Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2013 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2013 Written Update by SAIBALROUTH

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2013 Written Episode

Maasa spots Emily knocking the door of Mohit’s room and straightaway calls her and takes her to Sandhya’s room, and questions her in front of Sandhya, saying what she was doing, whom she was calling.

Sandhya was saying the reason (giving some excuse), but Maasa stops her,questions Emily and asks her what she was doing, Emily loses consciousness, and Sandhya, Bhabo and others look worried, Maasa decides to call doctor and thinks that Emily lost consciousness because of her scoldings.

Bhabo says to Sandhya that what will happen when Maasa will get to know the truth, and fears the worst. Sandhya too looks confused.

Doctor comes, Bhabo says all this happened due to Sandhya, had she not told her to bring Emily with them, these all would never have happened. Sandhya fears for the worst. Chavi suggests a different approach, says someone should replace Emily when the door gets closed, such that doctor doesn’t get any inkling as to what is going on, she also further stresses that doctor doesn’t know Emily, and it will work to their advantage. Bhabo and Sandhya makes shocking faces.

Meanwhile, at Rathi Mansion, Sudha tells Meena that if she doesn’t get a son, then she will not be able to hand over property and other rights as only sons have exclusive rights over property and other things. She cites the example of Chavi and says that Chavi won’t get any share of property or Rathi mansion either. Meena is apprehensive that she may have a female child.

At the other end, the doctor comes, and just at that time, Emily also starts to regain consciousness, much to the relief of Sandhya and Bhabo. Maasa enters along with the doctor, and Bhabo reiterates with the fact that Emily’s health was not well, she has inherent sickness and so she fell unconscious. Maasa says how come she is so pale as if she is carrying two two lives, everyone is shocked.

Maasa now asks the same question and says what she was doing in the men section so late at night and asks her again and again. Before Emily could speak, Bhabo saves her and says to Maasa that she had sent Emily to give medicine to Bhabasa. Maasa says how come she has sent Emily at this odd hour, and hasn’t gone there herself, and scolds her. She went out, and a little later, Bhabo went out as well, and was sitting in the outhouse.

Sandhya was passing by, and seeing Bhabo sitting with a pensive face, she went and tried to console her, Bhabo says she doesn’t need any consoling, but it will be better if Sandhya now tells Maasa everything and works on convincing Maasa before it is too late and before time runs out. Sandhya thinks of her next move.

Its morning now, and Sandhya is preparing flours for making chapatis along with other DILs of Maasa, and now Maasa herself turns up, and says she is looking beautiful, no one can be jealous of her beauty or think of her ill-being, tells this again and again, much to everyone’s amusement. Now Emily comes up, Sandhya asks Emily if she will do something. Emily declines and says she doesn’t want to spoil the good impression which she has in front of Maasa by committing mistakes.

Just then, Maasa spots Emily and calls her, much to everyone’s surprise. She asks her when she will be get married as she has already reached the age of marriage. Emily remains silent, others are surprised as well, and Maasa says maybe Emily has wish of getting married but she is feeling shy, and says her to prepare the puja thali. Then Maasa changes her mind and says she will prepare the thali for her, and shows how to prepare the thali step by step, fist talking a marigold flower, then talking a mound of grass, then some oil, and suddenly asks Emily whether the same thing is done in her house as well.

Emily thinks of what to reply, Episode ends here.

Precap—> A boy was pulling the ear of Sandhya, Suraj notices that and slowly asks the boy to come with him and play. The boy pulls his ear as well, Sandhya giggles. Suraj then gives the boy a piggy-back ride, but while doing it, he stopped by to steal a glance at Sandhya.

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    on edge – nice episode, good story. I enjoyed it and waiting for tomorrow.

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