Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th July 2013 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th July 2013 Written Update by shobhana_dabh

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th July 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Abimanyu calling out the contestants on the stage. Everyone gather. Emily is very tensed. Ab tells that it is the test of one’s patience & how can they concentrate on the goal at the time of crisis. If they can do it, they can win. He goes on to inspect the glass towers. Adds that The football player has eft 15 glasses broken.

He then inspects another candidates thing which has 20. The next one is Emily. He points out the broken glasses to 25. Emily has tears. Mohit murmurs only 25 & stares at emily. Bhabo look down. Suraj gets shocked.Mohit says this is very low.

Meena participates in the Swasth Maa (healthy mother) competition. They invite & introduce all the participants. Meena introduces herself & thinks that it is time to prove that she is no lesser than others. Sudha is there with kanha while meena particip[ate with baby girl Misri

The Mc announces that the mothers should find out their babies blind folded. They tie the blind fold to everyone. Meena is tensed

Sabse bade champion (SBC)
Ab counts shrma’s tower to 30 glasses & says it is okay. Babasa is tensed. Chavi says lets see. Ab next counts prateek’s tower to 40. Surya tensed. Prateek is happy. Mohit is upset. Next is Sandy’s tower/ Looks great. Ab tells that it is nice & counts. Chaturi chavi suraj tensed. Sandy as well. Ab asks sandy whether she breaks lot of utensils in house. Surya tensed.


Ab tells that sandy does lot of social work but lets see how far she help self. Emily prays to god to save her. If she fails today she will loose everything.

Ab arrives at the stage

Swasth MAa competition (SMC)

The Mc asks everyone to find out their babies. Meena goes on to find & all the others as well.. One of the lady picks up misri. One by one goes on to find. Meena thinks that all the women would find their kid easily & wonder how to find misri. Sudha is equally tensed. Meena thinks what if she fails to find mishri…

Ab announces the winners’ name. 1st place someone. 2 Pratiek. 3rd place goes to JAipur girl. Sandy also wins. Mohit is not happy. Bhabo is not at all happy worried for emily. Prasanjeet wins with 28 points.Dr, Padma & emily have same points. Ashish gets eliminated. Emily is tensed…


Emily & ashsish have same points. (25). Before ab announces something some person comes & informs something to him.. Everyone wonders what it is. Ab proceeds to tell that one of them will be eliminated today. Bhabo is tensed & emily has tears. Sandy is also tensed. Ab announces the name of Emily RAthi. Emily is shocked & crying.

Precap: Ab asks sandy whether her SIL (Emily) would survive the stage or not??? Emily is full of tears.

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  1. krishu
    July 22, 05:57 Reply

    nice going waiting for tomorrows episode..

  2. Riya
    July 22, 05:56 Reply

    love this show…. itz my fav… good story line

  3. Amit
    July 22, 05:24 Reply

    really negative storyline…nothing good happens and always a test. MIL role really negative and not understanding of another woman’s viewpoint

  4. Kavya
    July 19, 23:41 Reply

    Sandy will lose game but win hearts of all

  5. Sonya
    July 19, 17:24 Reply

    Oh this is really sad. Sandy will win for sure but Emily if she does not is under a lot of pressure and tension. Mohit is not at all motivating her. Wander if he would servive the challenge. I think they may be a twist, can’t wait to find. Loved this episode. A good serial. Great cast. Bravo!

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