Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 26th June 2013 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (EHMMBH) 26th June 2013 Written Episode

Swamini bua, Vanshika, Dadaji. Everyone congratulates Manvi. Swamini bua says you don’t hide such things. And hug her. Viren comes and hug her and congratulate Manvi. They tell her it’s the same whether she or Jeevika gives them the good news. All are really happy. But Virat is in a state of shock. Viren tells him he’s going to be a dad. This statement starts echoing in his head and he faints. Virat is lying down on the bed and all are standing around him. Viren wakes him up and gives him water. Swamini bua says Manvi is pregnant. But he fainted. She’s seeing something like this for the first time. Viren says he’s just nervous. Manvi is angry hearing that he’s nervous and goes to fight with him. Everyone asks her to stop acting childish as she’s going to be a mom now. Jeevika takes her from there. SB tells Virat that he can call her if he needs sth and not to get nervous.

Manvi and Jeevika are talking. Manvi asks her whether she felt bad. But Jeevika is really happy. Manvi says she became worried for no reason. She says Jeevika’s is too good. Jeevika gives her a doll and some baby clothes. Manvi is excited seeing them. She says she went for shopping and saw all these. So she bought them. And now all this is yours.

Viren tells Jeevika that he’s so excited about being a taau. A baby is coming to their home after so long. He’ll take so much care of the baby. Even if he spoil the kid. Jeevika says she’s also going to be maasi. And she’ll decide what to do. She adds that even Virman’ll support her. They have a cute fight and they stand turning to opposite sides.

Manvi is sleeping and Virat is browsing. He’s browsing about different stages of a child during pregnancy. Manvi asks him to sleep. But he still sits with that. Virat has a nightmare that he had triplets and he’s finding hard to handle them. And manvi complains that he’s a bad dad as he can’t keep them quiet. Even after they grow up he finds it really hard and Manvi still scolds him. Suddenly Manvi wakes him up. She says it’s 8 and he has an audition at 10. She asks him to get ready. But then adds that he can sleep only now. After baby comes it’ll be really hard. When she leaves. Virat says he can’t be a dad to himself.

Precap: Virat tells that Viren that nobody understands what he needs. Viren tells him fate is playing a good game. One who badly wants to be a dad is not able to and one who’s going to be a dad is not ready for it. Virat says he cares for everyones feeling. But he can’t be a dad now. Viren is upset.

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  1. Aarav
    July 01, 07:11 Reply

    Please Don’t end this Serial

  2. Aarav
    July 01, 07:10 Reply

    Piease Don’t end this Serial

  3. Virman forever
    June 27, 09:36 Reply

    Wish virman will b happy with their baby
    Awesome epi and virman were superb as always
    Don’t want this drama 2 end
    Love u virman/nishal <3

  4. Sonya
    June 26, 19:31 Reply

    Nice episode, happy moments – hope Virat does not act childish.
    Sad that Viren and Jeevika are craving for a child hope their wish to is granted. Nice story.

  5. Si41549
    June 26, 13:22 Reply

    I need virman to be happy with their baby.oh god…virat ko samjhaooo….

  6. priya
    June 26, 12:40 Reply

    today they posted fast but no pics

  7. rajlo
    June 26, 12:39 Reply

    thank u for posting fast n todays episode was awesome

  8. anisha
    June 26, 12:22 Reply

    love dis serial dnt end it plzzzzzzz n tq 4 wu posting fast

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