Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum 24th August 2012 Written Update

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Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum 24th August 2012 Written Update by Debalina_Paul

Episode starts with Sanyukta stiil upset with Nikhilesh’s behavior. She tells that the Niklhilesh she once used to know has been missing somewhere. Niklhilesh tells that he’ll be happy of she tells him the reason why she avoided Aniket’s marriage. After much persuasion, Sanyukta tells him the real reason why she couldn’t go there. After listening, Nikhilesh tells that he understands that Tejal went a bit overboard today but it was due to her childishness. She is a child without her mother so Sanyukta should understand her. Sanyukta tells even Monikangana is a motherless child but that didn’t affect her upbringing. She is much more polite and mature than Tejal.

In Anijal’s room, they are sitting on the edge of the bed with their hands folded. Tejal says that Sanyukta auntie has to accept her as the daughter and for that Aniket has to help her. Aniket smiles a bit and tells that he is always there beside her. he asks what she is going to do. Tejal tells she has not yet thought but when she’ll think she’ll tell him. Aniket nods.

Tejal then gets up from the bed and starts moving away. But Aniket holds her arms. She pauses and looks back. Aniket get up and comes near her, still holding her arms. Tejal gives a nervous look. Aniket comes more closer. He lowers his face. Tejal is more tensed. He brings his face very close to her face and brings his lips near her. Tejal says “Aniket”.
Aniket : “Hmm” (almost in whispers). Tejal tells that she thinks that till Sanyukta auntie accepts her full fledgedly, they should not do that.
Aniket: What (same husky voice)
Tejal: Understand plzz
Aniket: U explain, I’ll understand (huskily, romantic vibes are running through him )
tejal: U know that. Understand plzz

Aniket suddenly pauses and breaks into laugh. Tejal looks at him confused. He tells he was just kidding with her. He understood what she wanted a long time back (NAUGHTY BOY ). He tells that till everything is settled and she is ready, he’ll wait and and act as she wants.. Tejal is happy.

Next scene, Shaswat and Monikangana are in their rooms. Moni is combing her hair and shaswat looks at her with a big smile on his face. He thinks to himself that it was good that Monikangana’s father fell ill at this time. He hit two targets with one arrow. One, finally he was able to arrange some show-down for Aniket bhai and secondly, he got married to Moni.

he asks Moni how much time she’ll take. She smiles and tells more 5 minutes. Shaswat comes to her and tells her that today’s night is not to see herself in the mirror but to savor herself in the reflection of his eyes. Moni smiles again and continues combing. Shaswat gets restless and tells he’ll drink the milk till she finishes her make-up. After drinking milk, he asks how much more time she’ll take. She tells more two minutes. Shaswat tells that he’ll just be back from the washroom.

When Shaswat enters the washroom, Moni looks at his direction. She gives a weird expression. When Shaswat comes outside the bathroom, he sees that Moni is sleeping. He gets shocked. He gets on the bed and calls her. But she doesn’t respond. Finally he gives up and sleeps. As he sleeps, Moni opens her eyes. She looks towards him. Then she takes her mobile, looks at it and keeps it under her pillow.

Its morning time in MM. Sushila comes with two tea-cups and knocks on Anijal’s room door. She tells that Mr. and Mrs. Tea are waiting for Mr. And Mrs. Aniket Mazumdaar. Tejal opens the door. Sushila looks at her stunned. Tejal is shown wearing the same clothes which she used to wear before marriage (shirt and patiala). Sushila tells that as a friend she would like to advice that Tejal should wear some saree or some clothes like her. Tejal tells that she is a guest in the house and if the guest dresses like the newly wedded bride of the house, it will rather look like a fancy dress competition. Sushila smiles a bit and leaves.

Sanyukta and Nikhilesh are shown walking back to the house. Nikhilesh tells that he is happy that Sanyukta has decided joining him in his morning walk. Sanyukta tells that its good that they fight sometimes because after the fight, Nikhilesh’s tries to pacify her are amusing. Just then they notice Tejal descending from the stairs. Both of them look at her shocked.

Tejal wishes both of them “Good morning”. Nikhilesh wishes her back but Sanyukta doesn’t respond. She walks to leave but Tejal says “Good morning Auntie’. Sanyukta gives her another dreadful look and walks away. Binoy comes out of his room asking for tea. But his jaw drops seeing tejal’s dress. he comes down and tells her to wear a good saree or something which will impress sanyukta. Also, its almost time for the morning prayer. Sanyukta always does the morning prayer and while giving prasad, she smiles. He tells that it is a good opportunity for Tejal to ask forgiveness. Nikoy send Tejal upstairs to change her outfit.

When Tejal comes to room, she sees Aniket getting ready. (Aww!! he looks ravishing in white shirt folded to three quarters, black trousers and tie Tejal has nerves. How can someone resist him). Aniket smiles at Tejal. He asks her where she was. She tells that she went downstairs. But Binoy bhai and Papa sent her upstairs to change her dress. Aniket laughs.

Right then, the morning aarti starts. Aniket tells that they must go downstairs now, Sanyukta must have started the aarti. Here in Sanyukta’s room, Sanyukta gets happy listening to the aarti’s voice. She wonders who is singing. She leaves. Nikhilesh thinks that Tejal is singing and he praises her mentally.

Downstairs at the mandir, all gathers one by one. The face of the singer is shown. Its Monikangna. She sings the aarti and then offers the diya to everyone. Sanyukta praises her for her sweet voice and gives a side look at Tejal. Tejal looks at her longingly. Monikangana gives the prasad plate to Tejal and tells her to offer the prasad to everybody. Tejal takes the plate and offers prasad to everyone. But when she takes one to give to Sanyukta, Sanyukta takes one sweet from the plate herself and walks away. Tejal looks through her way with sad eyes.. Aniket doesn’t say anything and keeps his head down. Episode ends on tejal’s face.

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