Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum 27th July 2012 Written Update

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Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum 27th July 2012 Written Update by Debalina_Paul


Nikhilesh and Binoy manages to drive Anushka and her mom away with their antics. Sanyukta is angry with Nikhilesh. Anijal shares a sad moment. Tejal says since Aniket’s mom is not ready to accept her, she’ll not marry. Tejal comes home and cries. Her family members are worried for her.

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Episode starts with a small argument between Sanyukta and Nikhilesh. Nikhilesh is against Menka’s arrival but Sanyukta puts a deaf ear to him. Menka and Anushka arrives. Nikhilesh goes and welcomes them very happily. Sanyukta looks at Nikhilesh suspiciously. She goes to call Aniket. While going upstairs, she meets Binoy. Binoy tells her that he didn’t see Aniket. Sanyukta panics thinking Aniket must have run away. So she hurriedly goes to Aniket’s room. But Aniket is in his room only. Sanyukta takes a breath of relief and tells him to come downstairs.

Downstairs, Nikhilesh is busy brainwashing Menka and Anushka. He asks them what will be Aniket’s salary after getting married. They are perplexed. Menka asks why they should pay Aniket salary. Nikhilesh tells Aniket is a salesman who goes door-to -door and sells salwar suits. Menka and Anushka thinks Nikhilesh is joking. They laugh at him. But Nikhilesh tells them that Aniket really is a salesman. By that time Binoy also comes downstairs. He supports Nikhilesh. But still the mother-daughter duo doesn’t believe Nikhilesh-Binoy.

Sanyukta comes downstairs with Aniket. She notices Nikhilesh’s ongoing tricks and gets worried. After Aniket comes down, Nikhilesh tells that after marriage, Aniket will move to Mumbai. As he is a salesman, he cannot earn much. So he’ll have to stay in a filthy rented house and Anushka will also have to shift with him to that grubby house. The mother-daughter are not yet very convinced. Menka asks Sanyukta if its true that Aniket is a salesman. Sanyukta answers yes.

Menka tells Aniket is the son of such a big household, how can he do such a low worth job. Nikhilesh asks her why is she thinking about Aniket’s family status. She should think about Aniket and Anushka’s future not the Mazumdar family status. He asks Anushka if Aniket would have been the son of a normal household and not such a big family, would she have accepted him?

Anushka tells no. She tells Menka not to lie anymore and tell them that they were interested in this alliance just because of the Mazumdar reputation and social status. Sanyukta fumes up knowing the truth. She tells them to leave. The mother-daughter leaves.

Next scene, Anijal are riding a scooty. Aniket is sitting at the back and Tejal is driving. Aniket explains her the morning incidents as she drives. He tells he was worried as how will he reject Anushka. But his Papa and Binoy bhai made it easy for him. Tejal abruptly stops the scooty. Aniket wonders what happened. He asks why she stopped. It was so much fun riding. Tejal tells that Sanyukta auntie has still not forgiven her. So this means she will never get her love and affection.

Aniket tells that his Papa and Binoy bhai will find a way out. But Tejal tells she wants Aniket to know that even before she planned to marry Aniket, she had dreams of getting married to a household where she would get the love and affection of a mother which she has craved for during her whole childhood. But if Sanyukta auntie is not ready to accept her, what can she do. She tells they’ll never be happy even after marriage if Aniket’s mom doesn’t approve their marriage. Coz children never can stay happy if their mothers are unhappy with them.

Aniket tells her not to tell all these rubbish as he cannot live without her. But Tejal tells they should get habituated in staying without each other. Aniket is very sad and tears roll down his cheeks. Tejal is sad too. But she tells him they should start practicing how to stay without one another. She tells him to leave and not look back while leaving. It will cause more pain. Aniket is unable to say anything. But he leaves silently. After going a bit, he looks back but Tejal is not looking at him (sad background music) Aniket goes away.

Tejal comes back home. There are 3 brown paper packets in her hand. She is gloomed but she pretends to be happy and runs inside calling everyone excitedly. Gulabchand, Faibaa, Vaibhavi all comes out. Tejal shows them the packets and tells she brought hot “pakodas” for them. They all sit in the dining table and starts eating the snacks. Tejal takes a chilli pakoda and eats. Tears are streaming down her face. (real tears). But she pretends that these tears are coming due to the hot chilli. But faibaa gets suspicious. She asks Tejal whats the matter, because the girl who eats sizzling hot spicy street food is crying after eating a simple fried chilli, its unbelievable.

Tejal now cries uncontrollably and hugs her faibaa. She tells that she has rejected Aniket today and told him that she cannot marry him. All asks Tejal why she did that. But Tejal tells she wants to spend sometime with herself. She knows that everybody will make her understand but she wants to explain herself what has happened. She goes in her room and sits in her bed. Episode ends on Tejal’s tearful face.

Precap: Nihilesh Sanyukta is talking. Sanyukta tells if Nikhilesh wants to move ahead with Anijal’s marriage, he can go on. But Sanyukta will not participate in anything. Not even the smallest matters.

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