Sundar tells Raghav that instructions have been given to wreck the garage. In anger, Raghav takes a glass in his hand and flings it away. He remembers a conversation he once had with Komal, in the same garage, where she was trying to convince him to leave the garage and go back to the family business, citing the fact that her mother was managing the business alone since Dev’s death and his departure. Raghav tells him that this garage had given him a profession when he had no way of earning his bread, and that he owes a lot to it and can’t leave it. Komal tells him this has less to do with his job or lack of it, and more with the family reputation. Raghav tells Komal that these can’t be her words, because they sound too much like his mother’s. He tells her that furthermore, this garage is a home to him. Komal still urges him to come back, but Raghav tells her that he wants to work in a place where he will feel a sense of belonging, and not a job which seems to have been given to him out of charity.

In the present, Raghav realises that his mother will see this as another attempt to sully her reputation. Sundar offers to call Gayathri, but Raghav stops him, telling him that let her do what she wants to do, wherever she is doing it (by this, and by the memory, I think he feels that she was behind the attempt to wreck the garage…? ). Meanwhile, Gayathri is seen at the policeman’s desk for Raghav’s bail. The policeman tells her that had it not been for her presence Raghav would have been in jail for a long time to come, at which Gayathri irritably snaps back. As she leaves, Gayathri overhears a colleague asking the policeman why Gayathri was personally arranging for the bail of ‘that gunda’. The other policeman replies that ‘these are the tactics rich people use, there must have been some argument’, and in anger, Gayathri leaves to see Raghav.

Raghav and Gayathri are now seen outside the jail, and Gayathri asks him whether he’d like to explain his actions. Raghav thanks her for the ‘favour’ that Gayathri has done him (probably in line with his suspecting that Gayathri had something to do with the destruction of the garage). Gayathri hits back that it is he who has done their family a favour by driving their name through the mud. He asks her why she has bothered to bail him out. Gayathri retaliates that though she has stopped paying any attention to him for quite some time, hurting her seems to have become a habit for him. She tells him that her sole reason for bailing him out was to ensure that Krish wasn’t hurt by his uncle’s departure, and that she may not have a satisfactory answer to Krish’s questions if Raghav isn’t there. Gayathri then sighs, admitting grudgingly that for a short while she had thought that Raghav had changed, but now she doesn’t think so anymore. Telling him that he should be ashamed of himself, Gayathri leaves in her car, with Raghav watching her as she goes.

Tashu, Komal and Sia look worriedly on at Viraaj, who is on the phone. He then proceeds to tell the women that Raghav has been granted bail and will be home shortly. They look relieved, and Viraaj smirks. Later, Gayathri returns, and Komal and Tashu ask her where Raghav is. Gayathri ignores these questions and sit down. In the meantime Viraaj, who is upstairs, gets a message on his phone that states: ‘everything has been performed as you’ve requested it.’ Viraaj smiles on seeing this, thinking to himself how the game that began with his entry will end with Raghav’s exit.

Raghav comes back to the house and Tashu hugs him. She tearfully asks him if he is alright, but Raghav – his eyes trained on his mother – tells her that he was fine when he was at the garage, but at his own home he’s hardly allowed either to fend for himself or help his family. To diffuse the tension in the air, Tashu tells him to sit down, but Raghav refuses, stating that he has planned to leave the house once and for all. He tells Gayathri directly now that he could have easily left without saying a word, but he didn’t want to be called ‘irresponsible’ again. Komal tells him not to take any of Gayathri’s insults to heart, at which Raghav shoots back that staying outside was always a better option because even though he had no relations with anyone there, they all belonged together. Tashu tells him that they all want him with them, and almost begins to talk about what their mother said when Raghav interrupts her. He tells them that he remembers every single word, and that is enough for him. Komal tries to stop him, but Gayathri tells her to let him leave.

Viraaj is watching this unfold from upstairs, when he suddenly hears his imaginary double speaking, with 3-D glasses and a bag of popcorn in his hand. He exclaims that it’s an interesting family drama, and seeing it up close is quite an experience. Viraaj snaps back that real life is a 3-D world. The Double replies that the emotional scenes can be seen a lot more clearly with them on. Viraaj controls his laughter, and continues watching.

Precap: Jhanvi and Viraaj are walking down the staircase, each doubting the other. Jhanvi wonders whether Viraaj is hurting Raghav on purpose, and Viraaj wonders whether Jhanvi is in love with Raghav.

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