Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th October 2012 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th October 2012 Written Update by Ramyaks

Diya Aur Baati Hum (DABH) 9th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Chavi telling that Dilip Ji ‘s mother is coming to Pushkar, so she wants to meet Bhabo. Suraj says he will talk to Dilip Ji & resolve the issue. Bhabo asks him not to do it, says they are from the girl’s family and will have to respect the groom’s family as much as possible. Bhabo thinks of staying back, Meena sees that from balcony, and thinks of ways to keep away Sandhya from going to the felicitation ceremony.

Meena fakes a headache & falls down shouting Aaah aah, Sandhya goes to her aid. Meena says if she is given Nimbu-pani (lemon juice) then she will be okay. Sandhya goes away to make lemon-juice & finally prepares it & hands it over to her. Meena drinks that.

Ankur has reached the venue and is restless on not seeing SurYa there.
Ankur calls Suraj & asks him to come with Sandhya quickly. Suraj says he will reach within 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Meena fakes that she is felling like vomiting, and runs to the bathroom.

Sandhya says Suraj to distribute the sweets & reach the venue, she will reach there on time. Suraj reaches the venue after completing his order, finds Sandhya not there at the venue, and so tries to call, sees the phone engaged.

Sandhya asks Meenakshi if she is okay, Meena says she is okay, says if haldi wala doodh (milk with haldi) is given to her, she will be quite okay. Meena has already wasted the milk by putting lemon, so thinks this will make her more late. Sandhya goes to kitchen, find the milk stale, says she will fetch milk from shop & give her.

Meanwhile, Suraj succeeds calling Sandhya this time at the landline & asks her to come as soon as possible. Sandhya says she will come in just 5 minutes. She prepares milk & gives it to Meena. Meena talks, saying she is her sister, and tries to eat up as much time as possible. Meena also asks to give her a katori (bowl) so that she could cool down the hot milk. Sandhya goes to fetch that, and returns with that. Meena praises her skills, abilities & tries to eat up as much time as possible. Sandhya is so nice to her that she is using all that to her advantage.

While Sandhya goes to go, Meenakshi drops the milk, and Sandhya again says she will clean it, thus eating up as much time as possible. All this time, Meena keeps on saying that she understands that she is getting late. Meena now asks Sandhya to bring her all the medicines so that her vomiting stops. Sandhya brings her all the medicines, but again Meenakshi says she doesn’t know which medicine stops vomiting, so she asks Sandhya to give her the correct tablet from the pile of medicine.

The Chief Guest arrives for the felicitation ceremony. Sandhya is searching for the tablet when Suraj calls again. He is disappointed to see Sandhya still there at the house, asks her to come as quickly as possible as the Chief Guest has now arrived. Sandhya again says she will be there in 10 minutes.

Sandhya finally found the tablet and gives it to Meenakshi. She again goes to fetch water. Meenakshi takes the tablet, gulps it down, but again fakes vomiting, goes to the bathroom, and makes sound as if she is vomiting, takes pleasure in saying that she is fooling the Thanedaarni

Sandhya calls up Suraj and says she will not be able to go to the function as Meenakshi is seriously ill. Suraj is totally disappointed now. Sandhya says Suraj that he can tell everyone that she will not be able to come for some urgent causes & stop waiting for her.

Suraj is going to give a speech, but takes out the wish letter and reads that silently, all by himself.

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  1. Sharon
    October 10, 02:27 Reply

    For someone who is shown to be so clever, Sandhya is behaving like an absolute idiot .. when it suits her the IPS intelligence is used, at other times she just looks stupid

  2. Barsha
    October 09, 14:47 Reply

    Sandy ye meena ki chakkar me kyun padti ho.i feel bad for suraj.i want to see some rmantic scene.

  3. priya
    October 09, 14:26 Reply

    finally suraj came to know about sandhy’s father wish..waiting to see how he will fulfill his FIL dream

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