Fear Files 18th August 2012 Written Update

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Fear Files 18th August 2012 Written Update by Visha_Dhami

Fear Files Written Update (18th August 2012) (Highway 66 – Chhalava)

– 2008 on a highway and a guy is driving the car and one of the door suddenly opens on its own and as he tries to close the door, he meets with accident. The guy wakes up and sees that nothing happened to him and the car seems fine and he continues driving. He suddenly sees a guy sitting at the back of his car and the guy is bleeding.

– This took place at Pune Highway 66 where the Kumar family is travelling on the same highway as they use this road as a shortcut. The family are on the way to discuss for their daughter Anjali’s wedding and convincing her about the alliance which she is not happy. Rajest reaches the highway and decides to use it as it could save them the time. Their son gets down for a loo and he hears some sound.

– Anjali gets shocked seeing an scary old lady at her window and the lady goes to Rajesh, Anjali’s father convincing him to take the highway 66 and Rajesh turns in and the old lady figure goes missing which Rajesh’s father realized. The father is not happy with Rajesh using the road while Rajesh still continues the journey while ignoring a board saying not to enter after sun set.

– They suddenly see a guy stopping them on the way and he seems to be an inpsector and asks if do they know about this road? The grandfather sees his face changing and asks him to faster drive and the police tries to take out the car key and Rajesh speeds off. Their car suddenly stops and nothing works. Rajesh tries fixing the car and the car could not start. The son hears a sound and Rajesh asks all of them not to be scared.

– Someone suddenly starts moving the car and all get scared. Anjali gets scared seeing a guy standing by her window and screams. The guy comes to Rajesh and says that he is a mechanic and he would check the car. The car suddenly starts again and the mechanic asks for a lift and Rajesh agrees while the family is not happy. The mechanic tells that many people have died on this highway as there is a Chhalava (a ghost that can take any form and shape)

– The police guy is following the car and the mechanic says that its actually the ghost that i was saying about and asks to go faster. Rajesh manage to turn and they see a shop and decide to get down for drink while the mechanic is alone in the car. The son goes back to the car and sees a dead man at the backseat and shouts and when everyone comes, there is nothing there and they leave. As they go and they realize that they keep going back on the same way.

– Its already night and they are still finding their way out. The son sees a light and all of them decide to see what is it and their son Sid’s behaviour was unusual the night and they reach a shop which Anjali’s mother prays and sees that there is no one else there. They then hear a motorbike sound and its the police guy and their son Sidhart is suddenly missing. The police asks them to go looking for him but don’t go too far.

– Rajesh’s father sees Sidhart getting down inside a lake and its revealed that the police is actually trying to help them and the mechanic who they gave a lift is actually dead a few days ago on the highway. The police shows everyone who has died on that highway. Rajesh, his wife and Anjali are the only ones safe while Rajesh’s father and Sidhart are now not with them. Sidhart comes and calls the family and the police asks them to go believe but it turns out to be the real Sidhart.

– The next day morning, the police managed to get some police help but they could not save Rajesh’s father where he is found dead and Rajesh’s father is also one of the ghost now.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 19, 04:12 Reply

    yes this is real story, i show TV serial yesterday

  2. red
    October 15, 00:47 Reply

    sometimes the road would be close after many incident happens….why does the bhats brother evr think this kind of ideas in their film…..ermmm…im wonder….

  3. Yasin Ali
    September 30, 04:37 Reply

    I dont think so that there is a way of anykind of shortcut.If it acually happned plz tell me the exact location.

    • Anonymous
      December 15, 18:02

      it is at india mumbia do u want to get yourself killed i am sidhart my father died and my was possesed by asprit but not any longer because i am DEAD hahaha kill u

  4. suraz
    September 21, 01:13 Reply

    that highway is closed now since this and a few other incident took place after when the local authorities believed it to be haunted.. now that road is concealed by the jungle surrounding it.

  5. Mahesh
    September 09, 09:31 Reply

    There is no such shortcut
    If someone knows abt it pls tell me where it is?

    • aasha
      October 01, 12:33

      realy, i cant believe

  6. Murja
    September 02, 15:34 Reply

    Yeah,me 2,seems is lyk true story.

  7. amol
    September 02, 13:56 Reply

    From this serial, it is shown that, there was short cut to pune from highway 66 while coming from satara. But there is no alternative to this road or no shortcut to highway 66. From mumbai side also there are only 2 ways to reach, one is express highway and old highway. If it is real story, can anyone tell me where it has happened actually. I am from pune but i dont believe that there is any place around pune in 50 km area.

  8. Akansha
    August 21, 00:54 Reply

    Is it real sorry i don’t belive that it like a film story

    • Anonymous
      October 01, 12:35

      realy, i cant believe

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