Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 2nd July 2012 Written Update

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Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 2nd July 2012 Written Update by Naina2127

Episode opens with Viraj taking a confused Jahnvi’s and Raghav’s hands and placing them in each other. He shouts out “Welcome everybody to the engagement of Sia and Raghav” The lights go on right then, and we see everyone standing there. Viraj looks at Gayatri and tells her that without her blessings, this relationship is completely empty. Jahnvi has that paranoid/scared look on his face as she thinks that this can’t be happening, and he can’t do this. Viraj might not remember anything but she does, and right then Viraj interrupts her thoughts and congratulates her before yelling out to everyone that it’s time to dance.

The music starts up then and everyone is dancing except Raghav and Jahnvi, and Viraj noticing this goes to whisper in Tanisha’s ears, who then smiles and walks over to get a reluctant Raghav and Jahnvi on the dance floor. Raghav and Jahnvi are just standing there, and Raghav notices how Jahnvi looks absolutely frightened, and she slowly pulls out of his arms, and walks away. Raghav follows behind her quickly, while Viraj is watching this interaction carefully.

Jahnvi steps out of the room, thinking back to what happened in the past few minutes, thinking what is happening to her, her engagement? She has flashbacks to some of the moments she’s spent with Raghav, and cries to God asking him why is this happening to her? Why can she never be happy? Why is she always facing some kind of problem? What is her fault in all of this? She then says that it’s not Raghav’s fault, and it’s all hers because Raghav has been with her, has helped her the entire time, and it’s her fault that she hasn’t told the truth. And decides to run away. Just as she’s running out of the gate, an inner voice taunts her, asking her if she’s running away again? And Jahnvi asks what else can she do? She can’t agree to this engagement and she can’t hurt them either, and the inner voice asks what running away will do? It will hurt them anyways, but it’s just that she won’t be there to see it. Then Jahnvi tells herself that she promised herself that she would fight her fears and live, and now no matter what happens, she’ll tell them hte truth. Jahnvi bravely turns arounnd and starts walking back inside, when Raghav comes outside, looking for her.

The two walk towards each other, and Raghav asks her why she’s crying, and she quickly wipes away her tears, telling him she has to talk to him. Raghav is listening as Jahnvi tells him that he’s really nice, that he’s helped her a lot, and she owes him a lot, but she can’t marry him. Raghav is stunned to hear this. Everyone then comes from inside the party to take the two back inside, and they go back, without having said another word to each other.

Raghav is completely crestfallen, until Krish comes there and drags him aside, asking him what the matter is, and when Raghav tries to smile and say nothing, Krish pulls him down and hugs him. The little boy walks away, leaving Raghav once again fighting his tears. Raghav steps back into the party where he bumps into Jahnvi, and the two have really sorrowful looks on their faces. It’s picture time and they both fake smiles.

Viraj upstairs, thinking that there’s definitely going to be wedding bells, but it’ll be his loves, and the sound of his victory. It’s dual Viraj time, and the real Viraj is yelling about something for a bit, and right hten Gayatri enters the room, and she says that she trusted him, and it would be best if she didn’t take advantage of this. Viraj is confused as Gayatri explains that she hates surprises, and he should have asked her before. But regardless, she had been planning on talking to Raghav and Sia about this. Viraj tries to explain himself, saying that he thought that everyone would like this, and asks if he did something wrong. Gayatri says that what he did wasn’t wrong, it was the timing that was wrong. She knows that the two love each other, but marriage is a big decision. And then orders him to be careful because such behavior won’t be tolerated, before leaving angrily.

Raghav standing outside, when Jahnvi comes there trying to console him, I guess, as she tells a hurt Raghav that he’s really nice, but she never even thought about getting married to him. Raghav hides his tears as he bursts out in laughter, trying to contain himself, as he says thank god she told him, because he had been wondering how to tell her. [aww, that was really sad] Raghav explains to an absolutely shocked Jahnvi how he was going to tell her this before but everyone came so he couldn’t, but regardless marriage is such a huge decision that can’t be taken so hastily. Jahnvi is shocked to hear that he knows nothing either, and Raghav explains that he wouldn’t have let this happen ifhe did. And besides, they don’t even know each other, how can they even think about getting married? And tries to cover up all of his sorrow as he says that he doens’t know anything about love [aww]. Jahnvi then asks what will they do because the annoucement has been made in front of everyone, and Raghav tells her not to worry, he’ll handle it.Right then, it starts raining, and Jahnvi hurriedly goes inside, and when she calls to Raghav to come inside, he tells her he’ll come later.

Viraj standing upstairs, watching this, as he apologizes to Jahnvi for hurting her, but he knows that she only loves him. He then wipes his hands with hand sanitizer because he touched Raghav’s hand, and put Jahnvi’s hands in his.

Raghav is left standing in the rain, crying and completely heartbroken as he thinks back to how Jahnvi told him that she can’t marry him, having all these flashbacks of happier memories that he shared with her.

Jahnvi pacing her room, thinkig that the family’s respect and honor is at stake and she has a role in it, because if she had told someone about her past, then none of tis would have happened. She has to talk to Komal, explain to her her past. Right then, Viraj knocks on her door, and Jahnvi quickly wipes away her tears as Viraj asks her if she’s ok. Jahnvi says everything is fine, she was just thinking of soe memories, and Viraj doesn’t let her finish, as he says that he doesn’t remember anything beyond his name. He’s thinking of going back to Manali to get a picture of Jahnvi, but then thinks what’s the point of thinking of dead people. Jahnvi tells him that she’s sleepy and asks him to leave, but Viraj doesn’t, and instead, congratulates her, saying that hers and Raghav’s jodi… Jahnvi interrupts him, and asks him to leave her alone, Viraj tries t say something but Jahnvi tells him to leave her alone, as this is her life. And Viraj is shocked to hear this.

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