Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th June 2012 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th June 2012 Written Update by BhartiKhushi909

Chaturi was washing bartans, bhabho was helping her in work, chavi came in her way n bhabho scold her for roaming here n there n ask her to do work, babasa ask bhabho that he has read in newspaper that rain will not cum so soon, so its btr to make sum papads n vadias, bhabho taunt him n move towards chavi.

Chavi complaint that thr r 2 DILs in the house n still he has to do all work, bhabho scolds her n she reply that she dnt hv to do such wrk as dilip live in a city where everything can be buyed readymade, bhabho ask her that she has to do it here as its her house not dilip’s. Bhabho saw sandhya taking milk n almonds, she ask her n sandhya told that as mina is pregnant she needs nutrition time to time n take it.

Other side, mina in her room was hungry but she dnt hv the guts to go n ask for food even from vikram n sandhya entered the room, she ask mina to eat sumthing time 2 time n gave her milk, mina starts drama n says that she’s not worth it of such treatment n ask for sorry. Sandhya ask her that if she really feeling sorry, she shud bring a change in herself n accept the family from heart n be a gud DIL, mina nodes n sandhya leaves, mina found her rubbish n njoy the milk.

Scene changed, chaturi got hurt in finger while dng work, sandhya immdiately help her n bandage the wound, bhabho was watching all this, she remembers hw she blamed sandhya everytime n now how she’s dedicated for work n this family, babasa noticing bhabho.

Sandhya ask chaturi that she’ll wash utensils n ask her to tk cre, she was washing n chotu came with his test report, he was happy as he got gud marks, he appreciate sandhya a lot as she taught him, bhabho watching it queitly, chotu got scared n appreciate bhabho that she cook well, bhabho ask to not do buttering.

Chotu saw babasa was thinking sumthing while looking in the newspaper, chotu ask n he told that he was solving word puzzle, sandhya ask to take chotu’s help but neither chotu nor chavi able to answer n finally sandhya solve it n bhabho was more impressed. Sandhya completes her work n babasa ask for tea n sandhya made it, meanwhile sumone call bhabho n she go outside, chavi got the chance n she ask sandhya to grind dal, she leaves n after her babasa leaves.

Sandhya dnt know hw to grind it but she was trying, bhabho came n hold her hand n teach her hw to work on chakki, mina from her room n suraj from terrace watching it. Suraj was happy that bhabho teaching sandhya, sandhya show her the grinded dal, bhabho checked n it was f9, mina dnt like thr comfort.

Sandhya put sum dal on her face, bhabho saw it, n starts telling her hw to work properly in a louder voice, mina thought she will get scolding but bhabho lovingly clear her face from her saree, sandhya n suraj were touched n mina was shocked.

Bhabho by mistake put the dal on her face n it brings smile to suraj n sandhya, bhabho ask sandhya to not smile n concentrate, sandhya says that it was her first time that y she’s excited, sandhya was working n bhabho ask that she want to give her a responsibility.

Precap: Sandhya put sweet box in front of scooter n says that thy dnt need to show it world that thy r not perfect husband wife n both end up smiling.

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