Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2013 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2013 Written Update by shobhana_dabh

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2013 Written Episode

Epis starts with Sandy sharing the prasad with emily. Both seems happy

Everyone eating. Someone says that if preggy ladies get hungry frequently then they will give birth to boy baby. Meena thinks that she will defnitely have a baby boy as she feels hungry often


Thakursa asking the jodis to do ringa ringa ( but everyone hops actually except surya)
Emily goes to mohit & asks him that they should come to the village next year too.
Mohit makes faces & goes to another side. Everyone does ringa ringa. Suddenly emily sees a snake near mohit. She shouts mohit mohit.. Everyone shocked. She asks him to stand still or else the snake would bite him.


Mohit goes back. Ems hits the snake with stone. Mohit crosses safely. Thakursa starts yelling that she has done a big mistake by hitting snake devta. he says that it has come to give blessings to everyone. Hitting snake is equal to hitting shiv ji.
Maasa supports thakursa by saying that its a big sin & does not know any dharam & asks whether she has sold off her brain.

Mohit suddenly shouts at everyone saying in which world they are living in. Whatever emily did is for saving his life. Asks whether saving a person’s life is a sin? Emisan feels happy hearing this. Others shocked. Suraj feels happy too. Mohit realises what he has done when bhabho asks him to relax.

Everyone leaves the place. Ems tells sandy that whenever she does something good the reverse happens. Again she irritated maasa. Sandy calms her down & asks her to take water.


Meena notices dhaisa DIL eating good. Wonders even she gets a boy. Comments dhaisa to eat as if its her home.


Everyone returning to home.
Kajjiri comes & gives a terrifying look to maasa & thakursa.

Kajiri straight away hits the ems plate & goes near the well & does pooja there. Sandy wondered tries to goes near her. But maasa strictly stops her by saying that preparation has to be done for sangeet & mehndi.

Sarun & surya in maasa’s room. Bhabho wonders why she has called them.

MEena in Rm eats like a bhakasur. Eats heavily to make everyone understand that she will have only boy.

Maasa asks bhabho about the truth of emily & says that she wants to know full details about her. Everyone shocked.

Meena continuously eats like a mad. Her mother asks her to stop. Meena doesn’t by saying she is preggy & feeling hungry as she is having baby boy.


Maasa asks Bhabho for answer. Bhabho trembles out of fear. Sandy starts saying something but maasa stops her saying that she wants bhabho to speak. One who is head of the family should not only concentrate on kitchen but should know about each & everthing even a minute thing.

She adds that emily has come here & two days has passed and she can find out something is there. Asks whether they feel that she is a fool.

Maasa then says that she will tell the truth. She says that from the day ems has arrived she has been trying hard to mingle with them & by today she got the right answer.

She says that ems & mohit love each other & asks whether it is true. Everyone speechless.
Sandy asks what does maasa think about emily.

Episode ends with this.

Precap: Everyone dancing on sangeet. Men in Choli (lehenga). Current goes off. Kajiri makes an entry with dhol. Puts a white saree around ems neck saying this will be of great use for her in future. Mohit, Every other member shocked.

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  1. Janu
    April 15, 00:53 Reply

    kuch tho romance dalo is seriel main…..

  2. Guru.siva
    April 13, 22:54 Reply

    Emily rockr i think mohit will be the best pair for u

  3. Sony Jamal
    April 13, 06:05 Reply

    Bus karo ab yeh seriel aur ziada chalane ki zaroorat nahi hai

  4. SurYa
    April 12, 16:24 Reply

    SurYa/Anika rocks………………… 🙂

  5. Sonya
    April 12, 16:01 Reply

    It is a nice episode and a very good serial. It brings out each onces character, patience and respect for elders come what may be the case. Love the traditions, very colourful – kind of different from the rest. I love it.

  6. Love DABH
    April 12, 13:52 Reply

    Love Diya aur bati hum. Keep rocking 🙂

  7. Deeps
    April 12, 13:52 Reply

    Waiting for the end of this track. Really excited how it gets end 🙂

  8. harini
    April 12, 13:51 Reply

    hey dont worry deepika your fans know very well dt u r nt a “TANTRUM QUEEN”

  9. harini
    April 12, 13:11 Reply

    its a very gud serial.
    great job shashi mam.

  10. poornima
    April 12, 12:37 Reply

    bakwaas serial nowadays,,after bomb blast scenes this serial is bad

    • Sandhya
      April 12, 15:28

      Your face is bad.

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