Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2012 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2012 Written Update by b2011

Episode starts with judge tasting the dishes of the participants. Bhabho is worried and Bhabhasa comforts her. Listening to them, Sandhya sees Suraj who is sad and is worried. In the house, all are watching the program on TV. Meena calls Vikram touching his hand and he gets irritated and tells her to take his hand.

Judges taste the first participant dish. The next was a person who was acting girlish. He introduces himself as Brandon and describes his dish. Bhabho is like is it girl or boy, looks like boy and behaves like girlish. The judges come to Suraj and opens his dish. It is burnt jalebis. Judges are shocked to see it and asks Suraj what is it. Suraj is not answering. Jayant’s wife who was standing among the participants tells the judges it is indian jalebi and she has prepared the same. Judges taste it and tell it is tasty and wish Suraj good luck for the next time.

In the house, Chavvi and Mohit expressing their dissatisfaction on Suraj. Chotu and Chathuri say they cannot believe Suraj did those and definitely he must have been in some trouble.

Rathis are standing together. Bhabho comforts Suraj. Jayant’s wife joins them. Suraj tries to talk in English. She says she can understand hindi. Then, she tells may be the oil was too hot that he burnt the jalebis. Suraj accepts the oil was very hot and he had problem with operating electric stove. Jayant joins them too. SurYa remember when they met him in Pushkar. He introduces his wife and appreciates her interest in cooking and that she knows to prepare more than half of world’s dishes. He also appreciates Suraj for winning Delhi selection contest.

In the house, Meena tries to talk to Vikram. He stares at her and she asks him not to stare like that as she and her baby get scared. Vikram softens. She tells she feels bad for Suraj and so at least wants to help him with his shop as Chotu is very small, Pappuda cannot handle all the work and RK is new too so someone from the family sits in the shop would be good. Vikram agrees and tells who is there as Mohit goes to office and he manages his shop. Meena offers to sit in the shop. Vikram scolds her as to what plan is running in her lomdi brain and Meena tells she is changing and why cannot he see that. He finally gives her permission to go to Suraj’s shop. Meena is all happy and thinks that all the customers who come to buy sweets are going to be diverted to their saree shop too.

Bhabho, Bhabhasa and Suraj are waiting for Sandhya who has gone to make a call to the house. Bhabho is tensed as why she is late and Bhabhasa tells her to cool down. Sandhya comes there and informs everything is okay in the house. Suraj looks at time and it is 2 o’clock there and asks them to go for lunch. They arrive at lunch hall. Bhabho is uncomfortable seeing people having nonveg. Sandhya tells they have veg on the other side. Bhabho asks Sandhya to bring her a plate. She is still uncomfortable and the guy Brandon comes to her and admires at her jewelry. He tells he likes her jewelry a lot. Bhabho is scolding him in a low voice. Again, Rathis are having lunch sitting on a sofa. Brandon is just opposite to them. He chokes on the food and is asking for water. Bhabho goes to him, pats his back and asks him to look up. Sandhya tells the guy to look up in English and he looks up and feels comfortable. He thanks Bhabho for saving his life. Bhabho is back to her seat and having lunch. Brandon is looking at her. Bhabhasa tells Bhabho that he is liking her too much. Bhabho scolds Brandon’s girlish behavior and wearing bangle and tells why can’t he behave like a man.

All the while, Suraj is sad and upset. Sandhya observes it and leaves from there. She has come to their room and is thinking of going back soon before they notice her absence. She brings a tiffin box with her and is looking what to do. A girl asks if she needs any help and Sandhya asks the girl to give the box to Suraj. The girl goes to Suraj and gives the box. Suraj says hello and is surprised, takes the box and opens it, has a letter in it. He opens it to read and Sandhya has written the same wordings which once Suraj had written for her (guess during Maasa’s village track) that may be she has failed 10 questions but still has 90 questions remaining. Suraj smiles reading it.

Precap: Jayant is looking at SurYa and admiring their love and understanding for each other. Jayan’t wife quips this is not best couple competition that they get bonus points for their love and understanding, it is best cook competition.

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